Tuesday, March 1, 2016

As "Sandy Beaches" Aussie Mark Ancucic fools the feminist frightbats

One of the most fascinating aspects of the ongoing war between the forces of political correctness and free speech advocates is how big a part online gaming has played in it. The social justice warriors have been extremely active and influential in this realm and dominate many of the major gaming publications. Through these they've routinely portrayed gamers as knuckle dragging misogynists.

Many of these mostly young people are actually liberals who have had a gutful of such malicious, er, ms-representation. They have joined forces with conservatives and others to form a kind of online consumer resistance movement loosely known as GamerGate. (I know that's only part of it. But to try and describe it fully would take too long. So I won't even try... In any case this book has some great info on it, along with heaps of other useful stuff.)

Most of the news related to this rise in cultural libertarianism comes from the USA, of course. But every now and then a locally oriented development gets a lot of attention. Take the story of "Sandy Beaches" for example.

This is the creation of Aussie writer Mark Ancucic. He used it to illustrate the right-on stupidity of editors and readers of some big SJW-dominated sites:

I’m Mark Ankucic, former Aussie games writer and that guy that got fired over Gamergate. Sandy Beaches is an alter ego I set up to submit feminist critiques to publishers, managing to land myself two articles with The Mary Sue (one concerning combatting sexism in the Final Fantasy Remake, the other about the inherent sexism in the tabletop game Warmachine) and interest from editors on submissions I might like to make.

That blog post is well worth a read. It shows just how entrenched the politically correct narrative is in the minds of so many. And it's not just the editors who were so easily duped by his fictional persona. Countless readers were too!

This is both funny and depressing. There are just so many young women (and men) out there who think that crazy feminist frightbats have some kinda searing insight into the workings of society. They accept their gargles as gospel!

To any sane adult it seems unbelievable that things have reached such a stage. But they have, unfortunately. And it proves the effectiveness of the politically correct Left's brainwashing technques. They keep brazenly telling lies and ruthlessly demonizing their political enemies because it gets them what they want: power over the minds of millions.

The gaming industry may seem like an odd target for such a campaign. But it's been a major focus of the social justice movement because it's a very new industry catering to young people and is therefore ripe for exploitation. Also, it's massive and growing -- already bigger than Hollywood if current reports are accurate. So the stake are very high.

The battle is now at fever pitch with no signs of abating. Hearteningly, it seems that the cultural libertarians (Gamergaters) are starting to gain the upper hand.

If you're interested in the culture wars but have no knowledge of this particular aspect of them then I recommend you start looking into it. It's riveting! This Reddit thread is a good place to start.

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