Sunday, March 15, 2020

Is coronavirus actually Epstein-Barr virus 2.0?

Wow. Are things getting bat soup crazy now or what? I really pity the poor lefties who believe the bollocks they're told by their ABC and other fake news outlets. This coronavirus is a dinkum threat? Far cough! Globalist scumbags have put the climate emergency on the back-burner and the virus emergency up front. Those who believe the MSM narrative must upgrade their panic from "humanity is doomed in twelve years" to "we're all gonna die now!"

Any sane person can see that this just isn't gonna happen. Still, it's well nigh impossible to know what is really going on when you can't trust the mainstream media at all. So you have to think for yourself, look at the big picture, and do some major dot joining. That's what Q exhorts us to do -- but it would be good advice regardless of the source.

And that's what I'm gonna do here ... So, dear readers, your mission -- if you choose to accept it -- is to go with me as I indulge in wild speculation and bravely venture down some dark rabbit holes balls out with my tinfoil hat on!

Firstly, some context: We all know that Epstein didn't kill himself. He had many extremely powerful enemies due to his child trafficking and other evil activities. And while the MSM isn't linking coronavirus to his death, most non-idiots suspect that they might just be related somehow. Across the interwebs, all manner of links and associations are being made. Some of them are just jokes, like this.

After having a chuckle over that I remembered that there is actually a dinkum virus with that name, kinda. It's called the Epstein-Barr virus, and it's linked to glandular fever among other ailments.

What a coinky-dink, I thought. This could apply now, with the Epstein being Jeffrey and the Barr being William, the Attorney General. It was due to the efforts of those alligned with the latter that the former was in the clink in the first place, remember.

So, maybe it was worth looking at this so-called "coronavirus pandemic" (which also coincidentally is an anagram of "carnivorous dempanic") through that, er, prison

Those who've followed Q will be well aware of the theory that Trump, Barr and the white hats are waging a silent, covert war against Luciferian rock spiders who infest the Swamp, Hollywood and other global centres of political, economic and cultural power. This is known as The Storm.

Given that this plan is being carried out by Barr's forces to take down the power structure maintained by creeps like Epstein, and since many weaponized autists are now theorizing that this global virus we're all supposed to be packin' death over was created by the Cabal, but is now being used by the white hats as a cover for mass arrests of those same ghoulish freaks, coronavirus could now be seen as a kind of metaphorical "Epstein-Barr virus 2.0".

This immense plan is currently being executed globally. So, all kinds of things are happening that are related to it, even here in Oz.

Speaking of which, "America's dad" Tom Hanks is presently Down Under. And we all know what's happened to him. Recently he was at Bondi Beach. That's where he took one of his now notorious snaps of footwear and similar items.

This strange behaviour has baffled and disturbed millions of people for years now. There are various theories about why he does this. But it definitely can't be because he wants to be loved by his fans. Just read the comments under those particular social media updates and you'll know what I mean.

So strange because everyone has an ego, slebs especially -- and aren't we supposed to believe that A-list stars are in that tier only because of their innate talent, charisma and box-office clout? Wouldn't creeping out the normies on such a grand scale be a very bad career move, apart from anything else?

Well, no. Looks like they're actually mostly mind-controlled muppets in a rolling psyop that's been going for decades. They are given their yuge fame, riches and the very best gigs in the fillum industry because they've made a Faustian bargain with the mostly hidden higher-ups of Hollywood. As part of this diabolical deal they have to further the globalist agenda when required, mostly by spouting cringeworthy warmist and "Orange Man Bad" bollocks. They also perform various rituals. And that's what I think Hanks is doing here.

And why is it so often footwear that he photographs? Well I think it could be part of a wider "mind war" campaign to soften up the normies psychologically, among other things.

This widely broadcast ritual after the recent catastrophic Australian bushfires looked like it might've been part of the same ongoing psyop.

Or maybe not ...

One thing's for sure: The fact that you so often see discarded footwear in MSM reports -- especially at scenes where people have died violently -- is sinister as all get out. And it seems highly likely that it's occult elite signalling of some sort.

As did Hanks's update about his Wuhan virus diagnosis. 

If that wasn't weird enough, there was his Golden Globes speech in January. It was very strangely worded and could easily be interpreted as foreshadowing this seemingly unforeseen medical development.

Oh, and there's his movie Inferno from 2016 which is all about an evil billionaire who concocts a killer virus to unleash on the world. First scene is Hanks waking up in a hospital in Italy.

Sure, these could all be strange coincidences. But you could be forgiven for thinking that there's something deeply suss going on here and the avuncular Yank megastar might just be part of it.

Then, only hours after Hanks's shock news, Peter Dutton said he had coronavirus too ... WTAF?

There seemed to be three main possibilities. The first: Dutto dinkum caught it during the course of duties. He's Home Affairs Minister, so he's more likely than most pollies to have been near carriers. Still, this was extremely unlikely.

Next explanation: He was one of the Cabal's "errand boys" in the Turnbull Govt's part in Obama's coup attempt, so is currently high on Trump's global shit list. Like many scurrying Seppo Swamp-rats, he coulda been tryna save his sorry skin, so was unwillingly playing a role to help The Storm. But knowing he's a patriot and an ex-cop I think this is even less likely than the first.

The third, and most likely reason: Given that he recently met with AG Barr himself and he's ScoMo's (right) wingman, and since Trump said the PM is "made of titanium" (and is now echoing the same message that the "coronapocalypse" will not last long), Dutton is fully supportive of the plan to drain the Swamp (and hopefully the Billabong as well) and is a prominent local actor in it.

And I do mean actor. We're "watching a movie" remember ... IMO he announced his diagnosis, hot on the heels of Hanks, for the purpose of optics. It conveys the idea that anyone can catch the Wuhan Virus but most importantly that slebs and pollies both right and left can be victims.

Also, I couldn't help noticing that both the movie star and pollie reported symptoms and were diagnosed in Queensland. Seriously, what are the odds? How did one of the most famous dudes on Earth and a well known Aussie political figure come down with exactly the same bug when mere hundreds of normies have caught it so far in the entire country?

Did Dutton steal a big sloppy kiss on the lips from Hanks while scoring a star-struck selfie at Hollywood on the Gold Coast? If it were Shorten, that would be a real possibility (remember that excruciating episode with Arnie Schwarzenegger). But Dutto? No fricken way!

Either absolutely everyone here has it and doesn't know. Or, maybe these cases are ... theatre?

Queensland is Dutton's home state, remember. Could he have ordered his quack to say he tested positive for the purpose of political optics? I have no legal expertise but I reckon that in a massive, rolling global op masterminded by the US military to round up treasonous scumbags such fakery would be seen as no biggie, amirite?

My (conspiracy) theory: Hanks faked his diagnosis as his part in the "plandemic". Then Dutto faked his as a way of signalling to the Cabal that they were onto the ploy and hijacking it, so to speak. Moves and countermoves, as Q might say. 

In any case, when The Storm (which is already a movie) ultimately gets made into one (and how fricken meta will that be, eh!) I really wanna know: who's gonna play Dutto?

I reckon Vin Diesel's the go, or -- better still -- a clone of Yul Brynner created from cells kept by his agent!

Now, I know most prolly think that take on these events is utterly barking. But given all the recent craziness (fires, Greta, Russian collusion, trans-agenda, etc) and in the context of the relentless rise of Qanon -- who has the fake news MSM absolutely packing their dacks even here in Australia -- it seems quite plausible to me. 

Also, you got a better one?

Now, just on that idea of hijacking a psyop: Trump is a master of the ol' switcheroo, right? Look at what he did to CNN et al with the term "fake news", for example.

This is classic "Art of War" stuff. And The Storm is a military operation. Kinda likely they'd be into these tactics, right?

Another, albeit less dramatic, example is what occurred during Gamergate. Most non-leftie social media denizens will be aware of this popular meme, which was often altered to say "all your hashtags are belong to us".

This meme first really took off on the chans, the anarchic "Wild West" of the interwebs, a cyber-realm chockas with weaponized autists, which is why they were chosen as the best way to launch Q.

Another interdasting theory: After halting the world adrenochrome trade, white hats infected a recent batch with coronavirus, and let it continue to be sold. Those who used it came down with the disease.

I know this sounds even more OTT than the first half of this post but adrenochrome, like MK-Ultra, really is a thing. And there is a Wuhan link.

Canada, that Cabal hotspot that is currently under the commie control of Fidel Junior, is also a key location in the trade -- at least according to this very convincing anon, again posting on the chans.

This could be significant given that Justin's other half just tested positive as well ...

Hmm. Remember how POTUS solved the problem with leaks early in his term? Whitehouse staff totally loyal to him fed suspected white anters juicy lies that made him look bad. When these porkies were "reported" in fake news outlets like CNN, it was clear who the leakers were. Could it be that a similar tactic is being used with the fave drug of creepy, ghoulish elites?

Yes, wild speculation. But it fits neatly with those Q catchphrases "think mirror" and "these people are sick" don't ya reckon? And no matter how off target it is, it's surely nearer to the truth than the asinine line that the bloody virus came from bat soup, and it's gonna kill us all!

And that's mostly what the Deep State-controlled, globalist MSM is flogging. Given that flogs are gonna flog, seems to be a pretty smart tactic to use it against them, no?

Well, whatever your thoughts on the above speculation, one thing's for sure: It's not the coronavirus itself that will damage us most, but the madness of the MSM lashing out in its death throes that will. The mass mental breakdown I talked about in this video looks more and more likely with every passing day.

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  1. "carnivorous dempanic"?
    How'bout "carnivorous med-panic"?

  2. I think the link with Hanks' speech is too tenuous, for my liking, anyway. I do not believe in mere coincidences of multiple things pertaining to related matters, but not unrelated. If what he said could be shown to be connected to the date of his announcement of illness other than a mere pair of disconnected numbers mentioned in passing then perhaps it could gain some cred. The nature of noise is that it contains all possible signals in it... and this is true whether talking about TV snow or the voluminous mussitations of Hollyknobs.

    As for the virus itself, after much of my own searching around I have to assume, at this point, that it is more dangerous than the flu but mostly for those who do not have the strength and recover-ability of a fit teenager to twenny-something. Some non-MSM investigators have demonstrated, by reasoned mathematical/statistical arguments, that the convergence level for the different methods of determining a fatality rate seems around the 1% mark, which is 10 times the rate of the garden variety flu. It is really a matter of containment as to how this will play out in reality. However, I still have deeply held suspicions that the bug's origin is the lab in Wuhan and its release was intentional as a test, due to the practice run in NYC some months earlier. The strange claims about spys stealing it from some lab in Canada... that seems like butt-cover to me.