Friday, May 27, 2016

Women can be misogynistic Twitter trolls too! Who'da thunk it?

I read with interest this article about a study of abuse on Twitter, which discovered that about half of the misogynistic tweets being sent are from women.

Of course this runs counter to conventional wisdom. Whenever we talk of misogyny, the assumption is that men are the perpetrators. After all, how could it possibly be that women could hate other women? Members of the gentler sex are all highly supportive of each other, and would never seek to harm their long-suffering sisters -- least of all in a particularly nasty, personal, gender-specific way like those eeevil males do, right?

Yeah, well, anyone who observes reality and takes a few notes along the way will know that's just a big hill o' politically correct balderdash.

Women can be just as mean to women as men are. It's an area in which they have conclusively proven they are every bit men's equals. In some regards they are, er, superior to them.

A 2014 study from cosmetics firm Dove found that over five million negative tweets were posted about beauty and body image. Four out of five were sent by women.


Not only can average garden variety sheilas be misogynists, but feminists can be too. And, seemingly because of their gender and ideology, they are not punished for it when men are. Remember how Mark Latham lost his gig at the Financial Review for offending numerous high profile chicks with his appallingly hateful and sexist views? As Miranda Devine says:

But Fairfax columnist Clementine Ford has called me a “f**ing c**t” on twitter and she still has a job.

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  1. .... Women can be misogynistic, too ....

    Should read: "(Some) men may be misogynistic, too -- but given that misogyny essentially manifests in the Projection of self loathing, it follows that the vast majority of misogynists -- and by far the most hateful of them -- may be counted among the ranks of those also suffering Malignant Penis Envy. And, as likely, self, own-culture and( unless an intervention is effected) inevitably and invariably - own-species-loathing!

    They are also known as "The Greens" and form -- or is it "comprise" -- the "base" of the Labor Party.

    Brian Richard Allen