Thursday, May 26, 2016

Safe Schools and the like lend weight to Bernardi's bestiality claims

Hey, remember when eeevil conservative Cory Bernardi said that same sex marriage was a huge risk because it made it more likely that polygamy and bestiality would become legal? The fluffy wuffies were sneering up a storm, particularly about zoophilia. He was derided as deranged, paranoid, the works. Even a few on his side of the political fence thought these comments were a tad OTT.

Well, if you were one of these people I suggest you have a rethink about what he said in light of recent political developments in Australia and overseas. There's no denying things are getting wacky as all get out on a number of fronts, particularly pertaining to sexual matters.

Take the Safe Schools program, which is clearly not about bullying at all. It's about moulding children's sexuality with a long term view to radically changing society.

Over in the USA Obama has proven to be a champ for the transgender cause. Among other things, he wants laws changed so that boys suffering the delusion that they are girls can use the same toilets as them (and vice versa).

Think that'll be the end of it? If the Left wins this battle, the PC law will be extended to everyone, no doubt.

For some, transgender folk are drearily conformist. See, they believe they are trans-species. The "otherkin" community is getting more and more media attention these days. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about their political demands, too.

Only a matter of time before a transgender human seeks a trans-species, er, beast's paw in marriage. When that happens Bernardi's dire prediction will have already come true in a way. (And I haven't even mentioned the animal rights crowd.)

Then there's paedophilia, which is of course a massive problem that is often organized, and kept under wraps by the rich and powerful (and not just in the Catholic Church). While most people recoil in horror at the depravity of paedophiles some left-wing media outlets have been giving them platforms to explain and justify their sick needs.

That all this stuff is happening at once across the First World is no accident. For the Left to take over it has to destroy the system that's already in place. Rational standards pertaining to sexual identity and behaviour are one of Western Civilization's foundations. That's why they're doing their darnedest to upend them.

They'll try absolutely anything, no matter how ridiculous, to achieve this goal. And their crazy tactics have been very effective up to this point. So why on Earth would they stop now?

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  1. Not such a stretch is it?