Friday, April 8, 2016

AHRC: Gender identity should be a matter of personal choice

Just when you thought the politically correct Left couldn't get any sillier, they outdo themselves. Now they're pushing for people to be able to legally, officially define their own gender.

Sorry to have to state the bleedin' obvious people, but gender is directly related to sex, no? And there's nothing more real and basic than sex, okay. Ponder that point next time you're shagging, or watching a video of a woman giving birth. I think you'll find it hard to disagree.

So call me old fashioned, but I just can't accept all this "I am what I believe I am" nonsense. If you've got a dick you're a male, even if you have it lopped off.

That doesn't mean you have to be like all the other males out there, mind. Hell, they're all different to each other anyway. You should not be forced to conform to some arbitrary gender role. And if you want to believe you're not male, fine. Go for it. We should all be allowed to indulge a fantasy as long as it doesn't hurt others. I won't say anything to debunk your delusion to your face -- I'll actually be respectful and polite -- but don't expect me or anyone else in the reality based community to genuinely believe and accept it.

I've often heard the phrase "we don't get to choose our parents" -- usually in discussions about family abuse or discord. That's a sobering line because it's true. Your mother and father -- with all their faults and gifts -- are yours for life, like it or not. You didn't have a say in who they were because you weren't friggin' there! If they didn't bring you into this world you wouldn't bloody well exist! Family is a fact. You can't change it. Same with gender (and race for that matter).

So, work with what you're given is my advice. (Hell, think of all the wisdom literature that exhorts us to strive for self acceptance. You can only move forward when you know where you are, right?)

But now, thanks to the right-on fluffy wuffies and their campaign to completely stuff reason by throwing the, er, codger out with the bathwater, such a common sense view is deemed bad, eeevil and wrong. They wanna turn gender into something you can choose on a whim, like you're on a shopping spree or something. FFS!

Yeah, well, they should be careful what they wish for. Their PC insanity could turn out to bite 'em on the arse big time, as it often does.

This is because, as usual, they are spectacularly hypocritical. Notice how those who zealously advocate people choosing their own gender are also often the most likely to abuse you on the grounds of your (non-chosen) gender (and race) if you're an eeevil white male.

If the Australian Human Rights Commission gets its way and it eventually becomes illegal to presume to define a person's gender against "his", "her" or "its" wishes then what's in store for the hateful hipsters who spend all day tweeting abuse at prominent white blokes, eh? What if some of these hate objects become so sick of the misandry aimed at them that they decide to legally redefine their gender and sue anyone who doesn't keep up with the change? The leftie-feminist trollective could be in for the mother (or father, or legal guardian, etc) of all class actions then.

Sure, it's not likely that conservatives will do this. But given that lefties have been eating their own with increasing ferocity and frequency of late, the odds that the odd fellow traveller with a phallus might do this are actually quite high.

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  1. God help us. The State of North Carolina is already in deep shit for having the temerity to pass legislation founded on the remarkable proposition that if you have a dick you should use the male toilet.