Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Lawnmower Man ... Down Under

Just as the world is waking up to just how sinister the globalist elite actually are, others seem to be going in the opposite direction. Take Australian lawnmowing tycoon Jim Penman. 

He's totally swallowed the mainstream media propaganda on Bill Gates.

Jim seems to find the number 66 significant for some reason. He posted this less than an hour before his suck-tweet above. May just be a coincidence but it's still an interdasting data point. What is it about double and triple sixes that the Davos elite and their fans and followers love so much? 

In any case this dopey adoration brings to mind a fascinating sci-fi movie from the nineties called the Lawnmower Man. It was about how a mad scientist turns the retarded local gardener into an evil genius with brain enhancing drugs and virtual reality. Really kinda spooky when you think of the transhumanist control freaks' AI agenda, Zuckerbot's Beta and all the rest of it. 

Jim's IQ hasn't risen at all, though. Gone backwards if anything. Sad! 

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Saturday, October 30, 2021

So many Oz icons dying after a fall ...

We all know about Carla Zampatti dying after tripping on steps at an outdoor theatre production. I thought that was fascinating, since the title of the opera she was at -- La Traviata -- actually means "fallen woman".

Strangely, not one MSM figure remarked on that irony. Now we all know that journalists are stupid. But surely one or two must have realized this. And if you did, you'd say it right? 

But none of them did AFAIK. Which makes the whole thing even more intriguing.

Around the same time Dictator Dan fell down those steps. This wasn't fatal obviously, but it still put him out of action for many weeks.

Then there was John Elliot. He died after a fall as well. And the Australian Financial Review alluded to this in the title of its obituary. 

Someone else who fell but didn't die was Patti Newton. Not unlike Carla Zampatti, she tripped on a step. This caused a serious injury, and she had to wear a moonboot -- pretty ironic given hubby Bert's nickname of "Moonface". 

At the same time the legendary TV host himself had his leg amputated. I thought that was odd. 

Hell, what are the odds that two Aussie TV icons -- who were married to each other -- both suffered serious health issues related to their right legs, and simultaneously?

Now it turns out that he's dead. Not sure of the ultimate cause but it sounds like it was related to that amputation. 

I've also just discovered that Michael Gudinski had a fall a week before he died (see embedded tweet below). This was pretty serious, and required prescription drugs for the pain. These seemed to have been part of the cocktail that ultimately took his life.

I remember thinking that the Daily Telegraph was hinting that his death and that of Ms Zampatti were related somehow. As you'll see above, the headline of the story about her funeral called her a "frock star" and the item was placed right next to a story about his son, Matt. 

There seems to be a real theme running through all these celebrity passings. If it wasn't a fall that killed these famous figures directly, it seems to have been a major factor in their deaths. And if you do suffer a fall, you lose your footing, right? That's why I think Bert Newton's death can be included in the same category. 

It's all pretty spooky, innit? Kinda fitting though, given it's now Halloween ... 

And on the wider issue, I can't help but suspect there's something deeply symbolic going on here. At the very least, we're not getting the full story from the MSM. 

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Dog stars by the dozen

Much of the insanity that we are now experiencing is due to the mainstream media. They purport to be brave truth seekers speaking truth to power but they are all basically shameless propaganda peddlers relentlessly nagging us all to "get the jab". 

Ultimately they are the tools of "the creepy cult that rules the world". That's why I think it's worth looking at their content closely and identifying their favourite symbolic themes. They are definitely present and say a lot about the forces ultimately controlling them. 

There seem to be several patterns that keep appearing. There's one to do with kids which is really disturbing. Here's an example

There's another that involves a "blue dog" motif. This is meant to represent Sirius, the dog star, an occult elite fave

You see this repeated all through the MSM. But the Daily Telegraph is absolutely chockas with it. Sometimes there'll be several "dog stars" in one issue alone. 

They have various ways of representing it. Sometimes it's in the form of a dog with a blue collar or jacket. Maybe there's a lot of blue in the background such as clear sky or ocean. Or the owner is wearing blue jeans and top ... that kind of thing. 

A common trick is putting a photo of a dog in one story with the word "star" in the corresponding article, or a neighbouring one that is unrelated content-wise. You can see a classic example of this in the cover above. Also, notice that the ad for the story on the right has a blue background. 

This is another one. Notice how the poor deceased guy (who committed suicide) is wearing a lot of blue, as well as being called a star. The sleb in the item below is also wearing blue. What are the odds? 

Apparently his depression resulted from the lockdowns (someone on Twitter who knew him said this). The presence of a blue dog seems to symbolize evil done in the service of the occult elite (globalist) agenda. So this particular "dog star" was a classic case of symbolic incantation. 

Here you can see a little dachshund included in a piece about an Olympic swimming star. Her top seems to be turquoise. Not strictly blue, but it's still pretty close to that colour in the spectrum. 

Notice how the swimmer's head protrudes through the border of the story. You see this often in the paper. I think this could be code for "heads up guys". It's telling a select audience to look closely at the item for symbolism, or possibly even specific comms. 

The dog in this case is a little dachshund. Also notice the flowers. They love to use them as symbols as well -- particularly roses

Puppies in particular are often equated with kids. And there is a very sinister pattern related to stories about them and modes of transport. It usually involves cars and roads but sometimes it's related to marine travel and also airplanes. That's why the idea of "flying under the radar" could be significant. Also, check out the headline directly below the pooch, which can be seen in the top photo. 

I doubt that any of these touches are specific references to the subjects of the stories. They all seem to be symbolic links meant to highlight themes or ideas.  

The star in this case is literally called a pup in the headline, and wears jim jams made for a kid. That's a clear case of equating the two groups of beings.

Notice how the woman's right foot is facing upward, with the sole exposed to the camera. That's another occult elite fave. 

The headline invokes the idea of making money. That theme is often related to these patterns of imagery. 

In this story the word "dogs" is almost exactly underneath "star" in the headline above. And drugs are bad, remember? 

Notice the blue of his shirt and jacket and shorts. All very close to the word as well. Clearly not a coincidence. 

Check out the headlines on the left hand side of the page. There's the word rape in one. Look closely at the one directly below it. 

It's about kids and their parents sleeping in the same bed because of lockdown. This would be innocuous as a one off but not when you consider it in context. Just below it the headline about Adele clearly has a rapey vibe as well. 

It's like the layout is some kind of batshit occultist attempt to concentrate, and thereby summon, evil.

And here's a nice benign example to finish off with. 

I know that what I'm describing here is completely and utterly barking mad as well as being creepy as all get out. But the pattern is indisputable. And there are countless other examples of this and similar themes I see in every issue -- as well as other MSM outlets. This post has just scratched the surface on the dog star motif alone. 

I'm happy to consider alternative explanations for what I've described. But saying I've got my figurative tin-foil hat on just won't cut it -- particularly if you're wearing a literal mask! 

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Did Blue Origin rocket boldly go where no scam has gone before?

We all know that the MSM are corrupt. They fake things all over the place. Much of the time these lies are "little white ones" using Photoshop, or selective editing.  

This story about William Shatner's journey into space on the Blue Origin rocket is a good example. 

An eagle-eyed tweep noticed the deception.  

But I suspect that the fraud may have been way bigger than that. I'm actually not convinced that the journey even took place at all! 

The whole thing seemed like a globalist elite ritual mocking normies. The rocket looked like a giant knob, not unlike the one built by Dr Evil. And the anatomical term for the base of the very top section -- where the "rocketmen" including "Captain Kirk" were strapped in, and which parachuted back to Earth -- is the corona

Also, the Blue Origin rocket took off near the town of Van Horn. What are the odds? 

Watch the launch in the video embedded below. Take particular note of the liftoff seen from above. Presumably that's from a drone. Would they really have one hovering there? Sounds a bit risky. What if it malfunctioned and ended up in the path of the rocket? 

Look closely at the actual rocket flame. Looks like CGI to me.

If you watch that video all the way through you'll also notice that as they're all floating about in zero gravity the woman astronaut says "holy hell". That's a very interesting phrase to use. 

Just after she says it you see the numbers six and three above the windows. Is that a way of saying three sixes? We know they love the phrase "build back better" because the lower case "b" resembles a six.

Given that creepy globalist elites often tell us that what they're up to is BS ("revelation of the method") this could be another example. 

And remember that William Shatner is above all an actor. Is this another role he's playing in a production? 

Then there's that intriguing comment he made in an interview about the rocket journey. It involved his belief in a "coming catastrophic event"

Was this predictive programming for their next big fear campaign to try and justify worldwide, simultaneous totalitarian control? The current one isn't exactly working out so well. So maybe they've decided to try and con humanity into believing there's another existential threat coming from the sky this time, or at least have that as a backup plan?  

Given how determined these batshit death cultists actually are, I would not be surprised if this was the case.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Cult of the Needle

The relentless campaign to make sure everyone in the nation has the shot just gets more and more sinister and cult-like by the day. It's disturbing that they want all adults vaccinated. But the push to get needles into the arms of Australian kids is just plain evil

There's absolutely no medical reason for them to undergo this procedure. And they can't give informed consent anyway. 

Now parents are happily offering up their children as subjects in a global trial. They've been brainwashed into thinking it's some wonderful gift they're about to be given. And the poor kids believe them, of course. They anticipate it like they do Christmas! 

Look at the photo in this story from a recent issue of the Daily Telegraph. So creepy! 

You'll notice that it was written by Sue Dunlevy. She herself was vaccinated and had a reaction that she described as horrendous. Yet she says she'd do it all again and recommends it to everyone else as well. Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid!  

The "creepy cult that rules the world" has been doing this kind of thing for a long while. Take abortion for example. By indoctrinating so many into the belief that it is not the killing of an actual human being but a medical procedure and a personally empowering "choice" then it's much easier to take them to the next level: child sacrifice. 

IMO that's where the current universal jab push is leading to as well ... 

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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Despotic diva hides in plain sign

Once you realize that so much of the current craziness going on in the world is being driven by a small number of extremely powerful and evil people, it makes a lot more sense. Pretty clear that these arseholes hate humanity with a passion and are determined to cause as much suffering and death as possible. They believe that with billions of "useless eaters" psychologically, economically and socially broken, they are much easier to control. 

These globalist elites ultimately own all the world's big mainstream media outlets. They dominate Hollywood and the music industry as well. They only elevate those into the A-list those whom they are sure will do their bidding

So these revered slebs come out with the most outrageous bollocks and the MSM broadcasts it to billions. Most of the time it's just the usual mind-numbing cultural Marxist crap. But sometimes it's truly evil, and not overt but coded. They've been doing a lot of this lately. It's best described as "hiding in plain sight"

The Daily Telegraph definitely has form for this kind of thing. The paper routinely conveys sinister themes subtextually through the juxtaposition of headlines and images. I suspect that's what's being done on this page from a recent issue. 

Look at how Madonna is holding her arms. Now imagine if she sprouted another two repeating this position. You'd get a swastika, wouldn't you? 

Her right hand points to her headwear, suggesting that she's crowned. Crown means corona, remember. 

The headline literally says she is reigning royalty -- the "queen of pop". Pop is short for popular music. But it could also mean population. And we do know that globalists believe that this has reached unsustainably high levels. 

The idea of some kind of yuge global catastrophe offing billions is something that Madonna has sung about with Quavo in "Future":

Not everyone is coming to the future

Not everyone is learning from the past

Not everyone can come into the future

Not everyone that's here is gonna last, gonna last

So, looks like she'd be totes kewl with a mass killing of humans like the Holocaust but on an even larger scale. 

Just in case you doubt that Madge could be that evil, check out this tweet from early 2019.

Also, notice the headline on the right hand side of the page. It describes a "house of tragedy". A building in which many deaths occurred could accurately be described as such, right? There are definitely several of those at places like Dachau and Auschwitz. 

Then there's the price that the dwelling has fetched: Over six million dollars. 

What are the odds?

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Friday, October 15, 2021

The news is fake because politics is a puppet show

Sure you've heard of the expression "politics is showbiz for ugly people". There's a lot of truth in that. It's certainly scripted, and the pollies themselves are reading lines much of the time. And I think the fraudulence is often worse than that. They are not just actors but puppets. What we are told is real by the mainstream media is actually more like a Punch and Judy show! 

So when it comes to politics the news is usually fake because the pollies themselves are. And the editors will even tell their readers that in a coded way. 

Take this recent Daily Telegraph cover. It says that the by-elections resulting from the resignation of three NSW "operatives" comprise a "triple threat". This is actually a well known theatrical term meaning a performer who can sing, dance and act

The cover story begins with the words "chaos rules". And that's what this is all about. The globalist elite puppeteers love using this method to get their way. It's called "ordo ab chao". Shake everything up and you can then advance your plan to come in over the top with your top-down totalitarian control system.

The Sydney tabloid recently used this combo of "triple threat" and "chaos" on the cover another time. That was to do with all the upheaval down in Victoria including that very suss earthquake. I talk about this in the video below. 

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Straw junkies

You've prolly seen this new pro-jab campaign featuring a couple of low-life junkies saying that there's no way they'll get Astrazeneca because they don't know what's in it. 

It's supposed to be some kind of killer argument against those crazy antivaxxers because of course these losers are doing far worse all the time. Oh the irony, etc ... 

But the makers of the ad come off looking way more foolish than the group they're tryna discredit

It really shows their desperation. This is the ultimate strawman -- or rather, straw junkie. The jab promoters clearly have little confidence in their product's efficacy and safety. So they don't positively invoke that. And they know that so many people are now aware of the risks that even junkies would be too. So they use a hackneyed stereotype of them to smear all those who'd prefer not to get vaxxed. 

In any case, if there is a group of people who would more accurately portray jab refuseniks it would be clean living, health fanatic gym junkies -- not fat, pasty, junk food guzzling junkies. 

This ad is just a variation on the "tin-foil hat-wearing, batshit crazy conspiracy theory peddling antivaxxer" stereotype. It's a cheap, easy way to demonize your opponents and get impressionable folk to stop listening to anything that doesn't follow the globalist narrative. 

But as we all know, there are plenty of smart people who have major reservations about getting the jab. It's not just because of all the jaw-dropping data about adverse events that is recorded on official government sites that the MSM and pollies fail to mention. It's also due to the insane intensity with which the entire vaccine rollout has been promoted. 

How could any thinking person not be suspicious about what this injection is really about given the relentless determination of its promoters to make absolutely everyone on Earth have it? 

Speaking of illegal drugs and their composition, where are the pill testing proponents? It's an indisputable fact that some people are dying from the jab, and seemingly at a greater rate than from ecstasy ODs at events like the Big Day Out. So why aren't they at vaccine hubs offering to analyze doses, say what's in them and tell those waiting in line if they're safe or not?

Tellingly they, like so many other activists and professionals claiming to care about our rights and health, have been silent the whole time ... 

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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Health Hazzard is a strange dude in a strange daze

Brad Health Hazzard telling people not to listen to "strange dudes" on social media is peak irony. If anyone fits that description it's him. 

Actually, if there were Oscars given to dudes for their strangeness, he'd win all of them for sure. I think the little golden trophy itself would be modelled on him, TBH! Apart from anything else, he seems to have a real obsession with gold ... 

Saying that the Delta variant was a "gold medal long jumper" was very strange. Then there was that extremely strange (and creepy) speech he gave to kids, telling them that vaccination was a "golden opportunity"

The dude's Twitter feed is chockas with strangeness too. He has tweeted several times about how the vaccine rollout has brought him "joy". Again, as creepy as it was strange. He, like so many other needle-freaks, seems to get a weird buzz from the thought of syringes being stuck into people

That said, it's quite understandable that he's such a strange dude. These are very strange days, after all. 

This whole global vaccine rollout is like something out of a dystopian movie. Then there is the looming threat of AI, and evil squillionaires in the Epstein Island tier determined to take humanity into some kind of transhumanist "Great Reset" and beyond

Speaking of strange days, there was an underrated movie with that very title that addressed some of these issues in a way so prescient that I think it was actually predictive programming. It featured several strange dudes -- though it must be said that all of them, even the villains, were pretty cool as well.

Set in the year 1999 during the last days of the old millennium, the movie tells the story of Lenny Nero, an ex-cop who now deals with data-discs containing recorded memories and emotions. One day he receives a disc which contains the memories of a murderer killing a prostitute. Lenny investigates and is pulled deeper and deeper in a whirl of blackmail, murder and rape. Will he survive and solve the case?

John Lennon was pretty prescient too ... 

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Monday, October 4, 2021

The new lepers

Absolutely insane what's going on right now. And not just crazy, but inverted. We have Australian governments state and federal along with the entire MSM tryna coerce absolutely everyone in the nation (kids included) into becoming jab rats and agreeing to get boosters until they cark as a condition of participating in wider society. As some have quipped on Twitter, aren't you supposed to donate your body to science after you die?

Up until recently the definition of normality was not being a human pin cushion. Now, it's the "purebloods" who are the outcasts

I tweeted on this subject a few weeks ago, observing how bizarre it was that the unvaccinated are seen as the new lepers. 

And not long after that I saw this tweet about an article by Derryn Hinch. He retweeted it, natch. 

So he, basically said exactly what I did. But he reckoned it was a good thing. Well FMD! 

Other blue checks have made a point of showing their disgust for those evil, dirty unjabbed. 

Gawd. As well as being blue check syringe fodder these laughable arsehats are so seriously afflicted with the globalist mind virus that they are pathologically afraid of the healthy. Sick!

At least Derryn admits that his view about the new lepers is "brutal". I think the scene below captures the Human Headline's inner torment about the prospect of us being ostracized in the way he describes ...

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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Mark McGowan wants all the suckers to "roll up"

Interesting that many people are now seeing Luciferian symbolism in Biden saying that getting a bill passed might take "six minutes, six days, or six weeks". They're also noticing that the oft repeated phrase "build back better" evokes that same sinister figure when you think of the lower case letter beginning each word. 

Observations like this do still provoke eye rolling from those who obediently accept the MSM narrative. But given recent developments related to the vaccine rollout, fewer and fewer people now see them as completely outlandish. I myself am convinced that this whole Coronapocalypse psyop is ultimately being driven by a death cult

Local pollies have form for this kind of creepy imagery as well. You often see it in their Instagram feeds. Take Mark McGowan. He is definitely a globalist-controlled arsehat, and very likely a secret society wanker. His updates frequently feature Masonic motifs

There was a recent story about him being a Demons fan. Remember that fake news is just another tool of the globalist elite. So this was possibly more sly signalling to those in the know about the select set he's in. 

With that in mind, I think this was an interdasting IG post. It was made at the start of the "pandemic" back in March 2020. Something tells me he -- or more likely his Deep State handlers -- had a good idea of what was to come. So he and/or they were indulging in some sneaky "revelation of the method".

This "roll up" bollocks that every blue check and his blue dog keeps repeating is another example of "hiding in plain sight". Basically, they're saying those who get the jab are suckers. That's because "roll up, roll up!" is a circus term. It brings to mind PT Barnum's infamous phrase: "There's a sucker born every minute." 

It's also why lolly pops are often offered to the vaccinated. They're sometimes identified in posts specifically as Chupa Chups. "Chupa" is Spanish for "suck".

McGowan, like all the premiers, has flogged this phrase for many months. ScoMo, along with Greg Hunt and many other Canberra muppets have been saying it as often as they flash that stupid V-sign. (This hand gesture, like the notorious number mentioned above, is another symbol with a dark back story).

Here ScoMo says "roll up" for the umpteenth time. By doing so, he's covertly mocking the normies for dutifully obeying his command. 

The graphic of the vial box even looks like a circus tent, FFS!

Lately SkidMark has even been telling kids to "roll up". What an evil POS. 

Please check out the WA Government promotional video below. It is jam-packed with creepy occult elite motifs including the rainbow, thousand points of light (fireworks), one eye, V-sign, and obelisk. There's even an oldster having his 99th birthday. Turn that number over and what have you got? 

And notice that the protagonist -- a very young woman, likely a teenager -- is shown leaving her loved ones on a plane. So she's one of the "dear departed". (The plane shot shows a left wing too. Maybe even that's symbolic ...)

And right at the end she's shown on a circus ride. Can they make it any more obvious?

The song "Wonderful World", which is the ad's soundtrack, takes on a sinister new meaning. Look at the stated goals of the globalist elite laid out very clearly on the Georgia Guidestones. Pay particular attention to what they believe is the optimum world population (the first commandment) and you'll see what I mean. 

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Friday, October 1, 2021

5G that'll knock your socks off!

The Daily Telegraph has form for "hiding in plain sight". The fave symbols of creepy globalists appear on many pages in each issue. And it's not just in the stories themselves. Ads are often placed next to articles to help convey certain themes, many of which are deeply sinister

Given these patterns, I found this page in last Monday's issue (27/9) interdasting. As you see, there's a piece that's basically glamourizing the jab. 

An attractive sleb with her own fashion label is showing off her new line of socks proudly proclaiming her "fully vaxxed" status

The paper really loves their shoe and boot symbolism, so I'm not surprised that they've gone for this story and photo.

The item's placement next to a story about QR code check-ins being subverted is notable. This brings to mind the fascist "vaccine passport" control system that many governments around the world are so desperate to implement. 

And look below the sock story. There's an ad for 5G. As I'm sure you're well aware, deranged "conspiracy theorists" such as David Icke believe that the jab rollout is a crucial part of a hellish plan to have the vaxxed hooked up to AI via nanotechnology secreted in the mysterious material injected into them. 

Maybe this theory isn't that far fetched after all, and the editor is slyly signalling to those in the know that this totalitarian system is just about ready to be implemented?

In the sock story you'll also notice the "illuminati eye" coming through from the other side of the page. The woman's left foot is exactly where the pupil is located. I think that is a coincidence, but it's still pretty spooky given the concept of an "all seeing eye" and the idea of 5G being used for surveillance. 

Also, above that infamous symbol, which is an ad for a true crime podcast, there's a blue dog. (That's because both its collar and ball are this colour.) 

And look at the headline just next to the pooch. It could be seen to imply that the dog is up to no good. That's not an accident IMO because the motif seems to signal some kind of evil being practised that furthers the globalist agenda.

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