Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mark Latham endorses Donald Trump

Amazing how lefties have radically changed their view of Mark Latham. Didn't seem so long ago that most of them saw him as their one great hope of toppling JHo. Then he totally blew it with that notorious handshake, and finally crashed and burned.

Many of his supporters deserted him after that. And boy did he ever spill the beans on his former friends and allies! Hard to know what enraged them more. Was it that he let them down, gave 'em a spray, or just stopped playing the role of the "working class hero" so clearly laid out for him? Probably due to a combination of all of these factors ...

In any case he didn't sit around feeling sorry for himself, or shuffle off to the Halls of Quackademe like Jules did. He reinvented himself as a commentator. He's certainly said and done some very unwise things. But I do admire his courage in remaining true to himself and calling it as he sees it without compromise.

That's a very traditionally Australian thing to do -- though because of the toxic effects of political correctness it's seldom seen in our right-on, hand-wringing meeja. But you will find many people like Latham himself in western Sydney, where he hails from and resides. He knows that area well and doesn't look down on its inhabitants like the sneering hipsters of Fairfax and the ABC do.

So when he says that he is aware of Donald Trump's shortcomings but still admires him you can be sure he actually means it. You can also be sure that he speaks for a lot of his fellow westies, along with millions of other Australians who've had a gutful of being lied to and taken for granted. That's why the political establishment here has every reason to be packin' death, just as they are in the USA. Unless they start genuinely respecting the electorate an antipodean version of The Donald is almost certain to rise.

Be afraid, local latte lefties. Be very, very afraid.


  1. Latham is the true enigma of Australian politics. I'm extremely grateful that he never became PM - he seemed half-mad at the time. But just when everyone, friend and foe, had abandoned him, he started coming out with reasonably sensible observations.

    1. I don't think he's half the ogre that he's portrayed as -- though he has done some stupid and mean things. Trolling Catherine MacGregor was a low point.

      That said I'm glad he's still determined to call it as he sees it. He's one of the few commentators to stand up to political correctness. I'll definitely support him on that score.