Monday, July 29, 2019

Hollywood stars are controlled to control us

Trump's election has been a real game changer in so many ways. Hillary was never expected to lose. So there was no Plan B. And now the whole system that controlled dominant narratives in the USA (and to a lesser extent, nations like Australia) has been exposed. For countless people in America and across the globe the last coupla years really has been like waking from a dream.

Speaking of which: apt that Hollywood is called the "dream factory". The film and TV industry (along with the fake news MSM) has been the primary method by which false narratives were created and and then maintained in the minds of the masses.

The longer Trump keeps triggering Hollywood stars and slebs, and the more I learn about how the joint actually operates, the clearer it becomes that there is a highly organized process for selecting and controlling prominent performers, and using them as role models to influence the wider population. 

The agenda is definitely globalist. And it's not just atheist but deeply anti-Christian. You just have to look at the themes underlying most Hollywood flicks with A-list stars to know this is the case. I struggle to name even one film in the last coupla decades that could be called overtly pro-Christian. If movies do include Christian characters they are usually Bible-thumping misogynist racist homophobes, or insipid, deluded losers at best. 

This gives the lie to the argument that movie moguls are just into making heaps of money. Christianity is still the dominant religion in America. Think how much profit movies explicitly catering to this market could generate. But not only do they completely avoid producing any such filmic fare, they go out of their way to offend members of this religion at every turn.

Now why is that? Because Christianity, like other foundations of Western civilization, gives people a sense of meaning above and beyond the state. It also gives people a very clear, unequivocal set of rules about what's right and wrong. It's a bulwark against tyranny.

Hollywood's job is not just to entertain the masses but to indoctrinate them with moral relativism, or flat out amoral nihilism. This makes them so much easier to dominate psychologically. 

Freedom of speech is another thing standing in the way of totalitarianism. And it's revealing to watch so many world famous "creative artists" -- who you'd expect to be great supporters of it -- totally reject the idea when it comes to Trump and MAGA.

Take Bette Midler here. She clearly calls for Trump to be shut down.

And this is just one deranged hate-tweet out of many. She's been railing against him for months on end.

Like many of her peers she's doing her damnedest to make her fans think that POTUS is the biggest, baddest meanie who's ever lived. He beat Hillary, after all. And like most of Hollywood Bette was most definitely "with her". She knew things would be done the way they always were, and she would keep reaping the substantial rewards.

But Bad Orange Man has gone and upended the whole star system. He's crashed the culture like a brick thrown through a massive spider's web -- and that's a rock spider to be exact.

See, widespread pedophilia has long been an "open secret" in Hollywood. Just as the casting couch culture exposed by #MeToo was show business as usual, child rape is an integral part of the whole movie making machine.

In a system similar to the DC Swamp, pedophiles are promoted by other pedophiles. They also have blackmail material on each other.

This doesn't mean that every A-list star and big name director is a rapist of children. But it's beyond doubt that quite a few of them are. Even if they're not, they are almost certainly compromised in other ways. There's no way they would be given such power and influence by those at the top of the pyramid unless it could all be taken away from them in an instant.

The pampered puppets of Hollywood have long known that Trump is out to end this depraved system. Which is why they've been losing their shit for months on end, and bigly.

The trial of Keith Raniere, who headed the sinister sex cult NXIVM, was a big development in this regard, and the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein was an even bigger one. He's clearly at the centre of a global system of political control that used sexual blackmail involving the countless children he was trafficking.

He was not just besties with the "great and the good" of Washington and other centers of political power. He also had a lot of contacts in Hollywood, as this tweet makes clear. 

Ellen Barkin tweeted that because she hates Trump and believes the MSM lie that he's close to Epstein. But the irony is that while POTUS knew Epstein many years ago, he's not compromised at all. It's actually the Clintons and the whole Democrat establishment who are far more strongly connected to him.

And that's why they and their Tinseltown pals are all going crazy.

It's gonna get very interesting in coming months, if not weeks. I think a lot of previously adored and respected slebs and stars are going to be exposed as utter scumbags.

Of course any sane person knows that these "role models" are not nearly as nice as they purport to be. Take Bill Cosby getting away with all that drugging and raping for years on end, for example.

But I suspect this will be far more extreme than any of that. Frankly, I don't think anyone will ever watch another Hollywood movie in the same way again once this is all over. And millions will just just stop watching them entirely. 

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  1. I suspect that for some of these "slebs" it is like discovering they have ebola... the shock is too great and so completely beyond their pre-existing world view that it is utterly impossible to contemplate, let alone accept. Others, however, likely knew damn well what has been going on for a long, long time. In both cases, though, the fury and push-back will be immense. Given that lefties generally live in la-la land (where they close their eyes tightly, plug their fingers in their ears and yell, "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-I can't hear you-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LAX....", in order not to hear the "horrible" truth - ie: anthro- global warming is BS, Trump-Russian collusion is doubly-BS, etc), they are unlikely to ever develop the capacity to accept any of this regardless of evidence. Most likely, such will continue in la-la land until the grave, constantly telling themselves that they are all such morally superior, tolerant and love-filled people and that nobody who thinks as they do about important issues could possibly do such awful things... so it MUST be Trump and the Russians again or Christians have set them up or some crazy and inane nonsense like that. Frighteningly, each will readily believe the other and, within the Farce Book and Twatter echo chambers, they can safely deceive themselves with little fear of having their insanity challenged. Just UN and globalist bankster sock puppets. Sad and such a waste of human potential.