Friday, August 9, 2019

Rosanna Arquette is life imitating satire

The politically correct insanity just keeps rolling on. Hollywood airheads in particular seem to be in some kinda competition to come up with the most daft tweet ever. Take Rosanna Arquette:

Titania McGrath is a satirical character created to parody the whole concept of "wokeness". She repeated Ms Arquette's tweet verbatim, and it fit in perfectly with the rest of her hilariously narcissistic right-on brainfarts.

Up until recently I thought that this propensity to be self-parodically PC so common in Tinseltown was driven mainly by the stars' own massive egos and their belief that they could use their power as role-models and revered figures to create a utopia.

But now I'm convinced that there's much more to this phenomenon. It's far more organized and calculated than it appears on the surface.

Yugely powerful hidden forces have built up this whole system as a kind of decades long psyop on the masses. Normies have been conditioned to see stars and slebs as extra-spesh not just for the purposes of making massive mounds of moolah. Famous folk like Ms Arquette are also tightly controlled puppets of the globalist elite who can be used for political influence when needed. It's not organic at all.

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