Friday, May 13, 2016

Storrar story says more about MSM agendas than government policy

Gotta feel a bit sorry for Duncan Storrar. Sure, he did go on a national TV show and asked a question and had a gripe. By doing that you are making yourself a public figure, albeit briefly. And once that happens you lose all control over what ensues.

Still, the poor bastard has really reaped the whirlwind. His criminal history is now on display for the whole nation to see and he's been publicly sledged by his own son. That's gotta hurt. Given how it all started this does seem a tad OTT IMHO. (Of course he should never have committed those crimes in the first place. Still, if he did time in the clink for them then he has "paid a debt to society" as the saying goes. This should be considered even if you don't think it was enough.)

Now, of course all the sneering hipsters on social media are wailing about News Ltd for uncovering unsavoury details of Storrar's past. They're calling it victimization. But really, it's just journalism. When someone is a public figure and is being held up as something he's not, then the public has a right to know the truth, don't they?

(Extreme example to help lefties understand: If you're a high profile Bible basher who presents yourself as a pillar of the community and condemns the evils of sex out of marriage, then surely it's newsworthy if you get sprung in a hot tub with a bevy of Satanic rent boys and a goat!)

And when you look at how Storrar's profile rose so quickly it was definitely Q and A that started the ball rolling. They say they offer a forum "where you get to ask the questions". Yeah, but it's the show's producers who choose 'em. And they do so with a very clear agenda. That's to make the conservative side of politics look bad if they can.

So, if you think Murdoch's minions are bullies, then you'd have to concede that their ABC did victim-ize Storrar from the get go as well -- albeit in a "friendly" way that concurred with his own self-perception. They were engaged in activism of the kind they've practised many times before (take that Zaky Mallah debacle for example).

Their fellow lefties went crazy for Storrar, especially on social media. They built him up into this working class hero, cruelly treated by the flint-hearted Tories. (It was kinda the inverse of the ghastly public shaming these platforms are often used for by the faceless hordes.)

Now, if they hadn't done this his past wouldn't have become newsworthy and none of Rupert's, er, henchpeople would have started snooping around, right? He would've just been another bloke in the audience.

So, activist lefties, here's a tip: If you don't want powerless individuals to suffer great and public humiliation then don't set them up for it in the first place, okay?

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