Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why I pity Trigglypuff but detest the "social justice" ideology that created her

Anyone who has been following developments related to freedom of speech (or rather the alarming lack thereof!) in American universities will be well aware of "Trigglypuff", the student who suffers a meltdown over conservative speakers at her campus.

As Paul Joseph Watson observes in the video embedded below, she's "the GIF that keeps on giving". If a picture paints a thousand words, then this little vid has written squillions of thick tomes about the Left, none of them remotely nice.

But I've gotta say I do feel a bit sorry for Trigglypuff. Being turned into a meme and mocked globally would be an extremely unpleasant experience regardless of your political leanings.

And she's just a kid! Well, not quite, but you get my drift ... Her behaviour is definitely obnoxious and censorious. But when you're at that age it's much easier to go overboard on stuff and be an utter bell end than when you're a few years older. And she really is just doing what she's been exhorted to do by her peer group and, presumably, lecturers. They've ginned her up to behave like this.

And in the end it's her behaviour that is so, er, problematic. It's not her size and appearance, which had much to do with the vdeo going viral.

That said, her weight is related to her ideology, since she's into all that fat acceptance nonsense and would probably be much lighter, and therefore healthier, if she hadn't embraced it.

Really, that stuff is so destructive. Being morbidly obese should not be celebrated, okay! In the vid the poor girl almost collapses from the exertion of shaking her arms and screaming at the conservatives. It's funny in a way but it's also a sign that even at such a young age her health is very poor. And that's depressing. (I don't like lefties as a rule but I don't wanna see them pop their clogs before their time. Would much prefer that they live as long as everyone else so they might eventually grow the far cup, and thereby shed their toxic ideology of victimhood.)

The tragicomedy (or rather, commie tragedy) of Trigglypuff is that she's a useful idiot for older -- and prolly a tad less hysterical -- leftist ideologues. Ironically, she's ended up proving to be very useful to their opponents, too. She's been used by both sides!

Sadder still is the likelihood that she'll learn nothing from the experience. The tsunami of jokes and abuse about her appearance will no doubt magnify her sense of victimhood. She'll probably engage in even more obnoxious, censorious "social justice" activism down the track.

And, in another irony, that's where she may ultimately, er, "benefit" from the whole experience. Just as many on the Right see her as the poster child for leftist stupidity, the PC Left will see her meme-ification as "objectification" and turn her into a kind of socialist sleb in her own right. You never know, she might even turn her ordeal into cold hard cash in the long run. It's certainly been done many times before ...

But even if Trigglypuff herself doesn't decide to use her suffering as a way to earn "victimbux" there are plenty of people in the meeja and halls of quackademe who will do this indirectly anyway. 

And that's the thing that I find most repellent about politically correct "social justice". It's not really about healing society. It's about perpetuating a narrative that cynical socialists leverage for power and income. Many righties do cruelly mock society's genuine victims. That's ugly and wrong. But socialists live comfortably off their suffering and desperately want it to continue. And that's far, far worse.


  1. If she and I were on a deserted island, I would rather m********e!

  2. Good grief, her behaviour was so aggressive and unladylike! : /