Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Lawnmower Man ... Down Under

Just as the world is waking up to just how sinister the globalist elite actually are, others seem to be going in the opposite direction. Take Australian lawnmowing tycoon Jim Penman. 

He's totally swallowed the mainstream media propaganda on Bill Gates.

Jim seems to find the number 66 significant for some reason. He posted this less than an hour before his suck-tweet above. May just be a coincidence but it's still an interdasting data point. What is it about double and triple sixes that the Davos elite and their fans and followers love so much? 

In any case this dopey adoration brings to mind a fascinating sci-fi movie from the nineties called the Lawnmower Man. It was about how a mad scientist turns the retarded local gardener into an evil genius with brain enhancing drugs and virtual reality. Really kinda spooky when you think of the transhumanist control freaks' AI agenda, Zuckerbot's Beta and all the rest of it. 

Jim's IQ hasn't risen at all, though. Gone backwards if anything. Sad! 

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  1. As poor ol' eternally discomfited Betty used to say, "Some mothers do 'ave 'em."