Monday, July 18, 2016

PC line: Nice attack and all other mass murders due to "the patriarchy"

As the body count from Islamist atrocities continues to rise across the world, child-brained fluffy wuffies are getting increasingly stressed out. Reading and listening to their psychobabble in the wake of this sickeningly cruel mass murder in Nice, France I feel a real sense of pity for them. I think: FFS, why don't they just face reality? As well as being the sane, sensible, adult thing to do, it'd be a big fat load off their tiny child-minds.

But nup. The more brutally, bleedingly, bone-crushingly obvious the truth becomes the more assiduously these numpties try to avoid it. That's because ages ago they committed themselves heart, mind and soul to a simplistic utopian vision that sees Western civilization as the root of all evil. So they spend their entire waking lives trying to shoe-horn reality into that barking mad, ultimately nihilistic world-view.

If they were to accept the truth now it would make their whole lives a lie. And this would psychologically destroy many of them ... Actually, I think some would just explode like the jihadis they so admire. So, prolly best for public safety that they maintain their stupid delusions.

And how do they achieve this? Well, in major part by hugely exaggerating minor factors in heinous acts to an absurd degree. Take the, er, caliphant in the room when it comes to so much terrorism these days. Politically correct types avoid the obvious religious motivation of Islamist mass killers and focus instead on another aspect of their identity, such as gender.

Take this spectacularly wrong-headed gargle published on the SBS site by some dippy fauxminist. "It's not religion" she states. It's -- you guessed it -- the "patriarchal system" (i.e. blokedom).

That's such an intellectually lazy thing to do, akin to saying "society's to blame". Really, you could just as easily attribute all this male violence to women instead. They create men in the first place, right? So surely that makes them the real root cause.

Not only would that be as wrong as wrong could be, but you'd be accused of misogyny by the same people who say it's all blokes' fault!

Gawd, but these people are lost. There really is no hope for them.

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