Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Devine and Latham own Badham and O'Keefe on Sunrise

Sure you've heard about that heated debate on Weekend Sunrise about man bashing. I first heard about it on Twitter where the leftist trollective were having kittens over Mark Latham. True to form they didn't address any of his arguments. Just bleated variations on "Why the hell do they keep giving this arsehole a platform?". Totally caught up in their lefteous indignation, the poor little poppets never twigged that the fact that so many of them were asking this very question was a big part of the answer to it.

Being busy, I didn't watch the entire segment -- which posed the question "Are men becoming second class citizens?" -- until last night. But even though it's kinda old news already I thought it was worth writing about since it was a very good example of bolshie bluster and bullying.

Early on Miranda Devine succinctly summarized what so many people are arcing up about these days. There is and has long been a toxic strand of feminism obsessed with casting women as victims and demonising men. It's doing severe damage to the fabric of Australian society.

This was a perfectly reasonable opinion, calmly expressed. But Van Badham, sitting on her fainting couch in Melbourne, immediately interpreted this as a personal attack! And then she accused Devine of being paranoid. This was a textbook example of projection, one of the defining characteristics of the "social justice warrior".

Andrew O'Keefe shamelessly ditched his role as a detached moderator and took Badham's side, mindlessly regurgitating dodgy statistics about "the wage gap". (And in a small but telling aside he also invoked the idea of "rape clubs" which even the decidedly PC Vox conceded was a myth.)

When they could get a word in, Latham and Devine observed that one of the main reasons women earn less on average than men is because they work fewer hours, by choice. But O'Keefe and Badham, true to SJW form, just upped the ante.

Hard to remember everything exactly and in sequence, but well into the debate O'Keefe accused Latham of making a personal attack. But that was exactly what Badham did to Devine by calling her paranoid at the beginning and he happily let that pass.

Badham was obnoxiously hypocritical and self-indulgent throughout, rudely talking over others then falsely accusing them of doing that to her along with excluding her in a sexist way. Hardly surprising, of course. It's about the only thing she and her fellow "feminists" ever do ... Speaking of which, Badham's somewhat saner but still seriously silly sister Tracey Spicer tweeted this about Latham:
So funny given that Spicer et al are always accusing men of shaming women with regard to their sexual behaviour and weight, among other things. Yet here she was quite explicitly doing that to Latham.

Not only that, the claim was utter bollocks. Tracey's take is the opposite of what happened. As Badham blathered on about this alleged event as if it was some kind of unbeatable argument Latham was silent. The person who did interrupt her was the female host of the show (who, unlike O'Keefe, did a good job, BTW).

And Spicer is a journalist? Gawd ...

On the subject of women only carriages Devine offered good sense again, saying that while some men are abusers, men are also protectors. If women feel unsafe then what you have is a policing problem.

To which Latham added words along the lines of "if you put yourself in the mind of the sexual predator, the pink carriages will be their first target".

Both O'Keefe and Badham then used a favourite tactic of the Left. They snidely implied that this thought experiment was a reflection on Latham's character. It was a dog whistle to their fellow lefties that said "he's thinking like a rapist because he's close to being a rapist".

Now, that's nonsense for a start. Cops, in particular serial killer profilers, put themselves in the minds of criminals as a necessary step in solving crimes. And no sensible person would say they are bad guys, would they?

It's also really mean-spirited and vicious. Still, that's typical of the Left. They don't have any valid arguments so rather than politely refute a view with evidence and reason they always go straight to "you're a hateful, bad person, quite possibly a criminal".

This, in turn, is because they're completely up themselves. They think it's all about them and their precious fee-fees.

So it's hardly surprising that Badham thought she did brilliantly in the debate. She was so enamoured of her own performance -- a trainwreck from start to finish by any rational measure -- that she actually asked her followers on Twitter to create a GIF of her rolling her eyes at Latham. And one of them obliged, no fibs!

Really, this chick oughta check her swivilege.

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