Monday, March 7, 2016

American politics trumps the crap out of Australia

Like many bloggers, I'm a political news junkie. Just have to know every major development the moment it breaks. The ongoing drama of it is certainly addictive.

And while there is a lot happening in Australia at the moment, recent events here pale in comparison to the intensity of the lead up to the American elections. Donald Trump is just such an amazingly OTT character. He's sending people all over the joint completely batty. And not just on the other side. The Republican nominees he's leading are actually joining forces to try and beat him down. In this desperate act of collective bullying, they're starting to resemble the Left. Some high profile conservative commentators are losing their shit big time, too. Take Glenn Beck, who said he wants to knife the guy and is now under investigation by the Secret Service!

In the Democrats it does seem likely that the sinister Hillary Clinton will end up leading the party she and her creepy mates have dominated for so long into the election. But the ongoing saga of her e-mail server and the very, er, problematic issue of her horndog hubbie Bill's past do add some doubt to this outcome -- as does the baffling rise of the eccentric codger Bernie Sanders, whose main support base seems to be people young enough to be his grandchildren.

It's crazy as all get out! And nothing that we do down here is anywhere near as intense and entertaining.

FFS #Auspol, lift yer game!

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