Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lisa Wilkinson's Waleed Aly "gaffe" shows her true "Westie" nature

As we all know, politically correct lefties are humungous hypocrites. They are forever falsely accusing others of racism, sexism, homophobia and all the rest of it. Occasionally they are correct ('cause, you know, a busted clock is right twice a day). But most of the time they are just falsely sliming better, smarter, more principled people then they are to further their own careers. Not only that, in their unguarded moments they often reveal themselves to be guilty of these same flaws, and to a far greater extent.

The unfortunate little "gaffe" that ageing TV sleb Lisa Wilkinson made about Gold Logie nominee Waleed Aly recently is a case in point. Now before I get to it, some background on Ms Wilkinson:

While lil' Lisa may be a physical featherweight, intellectually she's on the other end of the scale, no kidding. See, as well as having been co-host of that high falutin' televisual journal of record Weekend Sunrise along with fellow public intellectual Andew O'Keefe, she even used to edit Dolly! Impressive stuff, no doubt about it. No wonder she's been a guest on the incisive and undeniably fair and balanced ABC panel show Q and A.

During that particular appearance she expressed a great deal of seeming concern for the marginalised in our society, upbraiding George Brandis:

LISA WILKINSON: But you can't seem to understand how that would cause enormous discomfort for somebody and they would withdraw from public life. Do you think that’s because you are a white, able-bodied, heterosexual male?

So, pretty funny and telling that she's just been caught out making an outrageous comment that clearly referenced Waleed Aly.

On the morning after the Logie nominations were announced last month, Karl Stefanovic and Ben Fordham discussed the contenders on the Channel Nine breakfast show.

“Where is Lisa Wilkinson’s Gold Logie?” Fordham asked.

“I think it’s very clear, Lisa’s too white,” Stefanovic joked.

Wilkinson then chimed in with, “I got a spray tan and everything, still didn’t make it”.

Oh. Dear.

Just imagine the cries of "racism!" that Lisa's fellow travellers would have emitted en masse if Jones, Hadley or Latham had said the same thing. But given Lisa's leftie credentials there's been buggerall howling from the usual suspects so far. Even Waleed Aly himself was forgiving after she "reached out to him" (desperately covered her arse, in other words).

That said, no one is safe from the SJWs these days. So now that the issue is again in the news with the revelation about Wilkinson contacting Aly it could still snowball. No wonder Wilkinson's other half "Pirate Pete" FitzSimons has tweeted in support of the little lady, his trademark red bandanna quite possibly drenched with sweat.
While Wilkinson's hypocrisy is obvious, you gotta wonder what's behind that telling little "gaffe". Well, given that on Q and A she used the tried, trusted PC class-race-gender template in characterising Brandis's take on bigotry, I'll do the same with her. It's only fair, after all ...

And this tells me that her submerged but nonetheless obvious racism has much to do with her childhood growing up in Sydney's western suburbs. Ex-Westie Ms Wilkinson's current pals in the meeja's upper echelons look down on these areas privately if not publicly, and see them as hotbeds of bigotry born of "white trash" ignorance. The sneering inner city hipsters often use labels like "Boganville" to describe them.

So, it just goes to show you can take the bimbo out of Boganville. But you can't take the Boganville out of the bimbo, eh!

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