Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Clover Moore's SSM eye candy sweetens Sydney CBD

As the "marriage equality" plebiscite draws near it's very clear that the "yes" side are packin' death. They've been pulling out all the stops with their deceit and intimidation tactics lately. This is because they are terrified of the "no" side being able to get their arguments heard by most Aussies. If this happens and voters are provoked into thinking seriously about this issue, the pro-SSM side will likely lose. And they know it. 

So, they continue to keep things as emotive as possible. They blather that "love is love". And how could anyone be against love? Well, you must be a hater then!

That may seem like an argument but it is anything but. It's actually a very effective thought blocker. And blocking thought is the main aim of the PC Left. Once they've managed that, it's sooo much easier for them to manipulate people into buying their lies.

And this tactic is employed visually as well as verbally. Take Clover Moore's shameless campaign in support of SSM. There are rows of pretty red flags exhorting us to "Vote Yes" hung in Martin Place and Circular Quay. And there are other installations such as the one shown below in Pitt Street Mall.

The word "eye candy" definitely comes to mind here. They even look like big brightly coloured sugar sticks!

The Town Hall itself is being lit up at night.

Each evening, a different colour is displayed.

These visual effects are certainly very appealing. There's no denying that they evoke a strong emotional response, even in a flint-hearted Tory such as myself! So I certainly respect the work and skill that has gone into producing them.

Still, in the end, when you actually think about the issue, they constitute more evidence of the paucity of the "yes" case. They are a desperate attempt to dazzle Sydneysiders into accepting a massive, irreversible change to one of society's main foundations. Which is why this eye candy -- not unlike the real stuff -- ultimately leaves me feeling queasy.


  1. .... (Even leaning aside her having criminally arrogated the power and purse to of Sydney's City government to personal politics, Clover Moore's side-show-alley trappings) are a desperate attempt to dazzle Sydney-siders into accepting a massive, irreversible change to one of society's main foundations ....

    One of? How about "the?"

    The evolution of Mankind began about 1.7 million years ago when a branch of Habilis evolved into Homo Ergaster, the first recognizably Human hominid.

    Homo Ergaster had the same body proportions as modern Humans – He stood straight and erect (another name for Ergaster is Homo Erectus, erect man) and he was tall. Males were six feet or above -- and women were 5½ to six feet. With Ergaster, gross sexual dimorphism vanished from Human evolution.

    The males of Ergaster’s ancestors, Australopithicus and Habilis, had been twice as large as the females – meaning they were polygamous and that the biggest males had most sex with as many females as he could grab. (Think Bubba-Goat-Billy Blythe "Cli'ton)

    That changed when, although Homo Ergaster's males became 50% bigger than his ancestors, the females became 70% bigger. This more or less equaling up of the relative sizes of males and females forced the greatest revolution in Human evolution: pair-bonding. One male mating with one female: The Nuclear Family as the foundation of the Human Community.

    What we call Marriage is not some quaint come-lately religious requirement but is quite simply the basis of Human evolution and was and is the very foundation of Human Civilization.

    Which is why the fascist Left - basis in Malignant Envy - founded in self-loathing and consumed by hatred and rage - needs must destroy it.

    "Marriage?" Equality?

    Not even close!

    Brian Richard Allen

  2. My Wordpress dashboard is currently sporting a rainbow banner across the top. Thanks for the virtue signalling, WP! Hey, I wonder if they realise their initials also stand for White Power? But I digress. If the Yes faction is worried, they damn well should be. And they've only got themselves to blame. The poster stunt in Melbourne - aided and abetted by Channel 10 - will no doubt be followed up with other self-inflicted wounds. Ben Law, take a bow.

  3. .... I wonder if they realize their initials also stand for White Power ...?

    You mean the way trains, planes, cars, rockets, telescopes, tires, telephones, radio, television, electricity, atomic energy, computers, Judeo-Christian/Western/Human civilization and Rule of Law, so stand?
    -- Doctor Michael Savage - Apologies to.

    B A.: :^) - L A - CA - USA -- and The Very Far Away