Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Notch triggers global "feminist" frenzy by mansplaining, er, mansplaining

You've prolly heard about the latest SJW mega-meltdown. As is so often the case, this one occurred when someone had the temerity to calmly stand up to the shouty purveyors of PC gender cant and offer some common sense analysis in clear, simple terms. Poor little poppets can't handle that at all.

The thought criminal in this case was Markus "Notch" Persson, famed designer of the game Minecraft. And this was what got the global orgy of squawking, sneering and verballing started:  "Mansplaining is a sexist term designed to silence men via gender shaming."

That is an undeniably accurate definition of the word. And the second part of it -- "silencing men via gender shaming" -- captures much of what "feminism" has sadly degenerated into these days. (Fauxminism is a better term for it, actually.)

Being the tiny-minded misandrists that they are, these fauxminists were doubly triggered by the fact that Notch was actually mansplaining what mansplaining meant! But that's what makes it all the more enjoyable for me, I gotta say.

Of course the right-on gender warriors think that being male, he has no right to offer his opinion on the matter. But they forget that he does have a gender neutral surname "Persson". According to their own silly belief that "language creates reality" this makes him eminently qualified to pass judgement, does it not?

Time for the bolshie babes to face facts: Notch's word is LAW!

Hmm. Actually that gives me an idea ...

Gonna change my surname to Hoyden; redefine myself as transgender. (And that's a piece o' piss these days. No snip required!) Then I'll enrol in a Women's Studies course at Sydney Uni.

Ha! I'll be mansplaining mansplaining to tutorials full o' feminist chicks. Aaaand loving it!

Best of all, there'll be nothing they can do to stop me.

Yo byoty! If that's not "subverting the dominant paradigm", I dunno what is.

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