Sunday, August 4, 2019

Lefties for the Greta good

Pretty obvious why globalist lefties are so desperate to keep the whole AGW lie going no matter what. It's a perfect excuse for controlling people's behaviour in so many ways, and is therefore a crucial element in their campaign for top down, one world government. "Climate change" is a global problem see, so it must have a global solution.

Pretty much everything we humans do utilizes energy and results in the production of carbon dioxide. Hell, even breathing does! That means the creepy control freaks have an excuse to monitor everything, and ultimately everyone.

But the warmists have gradually been losing control of the narrative as more and more people wake up to this titanic con. So in typical socialist style they've been engaged in increasingly desperate and laughable attempts to keep the normies packin' death about the impending climate apocalypse. 

That's why they're really cranking up the doom and gloom with this Extinction Rebellion movement. They've also turned sixteen year old Greta Thunberg into an international celebrity and cult-figure. It's truly disgusting what's being done to that kid.

She clearly suffers from serious mental health issues, and many adults who should know better -- and who don't dinkum believe their own dire predictions about the planet -- are keen to feed her lies they know she believes completely and repeats in total seriousness to all who listen.

When sane adults like Andrew Bolt point out what's happening, they then hide behind the kid, saying he's attacking her. Such bollocks. 

Better question: Why does a dude with a PhD believe this climate catastrophe crap as well as happily join a putrid pack of shameless frauds engaging in grotesquely cynical exploitation of a mentally ill teenage girl?

Sneering hipster and fake news peddler Josh Butler thinks he's making some kinda scintillating slam dunk. But his tweet is piss-weak rhetoric. Calling Thunberg deeply disturbed is accurate, not bullying. And it goes to the heart of Bolta's argument -- which Butler completely ignores -- about how insane and ultimately exploitative the cult around her actually is.

Where would the malignant, censorious Greens be without their crazy hatred of Rupert Murdoch? They see his dark hand in absolutely everything, don't they? And they reckon their opponents are conspiracy theorists! FFS.

Ludlam's tweet implies that Greta Thunberg isn't actually mentally ill. But she clearly is, and in several ways. That makes the manipulation of her even worse than if she were psychologically healthy.

And she hasn't "built a climate change movement". She's been told massive lies that are clearly meant to terrify her by loathsome, cynical adults. They've then utilized this intended effect by making her the poster child for their deceitful campaign to guilt-trip the world's leaders into acceding to their totalitarian demands.

Also, pretty funny that the far-leftie wants debts to be repaid, even if only metaphorically ... 

A vague bile-soaked ad-hominem hate-tweet like this shows Ludlam simply has no real argument. He must know deep down that what's being done to that kid is absolutely vile. But it seems to be working because so many prominent politicians are treating Thunberg with reverence -- probably more out of fear of being villified as big bad meanies by the warmist MSM than anything else. So he just repeats the cowardly tactic of using her as a shield to make false claims about his opponent's motives and thereby demonize him.

If anything is venomous, that is ... And so funny for him to claim "this thing" is using divide and conquer, which is classic Alinsky, and what his party (many of whose members and supporters are routinely "cooked" themselves) does all the time. Projection personified.

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  1. Poor Greta... at least she thinks she's doing some good.