Monday, March 14, 2022

Michael Rowland has the dreaded 'rona

Funny how many dopey slebs are now claiming to have caught COVID-19. Most of them have made such a song and dance about getting "vaccinated", after all. Take the Southbank Ken Doll, Michael Rowland.

He, along with Norman Swan, did a whole segment covering his experience of getting the syringe stab to help keep everyone safe. Fat lot of good that did him. 

Unless of course he was faking it, which is what I suspected at the time. Hence the video embedded below. 

Either way Michael Rowland is wearing massive clown shoes right now. If he did dinkum get jabbed then the magic potion clearly doesn't work, does it?

OTOH, if he was faking it that makes him a lying, low-life, dirty dog POS. 

Kind of a lose-lose type situation, innit? 

In any case I think there might actually be something else going on here. It's possible that the 'rona claim is cover for other developments behind the scenes. If he doesn't return to broadcasting at all, I won't be surprised. 

We will see ...  

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