Saturday, March 19, 2016

Josephine Georgiou doesn't condemn Madonna for sexual harassment

You may have heard about how Madonna exposed a young audience member's breast onstage in front of thousands in the Brisbane crowd and ultimately millions via the web. Immediately afterward she joked that it was an act of sexual harassment.

Well, yeah, actually it was. If a bloke did that to a female employee at an office function he wouldn't just lose his job and reputation. He could well end up in jail.

Shows how flippant lefty slebs are about the issue. This is the same woman who is now accusing those criticizing her shows of misogyny. Any sane adult can tell that's got absolutely nothing to do with it. She's just been outrageously unprofessional.

It's pretty clear she doesn't give a rat's arse about anything much anymore, and is treating her Australian fans -- many of whom have waited decades to see her live -- with contempt. And in a tawdry display of her own grotesque self obsession, she's also been blathering about her custody battle with Guy Ritchie in her shows. Too much information, Madge! TMI.

But back to the Brisbane incident in particular: Interestingly the young woman suffering the megastar-assisted wardrobe malfunction -- Josephine Georgiou -- has no regrets about it. On the contrary, she reckons it was a buzz.

I'm sure this has something to do with the comparative feminist silence on the issue. But female porn stars, models and the like often say they don't feel oppressed in their professions. Yet that never seems to stop hatchet faced harpies claiming that the nubile nymphs are "participating in their own oppression" does it? 

Nope ... They're mostly holding fire because they see Madge as an ally in their fight against the patriarchy. It's a bit like their silence on Islam, really. 

Though this is a less extreme double standard it reflects poorly on them nonetheless. Like all lefties they are very selective when invoking their purported principles.

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  1. Well, good luck to Josephine! She obviously has aspirations for a career in I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here or something similarly high-class.
    She might be a little tired of being known as 'The girl who had her breast exposed by Madonna' by the time she's 21 though. Let alone when she's Madonna's age.
    And let's not allow this immortal line to pass unmentioned.
    M to J: You can do the same to me if you like—you want to make my hole big again?
    Imagine the fate of the man who said 'Make it big again' to a girl young enough to be his grand-daughter. He'd be strung up by his balls.