Sunday, May 8, 2016

Northwestern Uni frat house furore shows feminists never satisfied

Watching today's victim feminists prosecute their toxic campus campaigns is funny, sad, and oh so predictable. They've really got their tactics down pat.

See, they use a two-pronged approach that the lumpen Left have been employing to great effect for yonks. If you're one of these malignant, parasitic creeps and you wanna start monstering folk (which of course you will do, since the subordination of others is like oxygen to you) the process is pretty straightforward.

Basically, you take a genuine social ill and cynically use it to claim victimhood yourself, implying that all members of the group you're targeting are somehow complicit in this scourge. Then demand of them a demonstration of support, to prove that they've been "attitudinally reconstructed". When your crybullying bears fruit and they show obeisance in some form or other, sit there sulking and whine that this is still not good enough!

Rinse, repeat.

Here's a good illo of this method from one of those alarmingly SJW-infested campuses in America:

Northwestern University fraternities thought they were doing the right and noble thing, hanging banners off the sides of their houses reminding students that it was Sex Assault Awareness Month.

But not only was the move not enough to satisfy campus social justice warriors, some SJWs forced the fraternities to issue a blanket apology for their effort, because their signs might have “triggered” some students.

Nothing is ever good enough for 'em. Contrary to their claims they're never really trying to make life fair, right, and good; to bring peace and harmony, etc. They're just relentlessly seeking power over others. And like the tapeworm that finally kills its host, they'll keep on going as long as they have breath.

The same thing is happening here in Australia, most notably with this nationwide chorus of guilt-trippy whining 'n' shrieking about domestic violence. The miserable frightbats who push these sinister, misandrist campaigns that slime all men for the brutality of a few don't give a rat's about the suffering of women and children, really. They're just exploiting it to monster others with their gruesome sanctimony. And they'll keep going until they totally subordinate, and in some cases, psychologically cripple their targets.

That's why any bloke who is nagged by these tragic termagants should resist from the get go. Stand your ground and say: "Not guilty, Toots. You and yer twisted sisters can all go take a flying faaaark at a bouncing dildo!"

Then just stay away from them at all times. Really, it's the only way. You'll be damned if you do; damned if you don't. Better to take the latter option. If you start acceding to their demands they'll eat you alive eventually, no kidding.

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