Sunday, May 22, 2016

Horndog Gayle triggers feminists again. Poor petals need training in sass

Not at all surprised that world class Jamaican pantsman -- and batsman -- Chris Gayle has hit feminists for another six with his boorishness. This time his cringeworthy comments were aimed at a white female journalist called Charlotte Edwardes.

Now there's no doubt that what he did was both unprofessional and disrespectful. But the question is how best to respond?

Looks like the full interview isn't out yet, so it's hard to know exactly what went on between the two. However, from the quotes of the report included in other articles it seems that she sat there and endured the humiliation silently. And now she's hitting back retrospectively with her article, pretty much accusing him of sexual harassment. (It also seems likely she's using his clumsy double entrendes as teasers to lift her own profile. Not a good look.)

This is typical of feminism these days. It's so passive aggressive. Rather than swiftly batting away inappropriate advances these tragically stuck up snowflakes endure them sullenly then whine about 'em afterwards, often to (usually male dominated) institutional authorities. They often demand severe punishment for behaviour they could have instantly neutralized at the time with a bit of well-aimed, proactive sass.

Silly ol' me, I thought feminism was about women owning and wielding their sexual power, not demanding to be comprehensively cosseted from every minor assault to their dewicate wittle feewings. But nup. It's all about playing the victim. Not exactly empowering now is it?

So, in an effort to help these poor damsels in perpetual distress I'll offer 'em some useful advice, gratis ... Listen up fauxminists. And listen good. In one easy lesson I'll teach you how to be a real feminist, okay!

Now pretend you're Ms Edwardes. When Gayle says "I have a very, very big bat" don't just sit there smiling though gritted teeth. Lean in really close to him and whisper something like:

"Oooh, yeah! Hard, too. And you really know how to use it ... Pity the one in your pants is so pathetically small and soft."

I think that'd wipe the leer off his face pretty quickly. And you can continue the chat in a more professional manner.

Easy, eh? Fun, too ... So please quit sulking, sisters. And live a little -- 'cause this po-faced puritanism is getting really bloody tiresome, okay!

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