Saturday, July 30, 2016

I pity Julie Bishop. She's torn between two self-lovers

The gruesome mess resulting from the Government's final decision not to support former PM Kevin Rudd's campaign to become the UN's Big Enchilada says heaps about the inner workings of both Mal and Kevin. Clearly, these guys are almost peas in a pod psychologically. The perception that they are both narcissists is widely held, and with good reason.

Being so in love with themselves, and using others merely as instruments to fulfil their dreams of glory, they've left heaps of political wreckage in their wake already. And this is just another mangled load they've dumped on the long suffering people of Oz. So, no surprises there.

But the UN candidature fiasco also says a lot about Julie Bishop and her lack of judgement. She's besties with Kevin Rudd, remember. And she also got up close and political with Turnbull before he stuck the knife into PM Abbott.

So now she's in a really awkward situation. And I kinda feel sorry for her. While her relationships with both men are of course platonic, she must be feeling more than a bit like poor Mary MacGregor in her haunting hit "Torn Between Two Lovers".

Watch the heartbreaking 70s ballad below, imagining JBish in place of lonesome Mary. If you aren't sookin' up by the end of it you're made of sterner stuff than I am, that's for sure!

PS: In the interests of promoting gender fluidity, you can also imagine Malcolm Turnbull singing the song, with the two lovers in his case being the left and right of politics. The fact that this version is equally touching confirms what a timeless classic it is. 

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  1. .... I pity Julie Bishop. She's torn between two self-lovers ....

    Pity? Not me. Since she put personal ambition ahead of responsibility and moral integrity and back-stabbed the visionary Prime Minister Tony Abbott, I've loathed and detested her and pray and trust she and the as-loathsome-and-fearsome and as politically-repugnant, traitor-Whitlam-reincarnated, Malcolm Turnbull - the Goanna's consigliere - are afforded every dignity of the consequences of their actions!