Wednesday, June 30, 2021

In the City of Sydney less is Moore

We've long known that Clover Moore hates cars and traffic and wants to turn the bustling city of Sydney into a creepily quiet haven for sandal wearing, bike riding, vegan moonbats. She's also got a big thing for greening the joint, and clearly cares more about having nice floral displays everywhere than the plight of the homeless

So it's not surprising that she's really chuffed about this insane lockdown. 

This super-contagious Delta variant hasn't taken any human lives in Australia yet AFAIK. But it's certainly killed the Sydney CBD stone dead. And the Lord Mayor couldn't be happier! Think about that. 

Deep green globalists like Clover Moore want all this to be permanent. And this is just the start of their "Great Reset". 

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  1. News out of the UK regarding the del'rona:

    The faux panic is a crock of crap, as always.

  2. Also, you might wanna watch this interview with Dr Tess Lawrie regarding all the obstruction of the publication of Ivermectin's success (well worth every minute, like a few other videos on alternate media - no chance on Twatter, Farcebook or Stoogetube, or the lamestream media, either)... and as always, the banksters use the money carrot to control the narrative: