Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Elon vs the Obelisk

I suspect that Elon Musk has long been a high ranking secret society wanker himself. He knows the whole evil control system is on the way out. So he's distancing himself from it in advance with a recent tweet. 

Note how he mentions the Freemasons' downfall. And he alludes to the cutting of stone. This is of course a general reference to the way this creepy cult that rules the world actually started.

But I think it might also lend weight to Riccardo Bosi's claim that the organization is irreparably fractured down the middle. Those at the base no longer blindly support the ones at the very top. 

And maybe the last word implies that they've run out of money? 

In any case it looks like the global Obelisk really is slowly toppling. Excellent!

And whatever Elon meant specifically, we shouldn't surprised that he is, or was, a member of this mysterious group of occultists. Perhaps he was hinting at this a while back with Joe Rogan ...  

As Sir Les Patterson might say, are you with me? 

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  1. Very interesting analysis Matt and I've been searching for his motivation. I think you might be right