Sunday, May 15, 2016

All hail Barack Obama, Leader of the Pee World!

Didn't seem all that long ago that Barack Obama was running for office, promising all that hope and change. Needless to say, anyone with at least one eye half open and an IQ over fifty knew at the time that this was gonna end in tears.

But that description doesn't include most lefties, of course. These tragic sheeple will buy anything that fits their child-brained narrative and are a doddle to manipulate. So they genuinely believed BO was gonna fix all the world's problems -- racism, poverty, climate change, you name it.

Well, surprise surprise, he's made a hash of pretty much everything. He's really got the, er, "Sadim touch", has Barack. Total SNAFUs to his discredit include going soft on Iran and its quest to create nuclear weapons, thereby making the Middle East in particular and the world in general a whole lot more dangerous, along with greatly exacerbating racial tensions in the USA -- a situation made even more tragic given that he promoted himself as a great racial healer!

His latest "healing" act: Proposing a law that makes it legal for kids deluded about their own gender to use the bathrooms of their choice. Not only that, if federally funded hospitals don't supply gender reassignment and abortion services they risk losing their funding.

Totally. Bloody. Insane.

He's like the Social Justice Warrior in Chief, this guy. As we all know SJWs not only always screw things up, they never admit that they're wrong. On the contrary, they double down. So Obama clearly believes he's doing a fantastic job, as do his countless zombie followers -- who will continue to sing his praises long after he leaves the White House, no doubt.

And they wonder why the "Trump Train" keeps gathering momentum?


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