Sunday, April 17, 2016

The term "delcon" requires five levels of severity

About a month or so back our vocabulary was enriched by a new term: del-con, (or delcon). It's a contraction of "delusional conservative" and was coined by Miranda Devine.

I like the label because it's catchy and a bit humorous. You can wear it in a tongue-in-cheek way. As a bonus lefties can use it too -- although I'm sure many think it's redundant because they believe all conservatives are delusional! (It's a bit like righties using "leftard" in that regard.)

Needless to say the term is general and self-explanatory, so it can be applied to many individuals, groups and organizations for various reasons. But the way Miranda Devine uses it specifically is in relation to the fall of Abbott, and the bitter rift now entrenched in the Liberal Party. She believes that Abbott was the author of his own demise, and you're a delcon if you think he could have won if not knifed by Turnbull and intend to punish the present government by voting for Shorten.

Well, I doubt I will vote for Labor. The thought of BS being PM makes me wanna puke, laugh hysterically and burst into tears all at once! But I still believe what Turnbull and his acolytes did to Abbott was vicious, dirty and completely unnecessary. Of course we'll never know what would have transpired had Abbott not been so cruelly betrayed, but I (along with many others, I'm sure) believe he could've pegged back Shorten's lead and ultimately prevailed ... So, I suppose that makes me somewhat, er, delconnish.

Given there are levels of conservative "delusion" I think some sort of official gradation is necessary. That's why I suggest the US Army's similar-sounding DEFCON (defence readiness condition) as a template. In that alert state the least severe is 5, with the most being 1.

So, as a delcon I would place myself at about DELCON 3 -- somewhat "delusional" but not determined to punish the Liberal Party at all costs.

If you are a delcon also, what level would you be?

UPDATE: Check out the comment from "The Nuclear Option" below. All five levels comprehensively described. Worthy of inclusion in Macquarie Dictionary, it is!


  1. Probably a 4. I won't vote for BS and Labor, but cannot bring myself to vote for MT, so will just not vote!

    1. I'm with you. They can all get stuffed. I'll vote for none of the wankers.

  2. A 4. My local member gets second preference after some numpty. I'll vote below the line in the Senate and stick Ruston last.

  3. Proposed DELCON scale:

    5- Unhappy with Turnbull and Co, but no intention of changing voting pattern in House of Reps or Senate.

    4- Quite unhappy with Turnbull and Co. Will still vote for Abbott aligned Liberal candidates in House of Reps and Senate. Will seek to punish Turnbull supporters where possible, but still preference Liberal above Labor/Greens in both houses.

    3- Very unhappy with Turnbull & Co. Will vote for another party in the Senate and seek to punish Liberal in the House of Reps, giving strong consideration to preferencing Turnbull aligned candidates (moderate/wets) below Labor or voting informal.

    2- Disgusted by Turnbull and Co. Believe the Liberal Party has been shifted way too far to the "left". Will vote for another party in the Senate and definitely preference any Turnbull aligned (moderate/wet) below Labor last in the House of Reps.

    1- Incandescent with rage. Nukes required. Sickened by the whiteanting, betrayal and narcissism of Turnbull and Co.

    Consider the Liberal Party captured by a 5th column of Wet-Leftie-sympathisers and firmly believe that drastic measures must be taken to liberate the party from the hijackers. There will be necessary casualties and collateral damage but these measures are necessary to rescue the party's soul.

    Will preference Liberal last in the House of Reps (even behind Labor and Greens) and avoid them for the Senate. Why vote for a pretend party infiltrated by lefties when other real lefties already exist.

    They must be shown the door and reminded that disloyalty of the kind displayed last September is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

    A term in opposition should return the platform back towards its natural constituency. In the meantime, it is hoped the catastrophic election of a Labor government is met with a hostile Senate to limit the inevitable damage they will seek to inflict.

    It's the only way.

    1. Excellent, comprehensive explanation for each and every degree of delcon disaffection. Thanks very much for that!

  4. I'm a 4. Abbot is my local member so they'll get my house vote but my senate vote will go to ALA.

  5. Probably 4. But I might multiclass as a cleric.

  6. Defcon 2. Almost ready to vote ALA... but there goes my partner, friends, family, work colleagues etc from the inner city hivemind in which I live. What are my principles worth, as measured against the prospect of a lonely life defending myself against the despicable bad faith of the left?

  7. Vote blank or words of your choice in the lower house.

    Hopefully get rid of Turnbull, FOREVER.

    But vote Lib/Nats/ALA in Senate to block Shorten's inept far-left agenda.

    What does that make me? Delcon 3, I suspect.

  8. I will not vote for MT and the new front bench. I believe the Liberal Party I voted for in 2013 no longer exists.

    I could not vote for BS Labor Party either, I will be voting FF for the first time, if a member is running, if not a line through the paper with none of the above written underneath.
    Not sure what number Delcon I would be, but punish the Libs is a must.

  9. Delcon4. The fighter jet's wing pods are loaded with napalm and high explosive rockets; the pilot is entering the cockpit. Unless he moves quite a bit ( I suggest to the right)MT is doomed.

  10. Definitely a 1. We NEED to open some cans of instant sunshine just above Malcolm's head. Loathed this person since the fiasco that was the ARM. Remember that? Sure you do.
    God help me, I will be voting Labor and (shudder) BS. That the alternative is even worse just makes me want to cry. But it has to be done. There is no other way. I can NEVER reward treachery.

  11. My local Liberal member (Ann Sudmalis) supported Tony Abbott so she will continue to get my vote.
    I hope the Liberal Party win the election and Malcolm Turnbull loses in his electorate!! I know it is a long shot, but that would be the sweetest justice.
    Where does that place me on the Delcon scale?

  12. Working overseas so been taken off the electoral role.
    Ironic that Malcolm has stolen the leadership only to lose the election when Abbott probably would have led the Liberals to at least another term. Only way Malcolm was ever going to become Prime Minister was through treachery and all those who supported him deserve to lose their seats. Probably Delcon 2 as I would never vote for Labor or Greens.
    I hope ALA gets balance of power in the Senate and Leyonhjelm gets back in as well.

  13. Incandescently enraged Delcon 1. And I thought Abbott was doing a mediocre job. Local member one of the 54 backstabbing scum. Lord Wentworth the SCOAMF was a useless dud as opposition leader (Godwin Grech, anyone?), incompetent in ministerial roles and a waffling failure now who thinks 'Prime Minister' is a title, not a job description. On top of that, he's a tax-and-spend idiot.

    So, the Cthulu option for me - why vote for the lesser evil?

    State has 1 senator who voted for Abbott, she gets my No.1 vote, then ALA and other worthy indeps. But the backstabbing, left leaning local MP? No way known.

    Lindsay of Brisbane

  14. "About a month or so back our vocabulary was enriched by a new term...It's a contraction of "delusional conservative" and was coined by Miranda Devine." What a load of tripe! The term was being used when Krudd was elected! Hardly recent!