Thursday, May 26, 2022

The young blood "fountain of youth" is a thing after all!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know I have a crazy conspiracy theory about how there's a massive hidden trade in adrenalized blood, and that the Cabal-owned and controlled MSM are constantly alluding to it symbolically

I understand why some people think this makes me certifiably crazy. Hell, I would've thought so myself a coupla years ago. 

But there are just so many examples of this pattern, I'm convinced it's a thing. And here's something else that lends weight to my theory. It's a tweet thread from the Telegraph in the UK. 

It describes the rejuvenating properies of "young blood". Note the pinky-purple swimsuit. This and similar colours are strongly associated with the drug that dare not speak its name, produced on an industrial scale from the blood of terrified kids. 

It mentions how such a trade is the stuff of horror movies. I think this is their way of hinting that the horror is real. 

Classic illuminati one eye symbolism here. 

There's that pinky-purple colour again. Note also the love heart-shaped lenses. Even though the old duck is meant to be a hundred not out, these are reminscent of the pair Sue Lyon wore in Lolita

Bono is often photographed in similarly tinted sunnies. I've seen Elton John and other rock stars wearing them too. I wonder why that is?

The bow on her head is also reminscent of rabbit ears. This is used to symbolize the drug created from this adrenalized blood. And the cake is covered in chocolate. Maybe that is meant to be symbolic as well

IMO this thread is an example of the MSM signalling to their creepy mates that this trade does actually exist already, and perhaps to start to prepare the masses for revelations regarding it. Maybe they're tryna make the whole concept seem a bit less creepy and wrong -- not unlike their obvious pedo-normalization attempts. 

Now that you can see this is a thing, and that it's being openly described in the MSM, please check out the submerged symbolism identified in the video below. You'll see, it's clearly what they're doing. 

The whole system we live in has long been controlled from on high by the most disgusting, depraved, evil people. And in an oblique way they've been telling us what they've been up to the whole time. 

Time to wake up if you haven't already! 

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Monday, May 23, 2022

Anthony Hellbanese

As mentioned previously, the upper echelons of the political establishment and MSM in this country are big time secret society wankers. They really do worship Lucifer. They enjoy showing their love of chaos being inflicted on the normies, because that's how they get their treasured order. 

ScoMo and Albo are high ranking Freemasons without a doubt. That's why they drop sinister sulfur-smelling references into their speeches, etc

Here's another little example from Albo, when he was desperately tryna look like an everyman at a barbie in Perth. Out of the blue he casually mentioned how he got his sausage wrangling skills at "Marrickville Red Devils". See for yourself. 

The up themselves twats who run tragic fake news factories like the Sunday Times are also massive obelisk fondlers and they do heaps of sly signalling about how they wanna create a hell on Earth because then they and their creepy mates get to run everything. That really is the plan. 

Take this cover, for example. It portrays the poor brainwashed normies of Western Australia basically chanting "hell, yeah!" to the election -- sorry, installment -- of this odious operative who flat out portrayed himself as a spy in another globalist-owned wank-mag only recently

Albo, the special needs gimp-weasel with big time mummy issues, would never have gotten where he is without the help of his secret society mates.

FFS, surely even rusted-on Labor types cringe every time they think of this dopey non-entity with absolutely zero charisma "leading" their party! 

But the occultist flogs in the totally corrupt MSM are gonna pump the loathsome little loser's tyres like there's no tomorrow. And that includes dropping in references to hell, demons, and evil whenever they can. 

Keep an (illuminati) eye out for more of this, people. It's what they're doing. And they certainly have form for it

And just for a bit of variety, here's another example of what I would call surreptitious Seurat-style Satanic symbolism from Sydney's biggest selling fear-pawn rag.   

There's a story about the vibe in a coal mining area just before the election. Pretty run of the mill stuff. 

But look closely at the photo of the chick doing the dude's hair. Not only does her top feature the classic exposed shoe sole so beloved by the occultist flogs at the Failing Terrorgraph, note how her hand echoes the logo in the Monster Energy drink ad on the screen directly behind her. 

That brand exhorts consumers to "unleash the beast". And there's a real rabbit hole to do with those three claws and how they're meant to evoke that ol' Masonic fave, the 666. 

There is no way that is a coincidence. It's clearly some sort of batshit symbolic incantation. 

I see this kind of stuff all the time. I'm collating it so you can see that it's a real thing. 

If you keep looking at what's in the news zif it's all just information you'll always process it in blocks and be unaware of all the creepy comms and hints included in it by association. But look at each page zif it's a painting, join the dots therein and you'll start to see the real picture they're conveying to their creepy mates. It's quite unsettling because you will see it all through the MSM and elsewhere besides.

Some say that this is inconsequential but it's actually very important. Putting this kind of stuff into the "news" is clearly a very high priority for the editors. It shows that their foundational claim about being motivated by the desire to inform you, their valued readers, with fearless truth-seeking journalism is total bollocks. That is, they are using the work of their reporters (whom I suspect are mostly none the wiser themselves) for a very different purpose to the one that you understand it to be. It's a massive deception they carry out constantly. 

Remaining wilfully ignorant of this agenda is stupid beyond words. It would be like going to your favourite restaurant for years on end, thinking that the chef really values his clintele. Then you learn that he's just been sprung jiggling his wedding tackle in the custard and there's even video of him doing it. 

Are you gonna keep going there and guzzling the food like you used to, or accept that he's a disgusting creep who's been secretly mocking you for ages and never go back? 

If you keep reading the news like you used to after realizing this is the kind of creepy stuff they drop in all the time, you deserve all the shit that's coming to you from the globalist occult elite. They have total contempt for you, believe me. 

To those credulous numpties I say: Have fun defending the Luciferian low-lifes as they continue to mock you in increasingly obvious ways. Keep on suckin', suckers! 

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

ScoMo the bulldozer hit that kid on purpose

If you watch the video of ScoMo ploughing into that kid in the soccer match in Tasmania it doesn't really seem like an accident. It actually looks like he went out of his way to collide with that particular player. 

And I think this was the case. So why would he do such a thing? 

Well, turns out that the kid's name is Luca. That is reminiscent of Lucifer. So the clumsy collision was meant to help ScoMo achieve what ever he's been tasked with doing (and I actually don't think that is to win the election, BTW).  

Yeah, I know that sounds too batshit to be true but I do think that's what was going on. ScoMo is a high ranking Freemason. So tackling a kid with a name reminiscent of the "Big Guy" would qualify as some sort of symbolic incantation. Perhaps it was an answer to Albo's speech in Tasmania which referenced the devil

The occultist flogs at the Failing Terrorgraph love to pepper its headlines with that kind of imagery. As well as constant references to demons, hell, and evil they allude to Lucifer when they can. Stories featuring kids with names like Lucy, Luca, Lucas, and Lucio seem to appear inordinately often in their pages. 

As mentioned, the West Australian also uses a lot of occult elite symbolism. The editor clearly knows what's driving the "great and the good" of Canberra because he too is a secret society wanker. 

That's why this cover was notable. 

"Small target." Exactly. Him ploughing into that kid was intentional. The paper's editor knew this and was telling his creepy mates. 

The Sydney rag used exactly the same term to describe Albo in an issue from late March. Note how the headline of the entire spread included the words "high stakes". Given the recurring rock spider vibe in that lie factory, I suspect the allusion was actually to a drug high and steaks. Yeah, it's that twisted

The "small target" line is in the quote from Credlin. As well as the presence of the child, I think a reason it's next to that photo is because of "game". They have repeatedly used the phrase "kids back in the game". Replace in with on and the sense changes entirely. 

If you think that I'm reading too much into this stuff consider another cover from the Perth paper. Note how at the top there's a reference to the number of seconds Albo lasted before scuttling off. 

Now check out at the story on the bottom. It references a similar number, 400. This is clearly a sign to those in the know that there's a thematic association being made between the two items. 

Look closely at the photo of Albo. Note the two words directly underneath it. Think that was a coincidence? Piss off!

Back to the Failing Terrorgraph. This was from the April 3 issue. On the face of it "battlers" refers to the voters, obviously. But I actually think the hidden meaning is that it describes the pollies themselves. Perhaps it implies they are "bottlers" (of "fuel") instead?  

IMO the hint for those in the know is that our "leaders" have been lured by honey traps that include "small targets". Whether this is actually true or not I have no idea. But I'm sure that is what's intended and here's another element in that toon that makes me say so. 

Take the first and last letters out of that word, rearrange the remaining letters and look what you come up with.

See what they're doing? 

Again, if you think that's just another coincidence you must be some kind of moron. Given how much creepy wordplay is in this paper there's no way that was there by chance. 

It's as likely as Scomo running into that kid on the soccer field purely by accident. The MSM head honchos all know that. Rather than tell their audiences they magnify the lie. These people are all part of the same evil club and they get off on publicly reminding each other of this in front of millions who are none the wiser. 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Now Jimmy Barnes has got the 'rona

Amazing how so many high profile people are coming down with the dreaded 'rona, now innit? In the political sphere Albo was laid low recently, as was ScoMo. And many famous folk in other fields are going into iso as well. Michael Rowland was one of them.

Now Jimmy Barnes says he caught it. And he claims to be in bed as a result. So this is not just about a test result.

Sad that his sister has just died too. But even that is kind of intriguing given all the famous folk popping their clogs these days. 

As the above article states, Barnes did claim to have gotten the syringe stab

Well, if he did dinkum get it it wasn't very effecive now was it? 

Or maybe the injection wasn't real after all. That's something I suspected at the time. I couldn't see how his management would have let him take the risk. (Made a video about it. It's embedded below.)

In any case I wouldn't be surprised if he really is sick. As we go into winter many people are falling ill. I've just been laid low myself for several days. I assume it was actually the 'rona but it could have just been the flu. I didn't get a test because these are so obviously flawed. I'm just glad I went through the process and now have antibodies. (It was the first time I've been sick in almost three years, BTW. Amazing given the "once in a hundred year pandemic" and me being one of the selfish unjabbed now innit? You'd think I would have carked long ago.) 

That said, I still find the high number of blue checks being laid low presently pretty suss. There seems to be something else going on in the shadows. Hopefully it's related to the Cabal being taken down. 

Whatever's behind this phenomenon one thing's for sure: The MSM narrative is not even close to the real story. 

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Yes, the devil is in the detail, and the layout

I know that some people have come to doubt my sanity due to my belief that mainstream media outlets are sending coded messages to a select group of people via symbolism and wordplay in their stories. Well, for those who think I need to take my meds and have a good lie down I'll offer you an example that might convince you I'm actually onto something after all. 

But first, some context: One thing I've realized is that when it comes to newspapers, the layout is extremely important. The way to see what the occult elite who own and control the MSM are actually up to is to look at each page or spread zif it's a painting and you're an art critic. Then you start to see patterns that are invisible to the vast majority of other readers, who actually believe the foundational claim about journalists fearlessly supplying information that they need to know. So they take in each little section independently and don't join the dots, so to speak. 

If you apply your arty wanker eye to the big dailies you'll soon realize that subtextual meaning is regularly conveyed from the combination of symbolism and wordplay in seemingly unrelated stories in the same issue, often on the same page. The occultist flogs who run the Failing Terrorgraph absolutely love this trick and frequently use it on their covers. Here's a good illo related to Shane Warne. Please check it out

With that in mind, consider this. 

It's a tweet update for a story on the dopey ALP leader from Perth Now, another fake news factory that almost certainly has an obelisk-fondling zombie at the helm. 

The article itself is about a speech Albo gave, and includes what look like Masonic references. For example, he mentions rock stars Keef and Mick

“People know all about Scott Morrison. They’ve worked him out.

“The truth is, only the Rolling Stones ever got away with asking us to have sympathy for the devil and he is certainly no Jagger or Richards.”

As Elon reminded us, the Freemasons started out as a stone cutting guild. So this could well be an appeal to a certain section of the secret society. 

He added: 

“Coming out of COVID, Australia needs to learn the lessons of the pandemic. We need to stand on our own two feet.”

Given how much they love their shoe, boot and foot symbolism, that looks like more of the same sort of signalling from Albo himself. 

Remember also that those on the highest levels of the secret society do dinkum worship Lucifer. Which is why I think that oft-used quote comprised the headline. 

Now, even if you think those observations are BS, consider this:

The phrase "the devil is in the detail" was also invoked in the headline of a recent story in the Sydney rag that was not related to Albo content-wise but was placed right next to a piece about him tryna impersonate James Bond, but looking more like Austin Powers. 

As I often say in blog posts and videos: What are the odds? 

The placement of that phrase, which I describe in the video below, was clearly not the result of chance. It was intentionally put there to complement the Albo spy story, thus confirming my layout theory. 

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Perth fake news outlets telling whoppers as usual

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that a helluva lot of our mainstream media news is fake as. And I'm not just talking about political coverage, which of course is heavily biased to the globalist Left. 

I get the impression that a lot of smaller, apolitical stories have been dodgied up to a great degree as well. 

Take this tale about a Perth woman giving birth in the car park of a Hungry Jack's restaurant. Not saying that it didn't happen at all. But the way it was reported seems creepy and suss. And I'm skeptical about the claimed spontaneity of the original event, I've gotta say ... 

Firstly there are the jokes in the description above equating the bub with the burger, which are a bit of a worry. This angle was used by other outlets too. 

I know this was an obvious take, especially when you want to make the report memorable and unique. But that's kinda what I find suss about it. Was planning involved somehow to make things unfold in this way? 

If so it would be classic "wag the dog". That's a fave tactic of the occult elite, which is why I think it's a possibility. 

Also, notice the dominant colours in the photo above. They're both wearing black and the sofa is dark brown. Could this be another data point in this pattern? Maybe ... 

Look at the logo on his shirt. It's red and reads "Santa Cruz". What's that first word an anagram of? Reason I say this is worth noticing is because of other labels and symbols included in the report. 

Also, it happened in High Wycombe. The second word reminded me of "wiccan". Maybe a coincidence, but then maybe not, given all the other data points. 

Note the photo Perth Now used in the Twitter update. The sign "flame-grilled" is prominent. Think of all the fires lately, including the recent lethal one in a Perth car park. Something suss about these events and their coverage

Check out all the creepy cannibal gags from the Ken and Barbie anchors in the TV "news" report embedded in the Perth Now article

There's a close-up on the kid, who has a Copper Pearl beanie on. That brings to mind the colour brown and the ocean, which is blue

Then there were the two good samaritans who just happened to be there eating burgers and rushed out to lend a hand. 

Check out the T-shirt worn by the dude on the left. Black again, with skull and cross bones symbol. And the brand Sullen Clothing has a very strong occult vibe

He also had tatts right down his arm not unlike the new dad. What are the odds? 

Think maybe these guys weren't complete strangers as portrayed in the story and actually knew each other beforehand, or nah? 

The TV report ends with the journalist sitting on the black sofa cradling the bub. She speaks with that oddly soulless voice they all seem to have and wears a pinky-purple top. Boy does that colour appear a lot lately

And would you be happy to hand over your sprog to a complete stranger so soon after he was born? 

Again, I'm not saying that she didn't give birth at that location. I'm just saying there's a strange, unconvincing vibe about the narrative presented. 

This article includes the term "heartwarming" down the bottom. It and other terms including "heart" appear all the time with the other motifs I've described above. 

It also uses the word "surreal" in the headline. Could this be this outlet's way of "hiding in plain sight", and telling those in the know that the whole thing was engineered? I think that's quite likely. 

It all looks like another weird ritual to be perfectly honest ... 

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Elon vs the Obelisk

I suspect that Elon Musk has long been a high ranking secret society wanker himself. He knows the whole evil control system is on the way out. So he's distancing himself from it in advance with a recent tweet. 

Note how he mentions the Freemasons' downfall. And he alludes to the cutting of stone. This is of course a general reference to the way this creepy cult that rules the world actually started.

But I think it might also lend weight to Riccardo Bosi's claim that the organization is irreparably fractured down the middle. Those at the base no longer blindly support the ones at the very top. 

And maybe the last word implies that they've run out of money? 

In any case it looks like the global Obelisk really is slowly toppling. Excellent!

And whatever Elon meant specifically, we shouldn't surprised that he is, or was, a member of this mysterious group of occultists. Perhaps he was hinting at this a while back with Joe Rogan ...  

As Sir Les Patterson might say, are you with me? 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Elite product recalls

Amazing how many products are being recalled lately, innit? Every few days there's a new one.

It's all yugely ironic because the one thing that desperately needs to be recalled because of all the death and destruction it's causing is still being flogged relentlessly. I'm talking of course about the jibby-jab-jabberwocky-jabberoo. 

I suspect that most if not all these urgent messages are actually a coded way for the occult elite to symbolically alert their creepy mates about bad batches of a certain drug. One of the brands is even called "Elite". They make chocolate, among other things

The TGA is officially a complete joke now. How can you have any respect for them at all? 

That's why I think this sunscreen recall is rolled gold bollocks. Just a hunch, but I reckon these brands were chosen because of the Cancer Council label. "C" is the third letter of the alphabet, so you get a 33. Also, one of the brands is called "Baby Bum". Brings to mind kids. 

Speaking of kids, this brand might also suggest that. Kynd is like kinder, after all. 

The above product has a purple label. And it's composed of the herb ashwagandha. Interestingly it's native to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

ScoMo has also featured in an obviously fake controversy over his Sri Lankan curry cooking. That's part of this pattern too, I reckon. 

FB users pointed out that the chicken was undercooked. They mentioned the colour. What was that? Pink, natch. His update included this alliterative catchphrase: "Strong curry. Strong economy. Stronger future." 

This was reminiscent of Build Back Better, which evokes that fave secret society wanker number, 666. 

From the article: “Pray to god you don't get Salmonella eating the pink raw chicken. Eat Chicken responsibly,” one person commented of the purple-looking meat ..." 

Health risk from something pinky-purple? Fits neatly into my batshit conspiracy, dunnit

But back to the herb: I find the prefix interdasting. The local occult elite seem to have a real obsession with ash. Please check out the video below and you'll see what I'm getting at. 

Of course this is all speculation, as usual. I might be wrong on a lot of it. 

But there have been waaay too many of these product recalls lately for all, or even most, to be genuine. I reckon many have been flat out dodgied up to get more comms out about bad batches of the pink drug that dare not speak its name, along with related issues

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Monday, May 2, 2022

Albo the sausage beast

I'm sure you remember this story about Albo's tenant who claimed to have no idea that he owned her property until recently. She gushed about what an all round champ he was

People are saying that she was an idiot for leaving those posts online. But I suspect that getting sprung was the whole point. They were meant to be discovered, then published in the MSM. This was a way to help him with symbolic incantation, I reckon. 

From the article: 

In a May 2019 post when he was running as the next Labor leader, she was photographed next to an image hashtagged #teamAlbo and #hotalbo.

The day before the 2019 election she wrote that Mr Albanese was “a beast.”

“We have our very own #hotalbo @albomp corflute at The Sausage Factory.

“You are more than welcome to come in for selfies with this gorgeous beast tonight and tomorrow, if you can get past an adoring Chrissy.”

If you check out her Insta feed there are many posts with an occult elite vibe

Remember that the crown is dead. Long live the corona! 

Note pink heart and shape of logo. 

Look at the description of the drink.

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