Thursday, March 10, 2016

Twits triggered on Twitter by #thetriggering

Things are getting very weird and even a tad sinister over at Twitter. There clearly is a push to censor righties on the network using various techniques like "shadowbanning".

An example from last night: #Thetriggering was hugely popular among people sick of the toxic antics of social justice warriors. (I had a lot of fun with it, I gotta say.)

Any hashtag that took off like that would usually appear in the trending list without a doubt. But it didn't. Also, it didn't autocomplete. Now, it's not paranoid to say these are not accidents. Twitter has form on this kind of subtle but clear censorship.
And just as the right-on algorithms created by crybully coders did their best to block out politically incorrect opinions, so too did their human counterparts. Take Australia's prime promoter of commie cant and misandrous malice Clementine Ford.
Of course she was feigning insousiance, as she so often does. But we all know the real reason for her exhortation: didn't wanna be triggered.

Which is a strange (cyber)space to be in, when you think about it. May feel safe, but it's also very sad.

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