Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why Alan Jones and Michaelia Cash are, and are not, feminists

On Monday night's episode of Q and A one of the Left's favourite hate figures Alan Jones appeared on the show (and for the second time in a few months -- can you believe it!) and actually said he was happy to be called a feminist.

I feel sorry for the poor pinko poppets watching at the time. They must've been going through an emotional roller-coaster! If he genuinely believed what he was saying, as he certainly seemed to, then they would have had to question their loathing of him. And they deeply resent having to do that. They'd much rather be shouting, shrieking and sneering. So much easier, and more satisfying, you see.

Thankfully for them they did find a reason to do that when another hate figure, Michaelia Cash, chimed in on the same issue. She said she was not happy to call herself a feminist. The PC Left see this is a sin, of course -- even more so given that she is a woman, and a high profile one at that.

The fact that calling yourself a feminist (or not) can trigger such intense emotions in so many people is pretty silly when you think about it. Surely it should be up to each individual whether she (or he) chooses to do so.

In the end it all depends on what the "f word" actually means to you:

Seems to me that Jones was using the first definition of the word. I think Cash, on the other hand, was wary of being associated with the whiny, divisive victimhood inherent in the second definition. If their interpretations had been reversed, so would their answers to the question, I suspect.

Really, it's a non-issue, as most sane adults can see quite clearly. Lefties, as a rule, don't belong to that group, so they have to go and get all het up about it.

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