Monday, July 18, 2022

Courting chaos is fascist fun

The public face of the Australian mainstream media is one of middle class normality and wholesomeness. Obviously this was never a true representation of the kind of people working in it -- particularly in its upper echelons.

But it should be clear from the last two years of relentless globalist propaganda to trick the entire nation into getting the you know what along with zero actual truth seeking into its downside that there is something deeply fraudulent about the entire industry. 

There are no dinkum journalists working in the big outlets here. Just like pretty much every politician in the major parties, they are all controlled arsehats. 

It seems to be that all major MSM-related developments here are scripted by some shadowy elite. Particularly when it comes to highly controversial actions, I suspect no one does anything unless they are paid to and/or made to. 

Take Lisa Wilkinson, for example. You all know that she threw a massive spanner into the machinations of the Brittany Higgins rape case with her Logies speech. 

Why would she do such a thing? We all know she's a narcissistic meathead but she can't be that stupid, surely ... 

That's why I think recent coverage of this whole issue in the Failing Terrorgraph was interdasting, to say the least. As mentioned previously, this putrid lie factory does have form for occult elite symbolism. The clever use of headlines and imagery often hints at the open secrets of local illuminaries.

Look closely at the cover from June 22. The first two words of the headline are "hand up", clearly referring to the photo chosen. 

Note the alliteration: "caused court chaos". Right next to it, there's another headline that repeats the same first letter. You've got three C's down the page right next to each other. Is this meant to evoke a 33, that fave number of secret society wankers? Maybe.

Even if not, this can't be a coincidence. It seems to link the two stories thematically. 

In the next day's issue was this spread. On the right hand side was a story about the Barbie movie. It featured Margot Robbie, the spunky Aussie actress playing the eponymous character. She wore bright pink and that was mentioned in the headline

Just next to it was a story about money and cars. Robbie also seemed to be drinking iced coffee. There's been some fascinating symbolism to do with that lately as well

On the other side was a story about a local terrorist wannabe. It included a bizarre shot of the deranged dude in a skull mask in front of an eerie pinky-purple background, which I suspect was photoshopped. 

Note the headline in the story next to it. It related to kids and used violent imagery, something they do often, along with placing stories about them next to those about death, violence and fear.

So this all looked like the usual symbolic incantation. But there was one specific element that tied this item back to the paper's previous coverage of the Wilkinson issue. Look at the sun symbol above the word "extremist" above. That is a black sun. 

It's a notorious Nazi symbol beloved by the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine and also the globalist occult elite. That should surprise no one because those masterminding the chaos of the last two years are clearly a bunch of literally fascist control freaks. 

This kind of worship seemed to be invoked in a previous symbolic rabbit hole that included a cartoon of Wilkinson being silenced by a red scarf. This in turn led me to discover this fascinating blog post

So there appeared to be some strange submerged narrative to do with the occult elite's literally fascist philosophy. 

Then there was this spread, in the same issue (June 23).

On the left page was the usual editorial, and on the right a toon mocking Wilkinson herself. The main editorial was about pedophiles getting off easily. Note the use of the word "justice" and "murdered". 

The letters section included a shot of a previous article featuring the dopey presenter with the word "justice" in that headline too. (Click on the photo if you can't see it clearly.) 

Again, what are the odds? Like with the cover on the issue of the day before, there seemed to be some sort of subtextual thematic link being made. 

The toon itself, which featured the scales of justice, was most notable of all. The caricature of the crusading "journalist" was shown taking the law into "her own hands". 

Note also the one eye symbolism and the crown which I think might have been a reference to the Great Reset context ("the crown is dead, long live the corona"). 

Note how her right arm is held up in a kind of Nazi salute. This was clearly meant to be noticed by those in the know because of the reference on the earlier cover to "hands up". This is also a phrase that someone uses when wielding a gun, right? 

Combining this spread with the other elements described above seems to suggest some sort of hint about how her ill-considered speech was linked to fascism, among other very unsavoury things. 

And look at the headline for the column just below the toon. Sure, it's a legal commision being referred to. But the word "body" and how it's described as "beyond" along with mention of "sins of the past" is fascinating, particularly when you recall the earlier cover and the headline about a "cold case". 

The blue background is also notable since this was featured in the toon depicting her and Pirate Pete some days before (please check out the video linked above). 

I'll let you join those dots however you wish. But I think you'll agree, there seems to be a deep dark rabbit hole being alluded to here. 

If this is the case, is it based in fact? I have no way of knowing, and that's not what I'm focusing on. I'm pointing out how the patterns suggest a hidden narrative. Maybe it's all BS? 

In any case, it's definitely sinister. 

There are some more data points for your consideration in the video below about other aspects of the ongoing coverage around that time. 

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  1. I even question whether some of these events actually happened. I wouldn't put it past those freaks to make up horrible stories and publish them, just to upset people. Reading them is the opposite of uplifting, which I'm sure is their intention. They don't want us to be happy, that's pretty obvious!