Saturday, December 29, 2018

Fascism versus "smashism"

As I've mentioned before I live in the inner west. It's left-heavy, and the woke residents certainly make it known. There are heaps of posters around the place telling you about the joys of communism, feminism, gay marriage and all the rest.

The people who create these exhortations are clearly not too bright. But I'm actually kinda fond of them because they are so funny. And each of them seems to encapsulate one or more aspect of the mind virus that is political correctness itself.

Take this poster near Petersham Station.

If you're a drooling idiot you might think that this is a completely reasonable proposition: "Hell, we all know how evil those fascists are. Why should we listen to anything they have to say? They want to enslave all the good folk so surely it's entirely reasonable to beat the crap out of them ... Violence is bad of course; we'd never inflict it upon peaceful people. But those fascists -- they're askin' for it, aren't they!"

But if you are even remotely capable of critical thought you'd be alarmed by that poster. First question that comes to mind is: Okay, but what do you define as "fascism"?

And when you look at the Left and what they arc up about it's pretty clear that they attach that label, along with Nazism, to almost anything that doesn't agree with their top-down centralized view of how society should be run.

They think that words are literally violence so they feel completely justified in using real violence to shut people up. Can you think of a more clear example of psychological projection, manifested politically?

And I love the image of the clenched fist hitting a swastika. Says so much.

I don't think I have ever seen any Nazi symbols ever displayed proudly by any Australian group. I'm sure they are out there, but their numbers are clearly vanishingly small.

But that clenched fist symbol? You see it all the time, usually associated with leftish causes. Take the "Sleeping Giants". These woke wankers aren't capable of arguing their case, and they find anyone with an opposing viewpoint deeply threatening.

Antifa members assemble in packs to intimidate venue owners and managers who host critical, non-PC ("fascist") speakers as a way to get them no-platformed. And in a more restrained but still sinister way Sleeping Giants exhort their dopey acolytes to use social media to harass advertisers of TV shows deemed guilty of wrongthink.

It's still "smashism", and ugly as all get out. And the fact that this kind of online bullying is encouraged and even carried out by so-called "academics" is truly alarming.

If these muppets had any sense of self-awareness they would realize they far more closely resemble the "fascists" they condemn than their opponents. But sadly the cancer of PC has rendered them incapable of independent thought. In most cases it's an incurable condition.

That said, it's good to know that there are a growing number of people aware of this tragic irony. And we can still laugh at the smashists' stupid antics in the meantime. So, there's still hope yet!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Haughty haters find Hurley hurty

Haven't really followed the lead up to the appointment of the new Governor General. So I don't know anything about this David Hurley dude ...

Still, given he's a member of the PC Left's most despised demographic, not at all surprised at the uproar it's caused on social media. Usual suspects are of course going spacko because he's not gay, female, trans, Muslim, furry, otherkin, or otherwise victimized -- though, given his military background I think those who identify as narcoleptic albino attack helicopters might not be entirely displeased.

Also predictable was the reaction from the mainstream media. Many activists masquerading as journalists were a tad shat off about Hurley's appointment, like dopey Ginny here:

As at least one eagle eyed tweep pointed out, the role of GG does entail being Commander in Chief of the Australian Armed Forces. So, blokes in uniform makes perfect sense -- if you're not a sneering child-brained muppet, that is.

Most of her fellow leftie luvvies were more diplomatic, employing the ol' bob each way, "yes but no" line. Take the tragic serial white-knighter PVO.

Pretty funny coming from Perfessor Pete. As well as refusing to take his own advice, check his own "white male privilege", and hand his gigs to someone more deserving, he's wedded to the whole idea of gender quotas and just can't escape the PC thought prison. (Also, I think PVO forgets we've already had a chick in the role recently -- Quentin Bryce, remember.) 

Then there's this from Doctor Baird -- for a doctor she is (hat-tip: Hendo).

I'm sure Julia is a fine woman, too. A shame though, that the opportunity was not taken by the ABC to appoint an Indigenous thinker to the role of host of The Drum. I reckon someone like, say, Anthony Dillon would be a vast improvement on the current one, don't you?

And what significant development in Oz politics would be replete without the sage counsel of the former Chief Finger-Wagger of Goodthink Central himself, Tim Soutphommasane.

Yeah, he's flogging his #BeyondThePale hobby horse, as per usual. Contrary to MLK's truly wise advice, he exhorts us to place characteristics like ethnic identity over inner qualities such as character and ability.

But then he seems to do a backflip in this retort later on when -- in a textbook example of psychological projection -- he implies that merit is actually a thing, and an important one at that. (Of course there's no way known that Tim himself got his gig at the HRC due to the "diversity lottery"! No, not at all. It was all down to merit in his case, obviously.)

Er, you can't have it both ways, Tim.

But then, that's what the PC Left are all about, right? Like the pampered sprogs they are (and remain their entire miserable lives) they always wanna "have their cake and eat it too". It's the rest of us who have to pay for their privilege.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I know it's only smock and troll but I like it!

One of the most impressive things about President Donald J Trump is that not only does he own his foes with such ease and frequency, he does it with such amazing panache. He is not only making America great again. He's making politics yugely entertaining for the first time!

It's this showmanship that was instrumental in him getting elected POTUS back in 2016 against such yuge odds. And it's what helps him maintain momentum as he drains The Swamp and humiliates the fake news MSM on a daily basis.

His Twitter trolling is prolly his most effective tool in this regard. His most outrageous tweets perform several functions at once: They trigger liberal crazies, give sane adults a chuckle, and constitute cryptic signals to supporters and enemies alike. Take this recent tweet in which he used the phrase "smocking gun".

Countless Trump-haters saw it as more evidence that he's a complete moron, natch. Verified twats across the globe piled on with their sneering social media updates, not realizing that he was actually using them to get his message across to the normies.

Take this update from this blue check loon. He actually notices that the hashtag #SmockingGun is trending but doesn't twig to the ramifications of this. It means that a helluva lot of people are looking at the tweet, and it's being reported in the MSM. So the point POTUS makes in it -- that he's not guilty of Russian collusion -- is reaching millions more people than it would have done otherwise.

Trump knows that his haters have fallen for the cartoon facade of the boastful oaf that he's carefully constructed over many years. They simply cannot pass up an opportunity to show all their credulous fans how much smarter they are than he is.

Comic Zach, who you'd hope would be much smarter, stops thinking the moment he sees evidence that seems to confirm his dim view of the man.

Braff and his fellow leftie slebs have fallen for Trump's trap. He's triggered their emotions so they don't use their intellects (not that those are exactly powerful when they are employed).

If you're a thinking person viewing Trump's tweet, however, you'd quickly realize the spelling "error" was intentional. Firstly, he's quoting from an article by simply cutting and pasting it. Highly unlikely a journo would make such a boo-boo, so he must have changed it on purpose.

And even if you thought he typed it word by word, and can't spell "smoking" then you'd prolly search for the word elsewhere in his feed to test that hypothesis. Then you'd see that yes he can spell it, because he used the term "smoking gun" correctly only a coupla days before, again in the context of claims of Russian collusion.

Which would then provoke you into wondering why he would do this. And that's the second function of his zen-level trolling. He's basically getting his supporters to focus on this "crumb" and engage in their own speculation about what's really going on, since the MSM narrative on his presidency is absolute bollocks and we all know that. 

I have a coupla theories on why he chose the word "smocking". Firstly, he's making fun of the Deep State-controlled MSM itself. He's saying that by pushing the bogus Russian collusion narrative, the Mockingbird Media has made a smockery of itself.

And I think he's implying that while they have only a (fake news) "smocking gun", he has the real "smoking gun" showing how it was actually the dirty Dems who colluded with the Russians on Uranium One.

The "error" might also be a reference to the anti-Macron "yellow vest" protests in France."Smock" is often used to describe a protective work garment, after all. (Sure, this could be too long a bow -- or too loose a vest -- but it's certainly possible.)

And remember that the Smockingturd Media is lying about the extent and cause of that massive unrest. They are saying that it's all about fuel taxes. But the motivation is much deeper than that.

As the above photos attest, the protests sweeping France and other European nations are against the globalist Cabal more generally. Also, many of the protestors are part of the "Q Movement", which the MSM is desperately trying to portray as a batshit "conspiracy theory".

Obviously it's anything but. Just as I'm postulating thoughts and theories about the tweets of POTUS (otherwise known as "Q+") so do countless "autists" on 8Chan and similar sites. It's a democratic process, a Socratic dialogue that encourages free thinking, not a top-down, prescribed narrative. And that's what terrifies the globalist elites. There's a great awakening occurring worldwide and they can't stop it no matter how hard they try. 

Which brings me to the last aspect of Trump's use of trolling: gaslighting and threatening of enemies.

This is something both sides do, of course. Take James Comey's sinister allusion to assassination in this tweet.

Notice how he's positioned directly under the statue of President Lincoln? Gee, I wonder what he was suggesting there. Can't possibly imagine ...

In a comparable way I think Trump coulda been sending a coded threat to his enemies by inserting a "c" into the word "smoking." And intriguingly, he did it twice.

There has been an exhaustive investigation into the Clinton Foundation, the findings of which were scheduled to be tabled on the 5th of December. That was delayed by the George HW Bush funeral, which was clearly not a coincidence.

Word is that this comprehensive Clintonoscopy has uncovered evidence of gargantuan corruption, and worse. Maybe some of it specifically relates to Chelsea Clinton herself and POTUS was hinting at this in his tweet?

Well, time will tell ... One thing's for sure. Trump's tweets will keep his squillions of supporters across the globe thoroughly entertained and speculating up a storm, just as his foes go crazy with the stress!

What a legend.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Who is smarter, Julian Burnside or Donald Trump?

Dunno about you, but I find it astonishing and hilarious that the most committed Trump-haters haven't yet figured out that he's actually smart as. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they keep insisting that he's just a gross, narcissistic fool.

Hell, you'd think that they would at least question that assumption from time to time. If they did, they'd contemplate the fact that he first had to crash the Republican Party to win the nomination, then take on the Democrats and Hillary (who all the pollsters and pundits were saying had an unassailable lead right up until election night), not to mention the entire mainstream media. He still won, and he's been battling all those powerful forces and many others since.

He's also at war with the Deep State who obviously want to kill him and almost certainly have tried more than once. Yet while doing all that, he's still managed to turn the entire US economy around, denuke the Norks, and do a shitload of other cool stuff besides.

But the usual suspects cling to their hateful stereotype more tightly than ever! Still, I shouldn't be surprised. Being essentially child-brained and emotionally driven, PC lefties tend not to look at cold hard evidence in any field they wish to influence. They are terrified that it will confound their utopian narrative which revolves around them as society's most enlightened, good, kind, compassionate and intelligent citizens.

Which is why they continue to beclown themselves over Trump ... Take these comically revealing tweets from local luvvie Julian Burnside, for example. Firstly, he falls for a fake account because it confirms his dim view of POTUS. Then when he twigs it's a joke he doesn't readjust his thinking, or even delete the tweet. In classic SJW style, he doubles down instead.

It's hilarious. Those tweets are still up there too, BTW. He obviously hasn't yet realized how stupid they make him look.

And I say "look" because I don't believe that he himself is a moron. Hell, he can't be! He's a high profile barrister with an impressive track record. He's clearly a competent professional who can process a lot of information and construct a convincing narrative to sway a jury. 

That's because in a professional, legal context he's more dispassionate about things. He's not in the grip of a powerful emotion, so his intellect comes to the fore and he can apply his skill and knowledge to the task at hand.

But when it comes to Trump, he's all over the shop! He's triggered emotionally, see. Hurty fee-fees cloud his thinking and he becomes Julian Blindside instead.

This IQ-lowering process happens to countless other PC lefties across the globe. Which is actually by design. See, Trump has been carefully developing and honing this brash, buffoonish image for many years so that he can leverage it when he needs to. If he wants to distract his haters while he achieves something significant behind the scenes, he'll say something particularly outrageous, or send out a tweet storm chockas with spelling and grammatical errors (which also double as code for supporters but that's another story entirely).

His repeated mockery of "Little Rocket Man" was a fine example of this. He had all his MSM and political enemies in conniptions over those tweets, thinking he was gonna provoke a nuclear war! But in reality he was making deals with Kim Jong-un who was almost certainly in on the joke.

And he's been doing a lot of outrageous social media stuff lately. Take that retweet of the meme showing many of his foes including the Clintons and Obama behind bars. As a result, serious sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome like our Julian see vivid confirmation of their dim view of him and vehemently express their disgust and disdain.

Meanwhile, with these people all jeering, sneering and pontificating he's getting all sorts of amazing stuff done. And believe me, amazing is the right word. It's gonna make what he achieved with North Korea seem mild in comparison. In coming months, maybe even weeks, I think almost everyone is gonna be yugely blindsided, not just Julian and his fellow travellers ... 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Julie Bishop's red shoe shuffle: feminist statement or deep state psyop?

You will almost certainly have read or heard about Julie Bishop's spiffy red shoes. They made headlines when she quit back in late August. And they've just been in the news again because she donated them to Canberra's Museum of Australian Democracy.

The dominant narrative surrounding this stunt was that it was some kinda sassy statement by JBish; a feminist "up yours" to the pale stale males of Canberra; a gutsy, final "power move".

Well, I think that interpretation is pretty naff. While on one level she was clearly communicating that sentiment, on another there was a whole lot more going on, IMHO ... 

I'll get to what I mean specifically in the last half of this post. But first, some context:

Without a doubt the election of Trump was a game changer, and a yuge one. Don't think it's too long a bow to say that it was part of a global paradigm shift. Among other things he's shown that the mainstream media in the USA -- and by extension those in the rest of the Western world including Australia -- are hopelessly corrupt. They basically peddle around the clock bollocks meant mainly to further the interests of The Swamp, or at least not challenge them.

The deep state is a big part of this vast psychological control mechanism. Trump, the nationalist, is waging war on this globalist cabal, which is why they're all squealing like stuck pigs. They're also desperately trying to destroy him with their insane "Russia collusion" lie

Given that the MSM is implacably opposed to Trump, getting his message out and keeping supporters up to speed has proven to be a massive challenge. Of course he uses social media to do this, Twitter in particular. He's also created a kind of cryptic back channel with the help of military insiders known as "Q".

Now, we haven't heard much about this in the Australian mainstream media. In the USA, however, they've been furiously trying to debunk Q's narrative as a wild "conspiracy theory". But if you're a sane adult who does your own thinking and examine the evidence, it's pretty clear that Q is legit.

In any case, all any big name journo needs to do to prove it's some kinda LARP or RWNJ fever dream is to specifically ask POTUS about it. So far, none of them have done so, showing they're simply not interested in the truth. They just wanna keep peddling their fake news, and brainwash the normies with "orange man bad!".

But sooner or later there'll be a reckoning, and a fricken massive one. And the so-called journos are gonna lose, bigly. (For more on this grand global battle of the narratives check out this great primer by Martin Geddes.)

One of the things Q keeps saying is "there are no coincidences". Pretty much every big story in the MSM has been put there for a reason. (Okay, I sound like a truther. And I suppose I'm becoming one ... But if you'd been reading what I have over the last year or so, you would be too!)

So, back to the Land of Oz -- and I mean that in both senses of the word ... Echoing the epic struggles in North America and Europe, the Liberal Party here has been torn asunder by traditional conservative nationalists versus PC, warmist globalists. Julie Bishop is surely within the second group. Which is why she quit in late August after a challenge to the globalist PM, Malcolm Turnbull. That was the day she wore those bejeweled red satin pumps that got everyone talking.

Now remember that Malcolm was deposed in a way that oozed both blood and poetic justice. Almost immediately afterwards he buggered off to Noo Yawk, ostensibly for a holiday. 

I thought this was odd at the time. Wouldn't you wanna go somewhere peaceful and relaxing? (If memory serves, when Tony Abbott was knifed by Turnbull, he went up the coast for a surf.)

My theory is that Malcolm was in the Big Apple to be briefed by his globalist masters, and was given instructions on how best to further their interests. Given that new PM Scott Morrison is way more of a nationalist than Turnbull, the cabal creeps want him gone and the docile hollowman Shorten in power. This is why Malcolm's been persistently white-anting the Government through various methods including refusing to publicly endorse Dave Sharma in Wentworth, a calculated act of bastardry that could well have delivered the seat to moonbat "independent" Kerryn Phelps.

Back to DC: Things are really reaching a crescendo over there now, and Trump has been gaslighting the swamp rats relentlessly. Just a coupla days ago he retweeted an incendiary meme. Notice how the inmates include both Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as John Podesta, Obama and deep state heavy hitters.

If you've been reading the Q "decodes" the strong picture that emerges is that these treasonous scumbags, along with many others (both Democrats and Republicans, BTW), have been involved in all sorts of disgusting criminal activity on a simply titanic scale. The most evil of all is the sex trafficking of children. Trump has already been aggressively tackling this global scourge, which of course requires international cooperation at the highest levels.

That's why the wording of ScoMo's recent apology to child sexual abuse victims was so significant. In it, he quite clearly used the phrase "ritual sexual abuse":

The crimes of ritual sexual abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troops, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities and in family homes as well.

It happened anywhere a predator thought they could get away with it and the systems within these organisations allowed it to happen, and turned a blind eye. It happened day after day, week after week, month after month, decade after decade, unrelenting torment.

When a child spoke up, they weren't believed and the crimes continued with impunity.

Remember that while we've long known kids are abused in institutions, for many years the concept of widespread, systematic ritual abuse has been widely seen as OTT. It's reminiscent of the "Satanic panic" of decades ago. Which is why it was so remarkable that no-one in the local MSM pointed it out, even to question its inclusion -- at least AFAIK.

What's more intriguing is that his use of the term in his speech may well have been prompted by Aussie Fiona Barnett, who has made many explosive claims about deep state linked "MK-Ultra" child sexual abuse by high profile local politicians and celebrities.

Clearly, the PM's inclusion of this term was meant mainly for the victims. The implication was that unlike in the past, when so many of their claims were not seen as credible (such as in the Justice Wood Royal Commission) they would now be taken very seriously.

And I think he was also sending a message to Trump. He was saying: Australia is with you on this campaign to eradicate these horrific crimes and bring the perps to justice -- no matter how well known, or well connected they are.

Speaking of which: The Clinton Foundation has long been alleged to be a front for human trafficking, specifically out of Haiti. Trump's DOJ has been going through it with a fine tooth comb, with a hearing due for December 5.

Not surprisingly the globalist cabal and their deep state pals are packing their dacks. They've been playing whack-a-mole with people who know what they've been up to, trying desperately to limit the damage this will inflict on them.

Haiti itself has been in tumult, with civilians slaughtered in the streets and the US military taking over the airport. Yet there's been almost no reports about this in the MSM.

So strange ... I remember when the Yanks carried out similar, albeit more extreme, operations in Grenada and Panama. It was headline news for days on end. Clearly, the fake news MSM doesn't want you to know. Makes the Clintons look bad, see. 

So you can see that there are all sorts of massive moves and countermoves being made by Trump's side and the Clintons'; nationalists and globalists; deep state white hats and black hats. And the horrendous crime of pedophilia in high places is one of their main areas of focus. Which finally brings me back to Julie Bishop, and her striking choice of footwear ... 

Remember how there are no coincidences? Without a doubt, red shoes are highly symbolic. One of the most powerful associations people have is the Judy Garland character Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. So, let me take that "Dot", and join it to some others.

Now, if you've looked down the deep state rabbit hole even a little bit, you'll prolly know that they have perfected the art of trauma based mind control. I know it sounds incredible, but it really is a thing. They do the most horrifically cruel things to kids to make them dissociate emotionally. Once in that state, they can create distinct "alters" who will do their bidding. Sick monsters that they are, they utilize imagery from classic fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz to do it.

Dorothy's red shoes are a dissociation trigger; a way to get these poor traumatized kids (and adults who've undergone the torture) to dissociate, go "over the rainbow" and return to a controllable psychological state. This video is a must-watch BTW

With this in mind, it seems significant that red shoes have figured prominently in the MSM internationally and locally. In early September there was the story of the FBI (deep state) finding one of the original sequined pairs from the movie after many years.

And of course there was Julie Bishop sporting a similar, sparkly pair in late August, just a few days prior. I remember thinking at the time that the feminist angle was a bit suss. Don't all members of the PC femocracy agree that lookism is bad; a way the patriarchy oppresses women in the workplace?

Hell, if you're a bloke and you say to some chick at the office, especially in the public sector, "Hey, nice shoes!" you could easily lose your job, and that's no joke. Yes, as usual there's a massive double standard with women given much more leeway, but it still seemed so weird that Bishop would bring such attention to her footwear (and ear-rings as well) on the day that she quit.

Check out this report. You can sense the cognitive dissonance felt by the writer. She's clearly thinking: "WTF? Isn't remarking on a female politician's dress sense verboten? But now we're supposed to make that the whole story. I'm confused ..."

Of course, Bishop would have known that her shoes were going to get attention. She would have carefully considered her choice of outfit that day, just as she’s carefully considered all the other choices she’s made in her career.

That’s one of the things that’s made her such a successful politician. And really, isn’t it that success as a politician that we should be talking about right now, not her footwear choices, as fabulous as they might be?

Not only did Bishop milk those shoes for attention on the day, she's given the stunt a (literal) re-boot by donating them to the Museum of Australian Democracy.

Not surprisingly she's got a whole lot more MSM attention as a result along with heaps of social media shares, with many including her treasured emojis.

Of course this may all just be happenstance. But look at the context, as described above. And remember that Bishop has, like Julia Gillard and Lexie Downer before her, been very supportive of the Clinton Foundation. 

Now, this is speculation, of course. I have no direct knowledge of what went on. But it seems quite likely that this red shoe shuffle could ultimately be a subliminal part of ongoing deep state damage control efforts.

BTW, I am not for a moment suggesting that JBish herself is a rock spider, or even that she has any idea about what those shoes signified (other than "Screw you ScoMo and Co!"). But she does appear to be easily star-struck; a credulous individual who would believe authority figures unquestioningly, especially if they were associated with a world famous, iconic pair of political slebs such as "Billary". 

And if they or their underlings can persuade her to fork out millions of our hard-earned for their dodgy charities in the sincere belief that they will be used efficiently to alleviate the suffering of countless innocents then getting her to wear some sparkly red shoes and make a big deal about it would be a doddle, amirite? Maybe just a suggestion by someone aligned to the CF or the deep state was all it took ...

To give you a sense of how media narratives can be seeded by spooks you should check out the clip below from the excellent satirical flick Wag the Dog. It too involves footwear, although not nearly as grand as Bishop's. Fact that it stars Robert De Niro, one of America's most deranged Trump-haters (apparently due to his links to an under-age prostitution ring, of all things!) and he's playing the CIA psyop dude, makes it fricken meta as all get out. 

In conclusion, I know this is a pretty bizarre post. But if you think I've become some kinda deplorably Trumpian conspiracy nut who's totes lost touch with reality then I suggest you consider the following questions and come up with alternative non-tinfoil hat related answers: 

Why did ScoMo specifically use the term "ritual sexual abuse" (and nobody in the MSM seemed to care)? Why did impeccably feminist Julie so brazenly encourage the breaking of that iron law of the sisterhood "Thou shalt not comment -- even positively -- on a professional woman's sartorial choices!" not just once, but twice? Why were Dorothy's original shoes miraculously "discovered" by the FBI at almost exactly the same time?

I think that as events unfold and the narrative shifts in coming weeks you might find that my suggested scenario is not quite that batshit after all.

In any case, whether I'm right or wrong I'm sure you'll agree: We're definitely not in Canberra anymore ...