Sunday, June 12, 2022

Lurking for that "lucky harm"

There's no denying that many of those who wish for a NWO are big time occultists who dinkum worship Lucifer. He was the fallen angel who created his own realm that he ruled completely, remember. That's basically what they're tryna do globally now. 

With this in mind I found that "accidental" collision between ScoMo and a kid on the soccer field very interdasting. The child's name was Luca, which is reminiscent of the name of the "bringer of light".

I suspect that this was some sort of batshit occult elite ritual -- their version of a lucky charm. But given their love of inversion, harm was required to make it work. 

So, what was it for specifically? I cover that in the video embedded at the bottom of the post. (BTW the sound is dodgy in a couple of sections. But they are short, and the sense is not lost if you keep watching through them.) 

It's pretty clear that this symbolic incantation was going on because of the MSM's love of names beginning with "lu". Luca, Lucinda, Luke, Lucy and similar seem to appear inordinately often in fake news stories -- particularly in the Failing Terrorgraph. 

This was a cover from December 9, 2020. It featured a tragic story about a kid being run over on her scooter. Note the choice of photo. She's there with her dad, and they're both wearing sunnies that reflect the light. 

This cover was from August 31, 2021. The kid in red is called Lucas. Note the violent imagery being associated with children -- which they often feature -- and the dog with a pink background. 

The full feature about how horrible the lockdown was continued the torture vibe. Note the use of the word nightmare. They'll often have stories about kids suffering with words like that in the headlines. Horror, pain, misery and fear seem to be particular faves for them. 

Just so you can see that the featured kid was called Lucas it's in the white printed subheading below. (If you can't read it in the body of the post then click on the photo itself. Should be clearer.) 

And note the upturned sole of the other kid. It's clear they absolutely love that pose because you see it all the time

Remember that dog from the cover? Well, he's a blue dog as you can see, and exuding some really creepy Frank Thring vibes

Note also the ad for the podcast about the Mafia and the story about the dodgy businessman. You will often see this symbol of Sirius near stories about criminality and sin. It seems strongly related to the occult elite's love of using evil but in a good way (for them). 

Speaking of dog stars: The greyhound adoption ad seen below is one of several that happen to have a lot of blue in them, and they're often placed next to stories in a way that suggests they're being used symbolically

Look at the story opposite it, about the tragic death of the kid related to broadcaster Ben Fordham. Interesting that he spoke about this on his show, even breaking down in tears at one point. I think it was significant that that particular shot of the boy wearing blue (note the words on his T-shirt) was used in the paper, next to that greyhound ad. 

Oh, and guess what his name was? Luca. 

Back to more recent issues, and what I think that bizarre event on the Tasmanian soccer field could have been about: This was from the May 26 issue. As well as flogging the "small target" theme (detailed in the video embedded below) there was this page that invoked another blue dog with the headline on the left and the photos to the right and below. 

It's also possible that the use of the word "ludicrous" was related to the "lucky harm" ritual. 

Just preceding the above page was the first report about the Texas massacre. I think that was about as accidental as ScoMo colliding with that kid. 

Preceding that story about the mass murder of children in a school was this one about how campus life was being "killed off" by the online lectures that became the norm during the "pandemic". 

Again, not a coincidence ... And check out the name of one of the students featured.

The story to the left of that one about the "peeping Pom" featured a woman with a similar sounding name. 

What are the odds? 

It should be pretty clear to any critical thinker that there's something going on here that is as sinister as it is batshit. 

But if you're still pathetically clinging to the idea that they're not actually occultist flogs using symbolism in the MSM to conjure evil in the cause of implementing their horrific globalist agenda then check out this page from the June 11 issue. 

The story on the top has a photo of a teacher with some schoolkids. Directly below it is a wine ad that is often used in a similar way to the greyhound ad above. There's a real rabbit hole to do with it. Please check out this video I made when I first twigged to what it was about

Go back to the Lucinda story near the top of this post. You can see that part of the headline directly below it is about winemakers. Another part of this pattern, IMO. 

Look also at the two stories to the right of the one about the school above. You'll see the word jail in one of them (which is reminiscent of the lockdown nightmare story mentioned above) and there's one about a man being shot while walking his dog. 

This was clearly meant to hark back to the Texas massacre and that small target issue. I also think it was another blue dog, because that was the colour the teacher was wearing in the photo. 

No prizes for guessing what his first name was! 

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