Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gorilla Harambe's shooting makes activists go bananas

Not at all surprised that countless people are arcing up about the shooting of that magnificent gorilla Harambe when the kid fell into his enclosure. Not only are many grieving the great ape's death and demanding justice; there's a lot of snark being aimed at the parents of the child in question over their "bad parenting". As well as bemoaning cruelty to animals, some activists are even seeing the event through the lens of racial politics.

The killing of Harambe was very sad, no doubt about it. But you can certainly see why the zoo staff acted so decisively. He was agitated, dragging the child around. Shooting a tranquilizer into his body would have enraged him before it took effect. He could easily have taken that anger out on the kid.

People like to think of great apes as completely gentle souls because they only eat plants and live in total harmony with the forest. But they are still wild animals, built like brick shit-houses. And they can lose their shit big time. (Actually, they're a bit like a lot of greenies in that regard -- though generally smarter, of course.)

They can violently attack humans even when they're well accustomed to their company, too. Travis the chimp -- who basically ripped most of a woman's face off -- is a case in point. (That said, he was a bit of a celebrity. That explains a lot, I suppose.)

So, anything could have happened during that ultra-tense situation at Cincinnati Zoo ... And I'm just glad that sanity prevailed. A human life was deemed more valuable than that of an animal. That is as it should be.

Let's just hope that wacky animal rights activists don't have their way. If they do, similar situations could pan out very differently in the future.


  1. .... they are wild animals, are built like brick shit-houses -- and may in a New York do a short-fingered vulgarian -- and lose their shit big time. (A bit like a lot of greenies in that regard, although lots smarter) ....

    Fair go, old Cobber. I was just beginning to enjoy today's read - especially that about the "recovering" feminazi, when there you go and compare greenies with bloody gorillas!

    Have you no respect?

    For gorillas?

    Brian Richard Allen

  2. Speaking of Mother Nature and her carnivorous manifestations, a surfer has lost a leg to a shark down Mandurah way. And we all thought they'd decided to be nice to us land-dwelling bipeds.
    A friend of the victim said after the attack that they'd been surfing at that beach for a couple of days and not seen any sharky lurkers. Huh? I wouldn't know one end of a surfboard from the other, but I'm pretty sure that sharks go to where the food is. And the splashing about of humans in the ocean would be as good as a dinnertime bell for a hungry Noah.