Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The radical feminist vs "The Radical Feminist"

You've probably heard of Clementine Ford. She's one of the Australia's most high profile "feminists". Now, the reason I use sneer quotes there is because I -- like many others, no doubt -- would like to think the term was still worthy of respect. Hell, if it retained its true meaning I'd even even define myself as one.
But thanks to the asinine antics of our snarling Clementine and her infantile ilk the word's pretty much busted, innit? Right-on Clem is forever ms-ing the point, scoring own goals with her Twitter shenanigans. Usually she's a hoot. But sometimes she can actually be quite, well ... sinister.

Take the time she actually got some bloke fired coz he called her a slut on Facebook. Now he shouldn't have done it. It was a nasty thing to do. But his punishment was way OTT -- even more so when you consider how abusive Ms Ford herself has often been to other women on Twitter.

As well as being sinister, she can also be just plain sad. Take her recent outraged reaction when a bloke (or maybe it was a woman?) merely used her own obnoxious tweets against her in a funny way. The parody account "The Radical Feminist" clearly scored a bullseye because "courageous" Clem the "feisty" "feminist" promptly exhorted her followers to report the heinous hate-crime to the cyber-plods.
Talk about life imitating satire! (Hell, it was also satire irritating the life -- if you could call Ms Ford's miserable existence of perpetual victimhood a life, that is.)

Crikey! Does this woman not realize how friggin' totalitarian seeking punishment for mere mockery is? Sure, we can laugh at her instructions to her arsehat acolytes. But imagine if she had real power. Gawd.

Really, women (and men) who demand such a surreal level of respect for their precious fee-fees should just grow the far cup. The solution is quite simple: If Clementine Ford can't bear social media satirists taking pot shots at her she shouldn't give them such a lavish smorgasbord of ammunition to choose from.

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