Thursday, November 12, 2020

More sinister symbolism from Demon Dan

This push for a Great Reset among other things is making it increasingly clear that there is and has long been a submerged octopus of global control; a "creepy cult that rules the world". It's had an enormous influence over so many aspects of our lives for ages and we've been completely unaware of it. 

Seems to me that if you wanna make it really big in most fields -- politics in particular -- you have to obey this "occult elite". You might not be an active member of this cult. But you must at least be prepared to do its bidding when required

Basically, you've gotta be either a ghoul or a zombie. And I think that Dictator Dan Andrews is definitely in that first category. 

His actions have not just been incompetent, but evil. He really seems to enjoy wreaking havoc. That's why his tweets are so full of symbolism. It's his way of communicating with his fellow ghouls, I reckon. 

And he's been at it again. Take this tweet from November 11.

Notice how he's got the black mask on and is turned away. He could easily have been sniggering in that shot, and I think he prolly was.

And when he talks about sacrifices I suspect he actually means the lives of Victorians he so happily destroyed. Dictator Dan and his clown CHO intentionally wrecked the state in many ways for his globalist masters to prepare it for NWO tyranny. He's proud of it, the scumbag. And he wants those he sacrificed to be remembered mockingly, not respectfully. 

Also, notice how the soldier's bugle is a focus of the shot. I think it's meant to echo this donut motif that he started, and his minions magnified for him

I have a theory that this might have something to do with the dog star Sirius. That might be too long a bow but it definitely means something to these scumbags. 

It may just be some kind of sick in-joke about finding all the chaos they've wrought delicious or something. Whatever it is, it's creepy and wrong. 

Notice the numbers here. Six, and then another two sixes (twelve). 

Also, he draws attention to the bowtie. I think that's meant to look like an inverted Y.

Reason I say that is because of this earlier tweet. 

Not only does the demented freak look like Damien from The Omen's even more evil brother, but that tweet also tells you to look at his clothing. 

Globalist ghouls really love this Y motif. 

There are various theories about it but it seems to have heaps to do with showing allegiance to the bloodlines at the top of the power pyramid. 

I don't claim to be an expert in this symbolic decoding. I may well be misinterpreting some of this. But he's definitely communicating something on the sly to "those in the know". Whatever that is, it's sick and sinister for sure! 

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  1. "Not only does the demented freak look like Damien from The Omen's even more evil brother.."

    Hilarious! And unfortunately, all too accurate.