Sunday, February 27, 2022

Build back bloodier

Since having discovered that mainstream media outlets are constantly being used by their batshit death cultist masters for symbolic incantation and/or specific comms, I can never look at any newspaper or current affairs program in the same way again. 

Trick is to look at each page as if it's a little work of art. That would be the postmodern variety, of course. So it's definitely crap art, but it's art nonetheless. 

Do that and you start to perceive all sorts of creepy patterns emerging over time. One that I've identified lately is a splashing motif. The term "kids' splashback" mentioned in this video is a case in point.

This is one of the more subtle recent examples. It's from the February 18 issue of the Failing Terrograph. It's right next to a striking headline, thereby suggesting a subtextual theme.

See how the chick in the story is wearing red. That's often symbolic of blood. And here has been heaps of other imagery and wordplay related to that recently

The article itself describes how she's coming out as bisexual or something. So there's the cultural Marxist angle, a divide and conquer tactic favoured by globalists. 

Notice the plumes. This combined with "out and about" in the headline evokes splashing from her head. It's like her mojo, her spiritual energy, is going "through the roof"

It's next to a story about renewable energy, another big part of the globalist agenda. The alliteration of "battery backup blasted" is reminiscent of "build back better". 

So while these two articles are totally unrelated content-wise, they combine to portray the occult elite's vision for the future. They have this grand plan in which we're all stacked up on top of each other in tiny pods in "smart cities". We'll be eating bugs while they harvest our lifeblood -- literally as well as figuratively. 

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Friday, February 25, 2022

Castro reanimated

Some more thoughts on that bizarre ukulele performance by ScoMo recently: I don't know for sure what it all meant. But it had to be symbolic. And it was definitely about Gitmo. 

Remember that "April Sun in Cuba" has lyrics about "Castro in the alley way, talking 'bout missile love". Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister of Australia, FFS. And he chose a song that we all know alluded to global conflicts of yore. If you've got your thinking cap on, surely that would be intriguing to you, wouldn't it? 

But at least AFAIK not one of Australia's so-called journalists or pundits in the MSM has remarked on this aspect of the "impromptu" performance. Says so much, because it's pretty clear that we are in a massive paradigm shift. The big conflict now is between globalism and patriotism. World politics are now as volatile as they were during the Bay of Pigs invasion. And the Dragon hit does refer to that. 

Rather than ask a few questions about this context, all our well known "big thinkers" did was quack on about what a daggy dad he was, and how he's got no effing clue about how his actions were viewed by the public, etc. 

That said, I suspect at least some in the MSM were aware of jaw-dropping developments behind the scenes. But they didn't wanna tell us -- or they did but were not allowed. 

Their employers are ultimately owned and controlled by the globalist elite, after all. So they have to keep flogging the old narratives and keep the corrupt system going. 

But some of them did make the odd hint to their peers about what the real story was. Take this tweet for example. 

That looks like a pretty clear allusion to incarceration.  

And there's no denying that as renditions go, the whole excruciating performance was definitely extraordinary. Was that in itself some kind of hidden message to a very select group

I thought this tweet was revealing too.

"There are no accidents." Exactly. In other words, everything is orchestrated. Well, ScoMo's ghastly yodelling wasn't literally that but you get my drift. 

Clearly, he knew that if he sang a song at dinner time it would be included in the final edit of the piece and would be a big news story. My guess is that he was ordered to do so by his current handler. So he obeyed. 

Was this person a "white hat", or another Deep State figure? I'm not sure. But there's little doubt that millions of Aussies were meant to see the PM make a fool of himself, and with this particular song.

And there was definitely a hidden message there to those in the know. So what was that? Could've been to gaslight them, keep them up to speed, or some other reason ... Maybe it was just for shits and giggles? 

Whatever the reason, there was something else I found interdasting. It was a cartoon in the Failing Terrorgraph on February 15. Note that the term rendition is used in the tweet description. 

It shows ScoMo trilling away happily. And there's Fidel Castro himself being given the bad news about the doofus from Down Under arriving in April. 

My first thought upon seeing it: This doesn't make sense! Fidel is deceased. (And his extremely old brother Raul is rumoured to be dead, too.) 

As you can see from the tweet, others noticed this too. 

Sure, it's just a toon. But it still has to correspond with reality on basic issues like chronology. Otherwise it just doesn't work. There's no way that, say, Bill Leak would make such a glaring error.

So why did this guy Warren Brown do so? He's not in Leak's league but he's not an idiot. 

I think it was meant to be jarring so that a select few would think about what the hidden meaning might be.

Could showing a miraculously extant Castro have been a sly allusion to Fidel Junior over in Canada still continuing his real dad's communist revolution?

Or was it some kind of heads up about the "white hats" and Mysterious Mr Seventeen? Remember that a big aspect of this so-called "conspiracy theory" is how many of its adherents believe that JFK Junior will rise from the dead. 

By reanimating Castro, were they implying that ScoMo's song -- which explicitly mentioned John-John's dad -- had something to do with this whole alternative narrative? 

And look at the flag, and how the cigar is lit just near it, just underneath the red and white section. This seems to be symbolic of blood. It's related to this sinister pink fire motif that I keep seeing

The caption is also intriguing. "Havana great time." 

What do you do in prison? You serve time. And great could also mean long. 

Speaking of which ...

The exact same phrase is featured in this tweet from Sky News just two days before the toon. Is the hidden message here that ScoMo is gonna end up at Gitmo? Or maybe it means that the Labor leaders -- clearly controlled by the globalist elite -- are themselves destined "for the high jump".

Again, I'm not sure. But really, what are the odds?

Look closely at that particular photo. The outlet likes it so much they've used it several times. I think it's because it's red and white, evoking blood. And look at the "V" above Shorten's head. Whether it's Y-head and/or (white) rabbit ears symbolism, I doubt that's a coincidence

Finally, check out the clear "white hat" reference in another recent issue of the Failing Terrorgraph in the video below. 

Yuge things are habbening people. The occult elite are clearly frantic. So hang in there! 

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Monday, February 21, 2022

Pink pong

I'm now convinced that a high proportion of what we're told is "news" is actually being used for symbolic incantation and specific comms by the Cabal, who ultimately own and control all MSM outlets. 

One clear trend lately has been the high number of stories with red and white and pink colour themes, as well as those with a focus on hearts and blood. I think these are all being used to keep local elites up to speed about developments related to child trafficking and a related drug trade. I've collated two still growing threads about this. Please check them out

The tweet below looks like a classic example of this symbolism. It uses wordplay and visual imagery to create a message to those in the know.

Pink pong, geddit? 

Now I'm sure you heard about that "conspiracy theory" about the pizza place in DC with an interstellar table tennis theme. Regardless of the veracity of the specific claims made about it, it's still useful as a symbol for truly shocking stuff, right? 

That's what I think is being alluded to here. I think this tweet might be hinting that the shit is about to hit the fan when it comes to the nefarious activities of the Clinton Foundation. If the full extent of Billary's evil is finally revealed to the world, there will be dire consequences for local controlled arsehats -- particularly the state premiers. 

Or maybe it's another "bad batches" warning, as described in the threads linked above ... Or maybe both?

Speaking of ping pong, this is another interdasting tweet from late January.

Now why would Ginny focus on the ping pong table, which had red spray-paint on it?

Remember that this was the day after Australia Day. Red paint had also been sprayed on a statue of Captain Cook in St Kilda. Headlines even described it as being symbolic of blood. 

IMO these are still more data points related to this horrific trade that I've blogged about recently.

The local elites are not only deeply perturbed by ongoing interruptions in their beloved pink drug's supply and quality. They're also packin' death about revelations resulting from the Durham Report and other investigations.

Ultimately this is a good sign. And in my mind it's more confirmation that nothing can stop what is coming! 

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

A rush of bud

You might think that I've gone OTT with my theory about how there's a lot of MSM symbolism and comms to do with child trafficking and a related trade in adrenalized blood. Check this out then. 

This is a Failing Terrograph story from February 8. It's about the AFL and Buddy Franklin. As is so often the case, it employs clever wordplay. A "rush of Bud" evokes blood, obviously. 

Remember that among other things the word bud can describe a baby flower. And flowers are often used to symbolize this drug

That's why it's notable that this particular quote was highlighted. 

One trick that whoever organizes these symbolic incantations (I'm assuming it's the editor) often uses is to hark back to a previous issue with a specific symbol or keyword. I think that's what's being done here in the February 15 issue. 

Notice how the blonde chick is wearing red, and has a Budweiser hat. The woman in the small photo has the same head-wear. You can see someone flashing the devil horns in the shot below them. 

Remember that it's well established that the Superbowl is used as a cover for human trafficking. It's a bonanza for the industry, apparently

So what does this along with the "rush of blood" symbolism mean? I think it's about how they're expecting a revival of the child trafficking business in Australia as restrictions are dropped. 

Interesting how Sky News, which is almost as creepy as the Sydney-based daily in its use of occult elite imagery, focused on the quote about the "tide turning" in the story below. That's another liquid analogy. 

The piece has a 'rona theme and is about kids. A Chinese or Asian schoolboy is featured. Note the pink in the background. Not an accident, IMO. 

The Yahoo main site is a news aggregator that has been including heaps of articles that look a lot like comms. One about the same subject and also featuring that quote was featured on the main page

Note that the subject of the photo is wearing red. Look at the bow in her hair. The way it's shot makes this appear like rabbit ears. Hard to tell for sure but I think she could also be Chinese. This was either staged or selected from a range of photos for the strong symbolic vibe. 

The way the bridge arcs over her head gives the image a kind of ritualistic feel. It's clearly meant to get the attention of anyone with an appreciation for the occult. 

It's also on the harbour, which is subject to changing tides. Just out of view is the Overseas Passenger Terminal, where the big cruise ships dock. That's been empty since the Ruby Princess disaster. Funny how rubies are red, innit? 

Understandably, the halting of pretty much the entire marine travel industry has been a cause of great frustration for local businesses of all kinds. But it looks like it will finally be revived in coming weeks. Remember that these cruise lines, like the Superbowl, are a major means by which child traffickers move their "product" around. 

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Pink fire

The more the cray cray intensifies, the more I'm convinced that there are absolutely epic forces involved. There really is a battle between good and evil raging now. 

I'm not a religious person. I have long been an atheist. Now I tend towards agnostic. So I'm not looking at all this insanity zif it's the "end times". But clearly there are many in the media who are obsessed with biblical imagery. And we know they're definitely not devout Christians as a rule. So what's behind that, I wonder? 

Something that really stands out is the relentless symbolism to do with blood, hearts, and the drinking of red and pink liquid. There's also a lot of imagery to do with hell and fire. 

Take the recent cover from the Sunday Times. It's not just a conflagration in the bush. It's "hell on Earth"! 

The same vibe is present in the other stories on the page. The teaser for the Justin Langer editorial has the headline "Just damn ridiculous". Combined with the main headline it evokes "hellfire and damnation". 

Above that item is another story about the cricket coach controversy. It describes the coach as being "under fire". 

I first noticed this tactic of subtextually linking imagery and headlines in the Failing Terrorgraph. But it seems that all the newspapers do it. I suspect that one of the main criteria for getting a gig as an editor in the MSM is to be a secret society wanker who's shimmied a fair way up the greasy obelisk. If you're on that level then you'll happily throw in the fave symbols of the occult elite whenever you can. 

I think that they're basically tryna concentrate spiritual energies to intensify the vibe or something. So maybe that flaming cover above is hinting that we are in the end times. Except it's from the perspective of one who's "batting for the other side". I think you'll agree, that's just not cricket. 

Another example from Perth. 

This is the cover of the West Australian from the 6th of February. Notice how it says that Cleo Smith's abductor dyed her hair pink. The number of times you see that colour featured, it clearly means a lot to these people. 

And "Cleo tell-all" is a bit creepy, innit? Sounds like they're describing a risque interview with an adult sleb or something ... 

Look at the top of the cover. The headline says "infernos", evoking that pandemic-themed film starring high ranking Freemason Tom Hanks. Spookily, a few days before this issue I'd made a video about this "pink fire" motif because of the MSM patterns I'd seen.

See how the photo shows the little girl in pink. Note also how right next to it, the headline says that the abductor cut and dyed her hair that hue.

Check out the headline to the left. There's the word "cut" again. What are the odds that exactly the same word would appear in unrelated headlines twice on the same cover? This is some sort of sinister symbolic incantation for sure. 

Look at the similarities in the tweet from Sky News, which is also run by occultist flogs. It has that photo of Cleo Smith that we all know because it's been repeated so often in the MSM. 

The pink flowers are a recurring motif. The number of times I've seen photos of floral dresses in particular is just off the charts

Why do both outlets use the same description for a bike? They call it an innocent item. Aren't all kids' possessions innocent? Strange that it would be described this way. Strange that both would use it ... 

I think this is another creepy kind of code. The bike is a mode of transport. IMO they're alluding to child trafficking. Please check out this video if you think that's a ridiculous claim

Notice how she's pointing up in the air. I think they like this pose because to them it evokes the harvesting of a drug symbolized by the colour they're clearly so obsessed with.

Maybe this is what Gudinski meant when he used that gesture, which was in so many photos of him. It means "feed the Eye" or something. 

Which brings me to this recent think piece in the Failing Terrograph (January 22)

The visual elements that first stood out for me were the many distinctive blue and white sun shades on the beach. They were clearly reminiscent of the temple on Epstein Island. 

I think the subtext was that this was the occult elite's plan for Australia. They were saying that the nation's lucky streak had ended. Now, they would finally get to run the joint the way they wanted to

The three photos on the top left are the most interdasting

Look at how the kids on the wall (a Masonic image) seem to have been symbolically decapitated. And the fireworks are where their heads would be. Also, pinky-purple dominates that particular shot of the iconic Coat Hanger. Then there's the auctioneer. His eye-line is level with the fireworks. 

I think that's meant to symbolize the globalist elite's plan for Australia. Among other things, they want free reign to buy and sell kids so that their spiritual energy can be harvested in the form of this pink drug. 

And there is no doubt that these ghouls are coming for the children. Look at what they're doing with the jibby-jab-jabberwocky-jabberoo. They are frantically tryna stick syringes into every kid in the country.

They wanna create a hell on Earth so they can "pharm" us in various ways. They see us all as "steak on the table". They see themselves as demigods who have a divine right to consume this human energy, this "pink fire". While it's in everyone it's reputed to be in its purest, most valuable form in children. 

Speaking of which, I did a YT search for the term and found this video. This looks like a pretty clear allusion to this drug. Same with the artist's name.

The video below really encapsulates what it's about. The "White Rabbit" is like the colour in that it also represents the drug. That's because of its molecular structure. 

Gotta give credit where it's due. Unlike ScoMo and Dragon, Pink does a brilliant rendition of the Grace Slick classic. Notice the clear "Hunger Games" vibe, as well as the pinky-purple flowers everywhere. 

The location is significant too. It's outside the El Capitan Entertainment Centre, where the Jimmy Kimmel Show is filmed. That's what was originally the LA Masonic Temple. You can see the pillars in a couple of sections of the clip. I mention it in this video, BTW.

The song finishes with a climactic exhortation to "feed your head". Perhaps some of the secret society wankers in the upper echelons of the local MSM are consumers of this drug and are as intoxicated with it as Pink herself seems to be. I don't know for sure. But it's clear that they are doing the bidding of those even more twisted death cultists above them in the power pyramid who are definitely hooked on it big time -- and in more ways than one.  

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Saturday, February 12, 2022

April sun in Gitmo?

I take my role as Australia's newest, most dedicated conspiracy theorist very seriously, people. So I've just come up with another one for your consideration. And I reckon it's a cracker! 

Now, I'm sure you know about that excruciating rendition of Dragon's immortal hit "April Sun in Cuba" by Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sixty Minutes

Now, you've gotta ask: Why sing that particular song? And why did the MSM flog it so hard? Piqued my curiosity so I joined a few dots: 

Gitmo is in Cuba, right?

Could this be comms that something big will happen in April? Sounds cray-cray. But anything's possible. And things certainly are heating up ...

We do know that the "white hats" have a wicked sense of humour. Think Suez Canal and the "biggest red pill Evergiven". 

Also, the lyrics of the song mention JFK and Castro. That ties in very nicely with some of the drops by Mysterious Mr Seventeen. And Fidel Junior has been having a very hard time of it lately in Ottawa ... 

Also, in singing that song, ScoMo emulated Marc Hunter. If he does end up enjoying the subtropical weather so memorably evoked in the lyrics this could be seen to be another "Hunter becoming the hunted", right?

Perhaps the white hats made him perform this cringeworthy act as part of a plea deal over his role in Spygate? By singing that song, seeing the "April sun in Cuba" would not actually come to pass ... Or maybe it would regardless and this was just a bit of extra punishment. 

If something like this is the real reason for the bizarre performance, it might explain another weird ScoMo stunt recently: Washing that chick's hair in a salon. 

What's one of the first things you undergo when you go to jail? You get a haircut. So, could this have been a humiliation ritual too? He was wearing an apron while doing it, and the Masons love those ... 

Another reason that might have been related to Freemasonry: The name of the salon was Coco's. "C" is the third letter of the alphabet, and the name has two of them. So it brings to mind their fave number: 33. 

Another intriguing aspect of his dinner table show was the fact that he played the ukulele. When I saw that I immediately thought of Al Capone. 

That's because the notorious criminal actually played the banjo in a band in prison on Alcatraz -- a much smaller island prison. 

The reason I know this is because it was the answer to a question in a quiz in the Failing Terrograph that seemed to allude to the fate of Tom Hanks. I actually mentioned it near the end of this video

But why would they do that? ScoMo isn't a criminal Godfather ...

That's true, but it does seem that the Canberra establishment has long been completely dominated by a kind of globalist super-Mafia. And a crucial part of the control system used by these evil scumbags is a powerful psychedelic drug harvested in the most horrific way imaginable.

This might explain the pinky-purple flowers on the table in the dinner scene (see above). These are often used to symbolize this drug. The white rabbit is another one

Remember the phrase: "Symbolism will be their downfall." I think it's very pertinent here. 

One final example. Watch the classic video of Marc Hunter performing his epic hit. Note the point at which he sings "eye". It really stands out.  

And look at what he's wearing. White dragon comes to mind. Another touch by the white hats? 

Well, whatever the hell it all means, I'm certainly gonna keep enjoying the show. 

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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Bad blood?

Time for me to put my tin-foil hat on, and strap it on really tight. Gotta do some hard core truthering and join a shitload of dots, people. That's because I'm pretty sure I've worked out a key causal factor in much of the current cray-cray ... 

It's all to do with blood, see. And it's absolutely horrific. (Why I'm using a somewhat jokey tone, BTW. Makes it easier to write about what I think has long been going on in this country.) 

The "conspiracy theory" I'll describe in this post may seem utterly and completely barking batshit mad. So be it. IDGAF if you think I've completely lost the plot, theme and subtext. I really think this is what's going on behind the scenes. (In any case I'm sure you'll agree that it's still way more coherent and plausible than the rolled gold bollocks that Health Hazzard, SkidMark McKaren and their conga-line of clown CHOs and MSM tyre pumpers come up with on a daily basis.)

Basically there has long been a massive hidden global trade in a psychedelic drug that is actually harvested from the blood of terrified children. It's a key element in the occult elite's control system because not only is it extremely addictive and powerful, it makes anyone who uses it complicit in evil. So they can then be manipulated far more easily. 

It seems that most of it is produced in China -- Wuhan to be precise. That's interesting given it's where the "Coronapocalypse" started. It also seems to be a kind of exemplar of the technocratic NWO "smart city" that the globalists' controlled arsehats are desperately tryna install here. 

But now, this vast hidden industry seems to be slowly going belly up. Either that or it's changing so much that the local elites can't cope. I think this is due to the heroic, tireless and unreported efforts of the SOC (Self Organizing Collective) -- otherwise known as the "white hats"

This epic takedown of a trade that is pure evil is why you see so much frantic symbolic incantation related to blood and hearts in the MSM and even in government projects. Remember that both these fields (and many others) are ultimately owned and controlled by the same group of psychopathic arseholes at the apex of the globalist power pyramid. You know, those occult elite uber-creeps who lob at places like Epstein Island to do unspeakable things in weird-looking temples

I've seen heaps of this kind of symbolism in the Failing Terrorgraph in particular. But it's right throughout the rest of the MSM as well. 

Most of it is about metaphorical blood, or things that are often associated with it such as tomato sauce. 

But some of it relates to real blood as well. 

The pink theme is prominent in many pieces also. That's because this is the colour of the drug when in its pure form. 

I've collated two threads on these symbolic strands. Please check them out. You'll see that there are just too many examples for them to be purely due to chance. 

Many of the most recent ones seem to involve story subjects suffering dire consequences due to a faulty product or service that they paid for. That's why I think these are coded warnings about bad batches of this drug. The quality cannot be relied upon any more, it seems.  

I also noticed this impassioned and very interdasting rant from Rowan Dean. I believe he is definitely one of the good guys in the MSM. I suspect he's long known about the occult elite control system. Maybe he is part of it on some level and wants out? 

Not sure. In any case please watch the clip closely. He repeats the word "heart" several times, each time with an emphatic and specific hand gesture. 

Notice also the screenshot that was included at the beginning of his monologue. See that pink heart logo. Not an accident, IMO. 

It reminded me of this recent promotional mural in the city.

Hell-o, geddit? 

Another data point from late last year. 

I suspect that the local occultist movers and shakers had grand plans to "raise hell" as their globalist system was installed locally and the pink liquid flowed freely. 

But it seems that many are now not levitating ecstatically from their Beelze-beds as they so eagerly anticipated but shitting them instead. Hopefully that's just the start of a long, slow, painful and humiliating fall from former commanding heights for them. 

So there's my theory. I know that many will think it's "out where the buses don't go". But I suspect that as events unfold in coming months it will start to seem much closer to the CBD -- not unlike how many of the "conspiracy theories" about the dreaded 'rona turned out to be accurate. 

And if the song "Bad Blood" by Neil Sedaka gets mentioned in an upcoming MSM article I'll know for sure that my speculation has been bang on the money. 

Speaking of which, you really should listen closely to the song, embedded below. Take special note of some of the lines, listed here. Seems he could have been singing about this very same drug even way back then! (Actually I think that's highly unlikely but it's spooky nonetheless.) 

"Bad Blood"

It could've been me

But it was you

Who went and bit off

A little bit more than he could chew

Bad (bad) blood (blood)

The woman was born to lie

Makes promises she can't keep

With the wink of an eye

Bad (bad) blood (blood)

Brother, you've been deceived

It's bound to change your mind

About all you believe

I don't understand

What you're lookin' to find

The only thing bad blood do

Is mess up a good man's mind

Hear me talkin' now

Bad (bad) blood (blood)

The bitch is in her smile

The lie is on her lips

Such an evil child

Bad (bad) blood (blood)

Is takin' you for a ride

The only good thing about bad blood

Is lettin' it slide

"Bad blood ... It's bound to change your mind about all you believe."

I'll say. 

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Running the Hunger Games is bloodthirsty work

I've written many posts about the occult elite symbolism in the Failing Terrorgraph as well as the Twitter feed of Sky News. Turns out that the West Australian is just as creepy as both of them.

This is the cover from yesterday's issue. Notice how the main story specifically invokes The Hunger Games. The plot of this film -- which Brad Health Hazzard also mentioned in one of his putrid 'rona-themed brain sharts, BTW -- revolves around satanic cruelty to children. 

The sub-heading also focuses on floods being a major cause of the empty shelves. Gives it a kinda biblical vibe.

Chaos is mentioned as well. That's how these arseholes get their desired order, remember. 

On the bottom of the cover is a story about the 'rona. I think the alliteration in the headline is interdasting. Is it meant to suggest "Master Mason"? Also, replacing one letter turns miners into minors ... 

I don't think that speculation is unjustified. They are flat out saying that the empty shelves are part of a game, after all. The globalist elite-controlled arshehat SkidMark McKaren is the one orchestrating it locally. And while the moronic narcissist always looks creepy, he seems even more sinister than usual here as he dons his designer face diaper.

Notably, in the first paragraph of that mining story they've included their favourite number: 666. You might not be able to see it in the screenshot on the cover but it's there. They even dedicated a tweet to it. They clearly felt it was very important to get out there. 

Also, notice the gastronomically themed headline on the left hand side of the cover. That gives it duality via "famine or feast" symbolism. 

Maybe there's more to it. Perhaps the sinister rag's occulist editor is tryna impress his secret society wanker mates with a little cannibalism joke, not unlike this one

And check out this toon from another recent issue. 

It's ScoMo in a bucket of blood. What are the odds

They couldn't make it any more obvious, could they? This pervasive symbolic pattern confirms that many high up in the MSM know what's really going on behind the scenes

They know that it's the Epstein-level tier of elite psychopaths who are ultimately and intentionally causing all this madness. Rather than tell us the horrific truth like real journalists would they zealously promote the propaganda of the globalists who ultimately own them, engaging in creepy symbolic messaging like this. 


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