Monday, May 2, 2022

Albo the sausage beast

I'm sure you remember this story about Albo's tenant who claimed to have no idea that he owned her property until recently. She gushed about what an all round champ he was

People are saying that she was an idiot for leaving those posts online. But I suspect that getting sprung was the whole point. They were meant to be discovered, then published in the MSM. This was a way to help him with symbolic incantation, I reckon. 

From the article: 

In a May 2019 post when he was running as the next Labor leader, she was photographed next to an image hashtagged #teamAlbo and #hotalbo.

The day before the 2019 election she wrote that Mr Albanese was “a beast.”

“We have our very own #hotalbo @albomp corflute at The Sausage Factory.

“You are more than welcome to come in for selfies with this gorgeous beast tonight and tomorrow, if you can get past an adoring Chrissy.”

If you check out her Insta feed there are many posts with an occult elite vibe

Remember that the crown is dead. Long live the corona! 

Note pink heart and shape of logo. 

Look at the description of the drink.

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