Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A "Welcome to Country" ... that wasn't very welcoming

Bolshies are brimming. We all know that. They have a right to be, of course. And good on 'em for being passionate about stuff! But what I always find surprising is how clearly their seething rage against injustice -- much of it imagined, BTW -- is at odds with their claims to be compassionate, caring, kind folk. I mean, FFS, how can you be loving when you're filthy mad? Not only that, they seem to be completely unaware of this massive contradiction, and how it might harm their cause.

This odd dissonance was clearly on display at a recent demo for the Manus Island "refugees". Not surprisingly, each of the activists who spoke about the situation there was dripping with disdain for our democratically elected government. But so was the dude tasked with performing the obligatory "Welcome to Country".

I thought this was quite telling because the actual ceremony's purpose is in part to show the "traditional owners'" magnanimous attitude toward their "invaders", innit? But the guy at the rally seemed to display little, if any, of that. 

I didn't catch his name. But when he started his speech he clarified that he was actually from the mid North Coast of NSW, and therefore not one of the local Gadigal people, on whose land this rally was taking place. So there seemed to be an intra-Indigenous land rights hierarchy even he had to pay lip service to!

Anyhoo, unless he explicitly welcomed the crowd in the moments after he was introduced -- when I was finding a position to film him -- no such sentiment was expressed.

He did say "thank you" right at the end, however. So that was nice of him ... Still, this did come after he and the overwhelmingly white middle class crowd present had chanted: "Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land!"

Upon hearing this I couldn't help thinking how many of these pallid hipsters had purchased property themselves. Surely some had -- which would make them big fat hypocrites, wouldn't it? Not that they'd be aware of the irony, though. Whole purpose of them being there was to signal their virtue, not actually live up to the principles they claim to believe in.

As well as vehemently expressing his loathing for the "racist" Dutton, Abbott, et al, he invoked the recent yes vote for SSM. Such a fave tactic of the PC Left, this. They're forever peddling a bogus narrative about the wretched of the Earth all joining forces and rising up against their "oppressors" (y'know, evil white males -- like moi).

So silly ... Apart from anything else, you gotta wonder how many Aborigines actually do support "marriage equality". Highly doubt the percentage is greater than the national average -- prolly lower, actually.

Anyhoo, he said that the postal plebiscite outcome was a sign that he and his fellow travellers "can push back!".

Push back? Push back?


Call me old fashioned, but I'd say this was much closer to "pushing back" ...

But please do check out the video I took below, which shows all but the first few seconds of his "Welcome to Country". I think you'll see what I mean.


  1. Is the man going to feed and house the refugees he welcomed?
    That is what a REAL host, REAL owner of the 'house' would do.
    And how much of his blood is WHITE?

  2. Wow this is just fantastic. I want to be bulimic but I cannot do the finger down the throat thing. Watching this wanker does the job for me. What a load of shyte.