Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Did "Top Shelf Dan" just celebrate a secret promotion?

Yesterday Dictator Dan Andrews lifted some restrictions and in two bizarre tweets expressed his appreciation for Victorians for all their "hard work" in obeying his insane demands for so long.

Of course we all know that he's a narcissistic scumbag. He was showing contempt for the people of Victoria while pretending to thank them. However I think that there was something even more twisted going on underneath. 

Those tweets were clearly symbolic. I think he was using them to communicate news of his own advancement within his faith to other adherents.  

This is all speculation of course. But I think these weird updates had much to do with Freemasonry. Most if not all high ranking pollies in Australia are members of this secret society. They're always signalling to each other, smug in the knowledge that the normies remain unaware of this. 

So, to the tweets: My first reaction upon seeing the first one had me shaking my head. Why would you post a shot of a fricken donut? And while you were wearing a mask

Well, the mask is part of a global submission ritual as we all know. He was showing his obedience to those above him on the power pyramid. And of course he was telling those below him -- all those "useless eaters" -- that they should wear theirs as well. 

Significantly, it was a black mask. And he was wearing one of his trademark North Face jackets. Now, Freemasons love their black and white symbolism. It represent duality. You are meant to reconcile them in your actions. 

The company's own symbolism is relevant here, too, I think:

The name North Face was chosen because the north face of a mountain is the coldest and most treacherous side and the goal was to create gear that would assist climbers in successfully traversing these conditions.

Also, north is "Masonically a place of darkness"

But why the donut? What could that represent? I reckon it's the dog star, Sirius. This is another recurring motif. It's also known as the blazing star and it represents illumination. It's what you're meant to aspire to. 

Notice also how it's placed on the table between the two pieces of paper. To me this evokes pillars, something else you see a lot of in this Masonic imagery

"Bulldog" Bill Shorten also invoked this imagery in a recent video, I reckon. He recorded it just after having passed through a checkpoint (pillars?) on his way to the nation's capital and drew attention to the song he was listening to at the time. 

The song title: "We Built This City." What do masons do? They build. And Canberra is chockas with Masonic symbolism, remember. 

The band playing it? Starship. 

He too was wearing black and white, and a mask

So, it seems to me that Dan Andrews was celebrating his spiritual ascent. By inflicting such cruelty on Victorians, a clearly extreme and risky business politically for himself, he was traversing the dark north face, and going towards the light of the blazing star. 

Then there was the notorious shot of the malt whiskey he was celebrating with. Posting it was an extremely callous thing to do given how many people's livelihoods the scumbag has destroyed. But he doesn't give a tinker's, obviously. He's prolly quite glad about this, being the twisted narcissist that he is. 

But I think he was also divulging a secret to those in the know. By saying he'd "go a little higher up the shelf" he was informing them he'd been officially elevated within their system. 

Notice how the bottle is placed between two glasses. Again, this evokes the two pillars motif. Then there's the brand name of the drink: Starward. And the word "star" is clearly featured. 

Now, what are the odds that two senior Labor pollies would allude to stars in specifically 'rona related social media updates in which they were wearing black and white, and masks?

Bulldog Bill and Dictator Dan know each other well, too. I recall this tweet just after Bob Hawke popped his clogs literally days before the election last year. (I always though that seemed suss, BTW. At the time I suspected that maybe he'd taken one for the NWO team. Now I'm convinced that was the case.)

Again, notice the black and white of the photo of Bob Hawke, and the tie he's wearing.

Remember that Hawke was well known as "Master Mason", having reached the 33rd degree. Look at the emoji, and the placement of the two cans in the shot. 

Pillars again? Maybe ... 

Shorten echoed Andrews in his own celebratory tweet, exhorting Victorians to "get on the beers" even though he could not. 

That's a dinkum Aussie thing to do, innit? So why the Seinfeld-themed GIF? 

Well, turns out that Michael Richards, who played Kramer, is actually a highly ranked Freemason himself, not unlike dear departed Bob. 

The Starward whisky is not technically scotch, being made here in Oz. Still, it's a word that is strongly associated with any brand of malt whiskey, right? 

I don't think the choice of that GIF was an accident. I think Bulldog Bill was saying: "Well done Dan for reaching the 33rd level. You've definitely earned it!" 

And if you think the rabbit hole couldn't get any deeper, then ponder the price of said tipple. I first learned about it from this tweet: 

I checked the actual Starward site just to be sure. And yep, that price was correct. 

Freemasons love their numerical symbolism too. It's why their lodges are so often located at addresses with sixes in them. Take the Museum of Freemasonry in Sydney. It's at 66 Goulburn Street. 

Now, what do you think when you see those three digits? I think of the obvious permutation: 911. I bet I'm not the only one who does. 

And remember that in here in Australia we put the day before the month unlike the US. So 11/9 actually means the same as 9/11. 

Speaking of, er, witch:

Those pillars again ... Hmm. 

And we all know how Dan feels about Hillary:

Yeah, I know, I've got my tin-foil hat on. I've certainly gone on a dot joining frenzy in this post. 

Still, I think I'm onto something. Those tweets were definitely symbolic. I think my decode is as good as any. 

Saying they were just random doesn't cut it IMO. I mean, donuts and whiskey? Come on man! 

UPDATE: Then there's this: 

Maybe we should tell Brad "Health" Hazzard about this company. He might wanna buy shares ... 

And now this: North Face clothing helps you "reset normal". Reminiscent of "Great Reset" and "New Normal", innit? 

So maybe my theory was wrong. Or perhaps it wasn't and he chose this company because he got twice the symbolic bang for his buck? 

Who knows. However you interpret this stuff there's certainly a strong thematic consistency in it. 

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