Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull's smug smile is creeping me out big time

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I find Malcolm Turnbull's self-satisfied smile quite disturbing. Now, a lot of people would describe it as a "Cheshire cat grin". But I don't know that this is quite right. That describes a wholly sinister smile, one that hides malevolent mischief.

Now, while Turnbull is utterly ruthless, his grin isn't always a sign that he's about to do something diabolical (although he probably will). It's just his default setting; a projection of his self-image.

And that's been remarkably constant these last several years -- through all the gruesome betrayals and cowardly compromises he's committed to get where he is now. Basically, he's on emotional high beam the whole time.

Idiots are impressed and even energized by this, of course. But anyone with any sense will get the shivers from it. And the longer they have to witness it, the more disturbing it becomes. Its creepiness is cumulative.

It is another facet of his character that confirms he's a classic narcissist, IMHO. This is because that kind of character is always presenting an image that he's defined himself. He's like a projector, and his psyche is the film inside it. He makes the people around him the collective screen on which his glorious sense of self is displayed.

The personalities of normal folk, on the other hand, are in a constant state of flux. They're the result of empathic communication with others. They're two-way; ever-evolving.

But with Turnbull there's no real conversation. He only pretends to listen to and care about others. It's always all about him, you see. He's more than happy to do whatever's needed to stay on top. And he'll just keep smiling the whole time.

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  1. .... he's a classic narcissist ....

    A rooted-in-and-driven-by Malignant-Envy, Malignant Narcissist.

    .... He's as if a projector and his psyche, the film. Those around are the collective screen upon which his glorious sense of self is Projected ....

    Not since the traitor, Whitlam.

    Brian Richard Allen