Thursday, December 28, 2017

Boxing Day in Bondi: My mystical dog day afternoon

Like many of you I'm sure, I've long wondered why "Boxing Day" bears that very name. Seems it's vaguely to do with boxes (as opposed to the sport) and there are various theories about it.

Well, whatever its exact origins mine was more of a "Boxers' Day", due to the spooky mutt-themed synchronicity I experienced ...

See, I headed down to Bondi Beach, planning to shuffle about and take a few snaps. I got out of the bus just near a distinctive piece of street art that I'm sure most Sydneysiders know well.

Snoozing on the pavement opposite was this adorable little fella. I couldn't help noticing how much he looked like the hound on the wall nearby.

Maybe he was the artist's original model, I thought. Perhaps he felt a craving for his old glory days, and had lobbed there hoping to be recognized by passersby. Tired of the adulation (or disappointing lack thereof) he was enjoying some much needed shuteye ...

Or maybe it wasn't ego, but love that had brought him there. Could the image have reminded him of on old flame? Maybe he was pining for the poochy past; yearning for a long lost puppy love?

Well, whatever his motivation, I felt there was some sort of spiritual significance in this canine coincidence for me. It just had to be a Message from Dog.

But what exactly? The most likely one seems to be that I should just accept that life's a bitch, stop being so pugnacious and let sleeping dogs lie ...

But to be honest, I'm still quite mastiff-ied. 

Any other suggestions, people?