Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tumblr feminist realizes the world's not so violent after all

Interesting article on Quillette by a former Tumblr feminist about the crazy excesses of her radical feminist ideology. It really does warp reality, if not totally upend it. Take what can qualify as violence in this dark world of perpetual victimhood:

For example, feminist ideology taught me that any opinions that were conservative, or just didn’t align with the party line were violence.  It also taught me that the best way to fight opposition is to try to silence it. Don’t like what someone says? Protest them. Shut their event down.

In retrospect, the fact that I openly embraced an ideology that claimed that holding a conservative viewpoint is the same as life-threatening violence, isn’t just absurd, it’s embarrassing. How was I so deluded?

Good question. And the answer is multifaceted IMO.

She was young and -- as the yoof are wont to do -- she threw herself into this crazy world with gusto. Also, she was getting a lot of help and encouragement from her peers. All people, teenagers in particular, yearn to be part of a community. Once they find one they are terrified of ostracism from it.

Then there were the older -- but not wiser -- feminist thought leaders giving her encouragement.  These sad, bitter women (and men) believe they are engaged in an ongoing war, and do their utmost to recruit energetic young footsoldiers to their cause.

The MSM didn't help either. It helped confirm her delusions with its politically correct line on many issues related to gender.

Despite all this, she still managed to free herself of her ideological chains and embrace reality. That's heartening because there are countless young women trapped in this mindset these days. And the longer they stay there, the harder it is for them to leave ...

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