Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Depp's tomato-toned Barnaby barbs are a reflection of his own red face

If Johnny Depp had any sense and humility, he would quit bringing meeja attention back to his massively embarrassing stoush with Barnaby Joyce. But being a classic Hollywood hypocrite, he just can't help himself.

All his attacks -- the latest being that Joyce appears to possess tomato ancestry -- have been ad hominem ones. Just goes to show that he has no other line of argument. Not only has he been treated as an ordinary mortal, he's also been made a fool of. And he's deeply ashamed about this.

Which is completely understandable. Barnaby totally owned the vain actor and his stupid model wife in a whole mess o' ways. Trying to sneak his two pampered little yappers into Oz was unequivocally wrong and deep down he knows it. That's why it was pathetic -- not to mention disingenuous -- for Depp's many tragic fans on social and mainstream media to dub the Agriculture Minister's treatment of the transgression as an unjust "War on Terrier". If he hadn't been such a world-famous sleb, his brazen flouting of our quarantine laws would have been dealt with much more harshly.

By standing his ground on this issue Joyce was actually being a true egalitarian -- not to mention environmental defender. The fact that so many sneering hipsters who say they care so deeply about Australia's unique, delicate natural ecosystems actually sided with the effete tosser and his vapid squeeze just proved what a pack o' world class hypocrites they are as well!

Not only did Joyce win fair and square. He used the victory to the nation's advantage by demanding that Depp and Heard make that cringeworthy video. This definitely showed who was boss, as well as effectively utilizing the pair's fame to promote our stringent quarantine laws worldwide. As Joyce so eloquently put it, the message went "off like a frog in a sock".

And they reckon Barnaby's got no meeja savvy? FFS.

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