Thursday, March 17, 2016

Anti-Safe Schools MPs called "knuckle-draggers"

Two favourite tactics of the cultural Left are stealth and intimidation. They've always -- always -- got some hidden agenda they're running. It's usually to do with destroying some foundation of Western civilization or other. If they can do that they can own the issue and be the authorities on it. They then get to boss people around "for their own good" and ultimately make their lives miserable. Which is their whole reason for living, let's face it.

So they can never be taken at face value. They're forever trying to sneak through radical changes in ways that no-one notices. If that doesn't work and there's resistance to them then they'll happily resort to bullying.

This is definitely happening with this Safe Schools program. It's clearly not just about encouraging tolerance of sexually diverse lifestyles. It's about introducing these adult concepts to children and actively endorsing them.

Let's face it, if you heard that a Catholic priest lobbed at your kids' school and said he wanted to talk to the students about cross dressing you'd have the plods round in a nanosecond, wouldn't you?

That said, I think the grooming argument against Safe Schools is a bit OTT. But only a bit. Any sane adult would have to be alarmed at the previous quotes of one of the program's architects:

Liberal Nationals MP George Christensen said Professor Gary Dowsett from La Trobe University helped establish the anti-bullying campaign.

Mr Christensen, who has called for the Safe Schools program to be scrapped, quoted a report containing "controversial views" which he said was published by Professor Dowsett in 1982.

The Member for Dawson told Parliament Professor Dowsett was a "longtime advocate of intergenerational sex, otherwise known as paedophilia".

"He says: 'How different then is the gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a paedophile and his or her lover. That kind of love, warmth and nurture is an important part of the paedophilic relationship'," Mr Christensen told Parliament.

Good on Mr Christensen for doing this. It was a sensible and justifiable use of parliamentary privilege in my opinion.

Rather than rationally addressing the points made by Christensen and others and refuting them, the social engineers simply resort to bullying in the form of abuse. True to form, if the stealth doesn't work they'll try intimidation.

Well, if it's okay to call those against Safe Schools "knuckle-draggers" then surely it's fine to call the pro-camp "kiddie fiddlers" right?

Not only that, why not let both groups really take the gloves off. Make it a rule-free, no holds barred, last man standing cage match:

Roll up, roll up, to the Safe Schools Square-Off. Round One: "The Knuckle Draggers vs The Kiddie Fiddlers."

Usually I abhor violence. But I'd definitely pay to see that.


  1. Personally, I don't see name calling appropriate in either direction - it's juvenile.

    What did the rest of the paper from Professor Dowsett say? The quote is obviously the continuation of a thought and due to the way it is worded could be taken at least a couple of ways. The only way to tell is to look at the rest of the article for context. A clue might be that George Christensen MP chose to make the allegation under parliamentary privilege, which does not say much for his own confidence in the allegations. If there is good evidence then it should have been referred to the police as soon as George Christensen MP knew or suspected. If there is something genuinely there he belongs behind bars, all things considered it sounds like nonsense to me.

    It's also tenuous to say that he is linked when he simply works at the same university as the person who runs the Safe Schools Coalition.

    Opponents of safe schools seem to me to underestimate the self-awareness of children. Many Transgender adults I know were quite aware that something was different in them by the time they were 6 or 7, often much earlier. For me it was about 5. I spent about 35 years in denial, but now that I have lifted the lid a lot of things in my life have made sense. Close friends who had noticed things over the years have made the same comment. People can debate what it means all they like, it really doesn't matter. In the end we have to deal with the reality of who we are both emotionally and physically, and my hope for children like I was is that they don't have to hide themselves in fear like I did for 35 years, or be bullied like I was, or worse. So far safe schools is the best resource I have seen for helping schools help those students, but no one in their right mind would present the whole thing to 5 year olds, as some opponents seem to imagine will happen, the school, teachers and parents need to work out what is age appropriate for each year level.


  2. Must say, it was a simpler world we lived in -- and saner -- when "gender" applied only to the inanimate, there were two sexes, male and female (just like now, matter of fact) and the "transgendered" were, more accurately, described and/or referred to as the mentally ill, sexually deranged and/or delusional.

    And were not celebrated.

    That said, when children and young men and women - kindergarten through post graduate levels - are almost fifty times more likely to be sexually abused and/or exploited by members of the teaching "professions" than they ever were by the perverts who used, for the purpose, to pose as "priests," maybe it's time to come up with a more fitting label for the evil barstewards than, than "kiddie fiddlers?"

    Just a thought.

    Brian Richard Allen

  3. Cory Bernardi's electoral office was trashed today by a few of those oh-so-tolerant lefties.

    1. Secondary to and descended from Malignant-Envy-driven, self, own-culture and, inevitably, own-species loathing and breeding only hatred and rage -- Leftardism invariably, eventually, ends in violence.

      God knows the Leftards haven't, since Marx, slaughtered several hundred millions from the Goodness of their hearts.

      The Left has no heart and is bereft of Goodness.

      Brian Richard Allen

  4. Brian, some might wonder which is more delusional, someone who's sex is female saying they feel masculine, or someone thinking the people or the world was ever anything other than extremely complex and diverse. Personally I rather like the complexity, it makes for interesting people.

    Gregory, sadly people on both sides feel strongly about things, whether it is protesters trashing an office, people threatening anyone from either side, or people trying to falsely link LGBTIQA people to horrific crimes like abusing children, it is all unacceptable in my book. People of both sides need to grow up, and politicians need to show the leadership and wisdom we elect them for. I don't think that is much to ask for.