Monday, July 29, 2019

Hollywood stars are controlled to control us

Trump's election has been a real game changer in so many ways. Hillary was never expected to lose. So there was no Plan B. And now the whole system that controlled dominant narratives in the USA (and to a lesser extent, nations like Australia) has been exposed. For countless people in America and across the globe the last coupla years really has been like waking from a dream.

Speaking of which: apt that Hollywood is called the "dream factory". The film and TV industry (along with the fake news MSM) has been the primary method by which false narratives were created and and then maintained in the minds of the masses.

The longer Trump keeps triggering Hollywood stars and slebs, and the more I learn about how the joint actually operates, the clearer it becomes that there is a highly organized process for selecting and controlling prominent performers, and using them as role models to influence the wider population. 

The agenda is definitely globalist. And it's not just atheist but deeply anti-Christian. You just have to look at the themes underlying most Hollywood flicks with A-list stars to know this is the case. I struggle to name even one film in the last coupla decades that could be called overtly pro-Christian. If movies do include Christian characters they are usually Bible-thumping misogynist racist homophobes, or insipid, deluded losers at best. 

This gives the lie to the argument that movie moguls are just into making heaps of money. Christianity is still the dominant religion in America. Think how much profit movies explicitly catering to this market could generate. But not only do they completely avoid producing any such filmic fare, they go out of their way to offend members of this religion at every turn.

Now why is that? Because Christianity, like other foundations of Western civilization, gives people a sense of meaning above and beyond the state. It also gives people a very clear, unequivocal set of rules about what's right and wrong. It's a bulwark against tyranny.

Hollywood's job is not just to entertain the masses but to indoctrinate them with moral relativism, or flat out amoral nihilism. This makes them so much easier to dominate psychologically. 

Freedom of speech is another thing standing in the way of totalitarianism. And it's revealing to watch so many world famous "creative artists" -- who you'd expect to be great supporters of it -- totally reject the idea when it comes to Trump and MAGA.

Take Bette Midler here. She clearly calls for Trump to be shut down.

And this is just one deranged hate-tweet out of many. She's been railing against him for months on end.

Like many of her peers she's doing her damnedest to make her fans think that POTUS is the biggest, baddest meanie who's ever lived. He beat Hillary, after all. And like most of Hollywood Bette was most definitely "with her". She knew things would be done the way they always were, and she would keep reaping the substantial rewards.

But Bad Orange Man has gone and upended the whole star system. He's crashed the culture like a brick thrown through a massive spider's web -- and that's a rock spider to be exact.

See, widespread pedophilia has long been an "open secret" in Hollywood. Just as the casting couch culture exposed by #MeToo was show business as usual, child rape is an integral part of the whole movie making machine.

In a system similar to the DC Swamp, pedophiles are promoted by other pedophiles. They also have blackmail material on each other.

This doesn't mean that every A-list star and big name director is a rapist of children. But it's beyond doubt that quite a few of them are. Even if they're not, they are almost certainly compromised in other ways. There's no way they would be given such power and influence by those at the top of the pyramid unless it could all be taken away from them in an instant.

The pampered puppets of Hollywood have long known that Trump is out to end this depraved system. Which is why they've been losing their shit for months on end, and bigly.

The trial of Keith Raniere, who headed the sinister sex cult NXIVM, was a big development in this regard, and the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein was an even bigger one. He's clearly at the centre of a global system of political control that used sexual blackmail involving the countless children he was trafficking.

He was not just besties with the "great and the good" of Washington and other centers of political power. He also had a lot of contacts in Hollywood, as this tweet makes clear. 

Ellen Barkin tweeted that because she hates Trump and believes the MSM lie that he's close to Epstein. But the irony is that while POTUS knew Epstein many years ago, he's not compromised at all. It's actually the Clintons and the whole Democrat establishment who are far more strongly connected to him.

And that's why they and their Tinseltown pals are all going crazy.

It's gonna get very interesting in coming months, if not weeks. I think a lot of previously adored and respected slebs and stars are going to be exposed as utter scumbags.

Of course any sane person knows that these "role models" are not nearly as nice as they purport to be. Take Bill Cosby getting away with all that drugging and raping for years on end, for example.

But I suspect this will be far more extreme than any of that. Frankly, I don't think anyone will ever watch another Hollywood movie in the same way again once this is all over. And millions will just just stop watching them entirely. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Julian Burnside is beyond parody

Recently, Julian Burnside fell for a parody account of Malcolm Roberts. And it's not the first time he's made such a silly mistake. Late last year Crown Jules was fooled by a similarly fake tweet, this time purportedly by Donald Trump.

Burnside did accept that he was in error regarding Roberts, but grudgingly. In doing so he revealed exactly why he made it, while remaining none the wiser.

This was a classic case of confirmation bias. Emotionally committed to the whole idea of catastrophic climate change, he simply cannot accept that the theory is driven much more by politics than science. So in his mind anyone who questions it must be a moron or a bad person, or both.

Putting feelings over facts, Burnside can't see things rationally on this issue. I doubt he would ever do that in his profession, which he excels at.

And aren't legal eagles always meant to know what someone's answer to a question will be before they put it to them? That's why asking Roberts if he believed in the moon landing was another error. It was very easy for the senator to say of course he did in a subsequent tweet, thereby making Burnside look even sillier.

As if this was not embarrassing enough, Burnside retweeted Adam Bandt's push to have the nation officially declare a "climate emergency". So daft on many levels ...

Apart from the obvious fact that the world is in no such state, even if it were there's nothing we as a nation could do about it. Even if we stopped all fossil fuel usage today, we would have next to no effect on the (non) problem.

So why encourage people to panic -- especially children? The likely answer to that is what I find most disturbing.

When people are stressed out they can be more easily manipulated. So, if you create that state of high anxiety you can then gain far greater social and economic control of the masses, all under the pretence of "helping" them.

IMO those at the top of the warmist pyramid are shameless liars who well know that there's no "climate crisis" but peddle the AGW bollocks because it's a crucial part of their plan to centrally control the world's economy. But I think that many people below them (such as Burnside himself) have bought the lie. That's why they make the kind of confirmation bias booboos detailed above.

Even then I think their commitment to it is more about moral vanity than anything else. Strangely, they actually kind of enjoy spouting all the gloom and doom. By melodramatically warning the normies about the impending apocalypse, they can feel like they are noble planet-saving heroes ... Interesting how the thing that upsets them most is being told the world isn't gonna fry in a coupla decades, innit?

This "climate emergency" push is basically an exercize in political narcissism. Clover Moore has declared one in Sydney to make herself and her fellow travellers feel extra-spesh. But it's pretty obvious she doesn't believe it on a genuine, selfless level. If she did, she'd be focused on the climate issue alone. She'd have no time for other projects such as NAIDOC in the City -- itself another excruciating example of virtue signalling.

Monday, July 15, 2019

The Sauce: Hot Albo way cooler than Latho's crass conservatives!

I have blogged before about how News Ltd has a range of views, even though all the whining lefties at their ABC and Fairfax (now Nine) see it as HQ for eeevil righties. And here's another example of this:

In the Sunday Telegraph there was this item in "The Sauce" about an event held recently in Enmore that featured Anthony Albanese.

Using wordplay on "spinning" it described how Hot Albo carried off a DJ gig with aplomb. 

Kinda ironic, since the report itself was spin. It was clearly meant to humanize the Labor Leader by portraying him as hip to the yoof and all that. 

This was in marked contrast to the report further down the page. It was about an upcoming Liberty Works talkfest that Mark Latham will be attending. It included a coupla sneering references to the high profile guests, including Raheem Kassam, mentioning that "he was forced to apologize to a female minister who had recently suffered a miscarriage".

Now, you can always find some dirt about any well known person if you look hard enough. So why did they do so here unless they were very keen to peddle the dreary narrative about how conservatives are all such awful misogynists and the like?

And the piece concluded by saying the event "promises to be anything but boring". That's PC leftie code for "offensive, appalling and wrong".

The right-on bias is just excruciating, innit?

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

MSM smokescreen envelops Epstein

The Jeffrey Epstein arrest is absolutely yuge in so many ways. The scumbag rock spider is connected to numerous powerful pollies, squillionaires and slebs. They are all surely packin' their dacks, and bigly!

The story is more relevant to Americans than Australians for obvious reasons. Still, it's a massive development given the context of Trump's war against the globalist cabal and the deep state. If the local MSM were dinkum non-biased truth seekers it would still be one of the top stories here, with many details included.

But all I saw yesterday in the main two dailies (Daily Tele and Herald) were brief items on pages 19 and 20 respectively. Below is the one from the former.

As you can see it mentions Bill Clinton and Trump together as pals of the pedophile. It makes their links to him seem equivalent. But this is not the case at all.

Slick Willy has long been much more closely involved with Epstein, and has lobbed at his creepy "Orgy Island" dozens of times over the years. Trump, OTOH has never been there, and while he knew the guy he actually banned him from one of his resorts because of his creepy sexual predation of young girls.

But you can be sure that right across the spectrum the local MSM will maintain the false equivalence for as long as they can. That's because the same factors that cause a preponderence of fake news in the USA are at play here too, just not as pronounced. 

Below is a much more accurate depiction of what's going on. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

So only PC LGBTQIA+ folk can cry "homophobia"? Sounds like discrimination to me!

Something that becomes clearer with every passing day is how divisive and toxic political correctness is. And the reason it has this effect is not because of an excess of zeal -- you know, pathway to hell, etc -- but because being toxic is its actual intention. It's classic "divide and conquer", and conquering us is the ultimate aim of the totalitarians at the top of the power pyramid. 

The mistake many people make is to confuse the muppets with the, er, muppeteers. Magda Szubanski, and so many activist members of the LGBTQIA+ community (and what a bollocks term that is, just as the "heterosexual community" would be if people decided to invoke it) are sanctimonious and annoying. But in the end they are just useful idiots for their calculating cultural Marxist thought leaders

Non-hetero slebs like Magda have been brainwashed into thinking that they're oppressed by society. M'kay ... If she's so oppressed, and our society is so "homophobic" then how'd she become so successful, admired, and I suspect wealthy in the first place?

Being one of the anointed, she feels that only she and her fellow woke folk get to use right-on terms of condemnation. Below is her response to a torrent of abuse after she liked a mean-spirited tweet by Marcia Langton (who has form on this sort of thing BTW) basically claiming that a self-described gay conservative couldn't be both. He only thought he was gay, she tweeted, because "he masturbates too much".

Surely hateful by any measure. And we all know how Magda and her ilk would react if an influential rightie had tweeted mockingly about a powerless gay person's sexuality and an even more influential rightie had liked it.

What's amazing is how she not only denies that the tweet itself was homophobic, but she then goes on to cast herself as the victim. I don't doubt that much of the reaction she got was nasty and abusive (which should always be condemned of course) but a lot of it was completely justified criticism of her obvious hypocrisy. Still, in classic SJW style she didn't show any humility or maturity. She just doubled down instead.

You really couldn't get a clearer example of the rules of political correctness. Magda clearly implies that the term homophobia (hatred and fear of homosexuals) is only to be used to describe righties, especially Christians. So it's a term to sledge political opponents, not protect sexual minorities. Which makes it just another one of PC Left's deceitful labels along with Islamophobia, climate change denialism, misogyny and toxic masculinity.

The line is that PC leftie gays and lesbians, etc, just can't ever be guilty of homophobia, even when they are. But if the same standard cannot be applied across the board, then how can equality ever be achieved? And isn't that what PC LGBTIQ+ activists say they want?

Well, clearly not. They just want the power that comes from constantly claiming they are ... powerless. And they just can't see the irony. That's because they've been so completely indoctrinated by cynical control freaks into demanding special rights, and thereby sowing social discord. It suits the anti-Western, pro-globalist, cultural Marxist leaders to have such prominent "victims", even when, like Szubanski herself, they are nothing of the sort. On the contrary, they have clearly long had the world at their feet. Sad! 

But it's not just leftie atheists who pile on with the very selective condemnation of political opponents. Many woke Christians do too. Take their ABC's Julia Baird for example.

By focusing on the hate that people have expressed (rather than the valid criticism of hypocrisy) she manages to sidestep the issue, and merely repeat the same tactic of applying standards only when it suits the PC Left's divisive, misery-causing agenda. If Ms Baird sincerely believes her own talk, then why doesn't she condemn Langton for the obvious hateful abuse that provoked the mean tweets sledging Magda? 

I suspect she would say that's because Ms Langton is not a Christian (AFAIK). (She's prolly also wary of being labeled racist, since the same double standard applies regarding that issue as well.) But would she refuse to condemn right-leaning atheists for the same thing? Of course not.

See, Ms Baird is still doing what the sanctimonious hectoring woke folk always do: ignoring the ugly hate on her own side. That makes her just as much of a fool and a muppet as Magda herself.

And she must know how such brazen hypocrisy enrages people -- particularly when they also have to pay for it (by funding the ABC). Which I suspect is a big part of why she does it. That also makes her a bit of a troll, which she explicitly condemned in that very tweet. Not very "Christian" of you, Jules!

Unlike Israel Folau himself, who's remained restrained, dignified and forgiving throughout (even if, IMHO, he was wrongheaded). His original post was inclusive because absolutely everyone was on the "hell list". It was also loving, because he wanted all those "sinners" to be saved.

He repeated Ms Baird's exhortation. And coming from such a goodhearted place, he thereby improved upon it greatly.

How ironic is that? After all, it was Folau's so-called "hate" that started this big ugly ball of of right-on virtue-signalling and putrid leftie abuse rolling in the first place ...