Saturday, May 7, 2022

Perth fake news outlets telling whoppers as usual

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that a helluva lot of our mainstream media news is fake as. And I'm not just talking about political coverage, which of course is heavily biased to the globalist Left. 

I get the impression that a lot of smaller, apolitical stories have been dodgied up to a great degree as well. 

Take this tale about a Perth woman giving birth in the car park of a Hungry Jack's restaurant. Not saying that it didn't happen at all. But the way it was reported seems creepy and suss. And I'm skeptical about the claimed spontaneity of the original event, I've gotta say ... 

Firstly there are the jokes in the description above equating the bub with the burger, which are a bit of a worry. This angle was used by other outlets too. 

I know this was an obvious take, especially when you want to make the report memorable and unique. But that's kinda what I find suss about it. Was planning involved somehow to make things unfold in this way? 

If so it would be classic "wag the dog". That's a fave tactic of the occult elite, which is why I think it's a possibility. 

Also, notice the dominant colours in the photo above. They're both wearing black and the sofa is dark brown. Could this be another data point in this pattern? Maybe ... 

Look at the logo on his shirt. It's red and reads "Santa Cruz". What's that first word an anagram of? Reason I say this is worth noticing is because of other labels and symbols included in the report. 

Also, it happened in High Wycombe. The second word reminded me of "wiccan". Maybe a coincidence, but then maybe not, given all the other data points. 

Note the photo Perth Now used in the Twitter update. The sign "flame-grilled" is prominent. Think of all the fires lately, including the recent lethal one in a Perth car park. Something suss about these events and their coverage

Check out all the creepy cannibal gags from the Ken and Barbie anchors in the TV "news" report embedded in the Perth Now article

There's a close-up on the kid, who has a Copper Pearl beanie on. That brings to mind the colour brown and the ocean, which is blue

Then there were the two good samaritans who just happened to be there eating burgers and rushed out to lend a hand. 

Check out the T-shirt worn by the dude on the left. Black again, with skull and cross bones symbol. And the brand Sullen Clothing has a very strong occult vibe

He also had tatts right down his arm not unlike the new dad. What are the odds? 

Think maybe these guys weren't complete strangers as portrayed in the story and actually knew each other beforehand, or nah? 

The TV report ends with the journalist sitting on the black sofa cradling the bub. She speaks with that oddly soulless voice they all seem to have and wears a pinky-purple top. Boy does that colour appear a lot lately

And would you be happy to hand over your sprog to a complete stranger so soon after he was born? 

Again, I'm not saying that she didn't give birth at that location. I'm just saying there's a strange, unconvincing vibe about the narrative presented. 

This article includes the term "heartwarming" down the bottom. It and other terms including "heart" appear all the time with the other motifs I've described above. 

It also uses the word "surreal" in the headline. Could this be this outlet's way of "hiding in plain sight", and telling those in the know that the whole thing was engineered? I think that's quite likely. 

It all looks like another weird ritual to be perfectly honest ... 

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