Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tasmanian frightbats dance Swan Lake to subvert patriarchal duck hunting

One thing I have long found fascinating about lefties is how keen they are to amass in a pack and get shouty. Of course they would say this is because they care so deeply about issues. But I think that's bollocks, basically. Their main motivation always seems to be "look at moi!".

A recent demo against duck shooting is a case in point:

Animal activists in Tasmania have staged an unusual protest on the first day of the duck hunting season, donning pink tutus in the middle of a lake.

When you hear about such a performance you immediately assume that they're doing it to stop da poor wittle ducky-wuckies being killed by da big bad men! But this seems not to be their main concern.

Organiser Yvette Watt said this year's action was a way of countering the masculine stereotype of duck hunting.

Eh? If they wanted to do that most of all, why didn't they get some eagle-eyed female snipers out there to start blasting away at the water-birds?

In the end I don't even think they were driven by feminism. Looks more like they just wanted to don pink tutus and be the centre of attention. Just glad they didn't nude up, like so many other activists do these days...


  1. BTW.. they did save 'da poor wittle ducky-wuckies being killed by da big bad men!'.
    Peaceful amusing activism with results and publicity for the cause. Bravo!!

  2. You fool Matt Hayden! The whole point of a protest is to get people to look and listen. This protest got national coverage and has people like you talking about it and keeping the issue in the public eye. Job well done, I'd say, lol.