Thursday, July 21, 2016

That Sonia Kruger is brand "liability" shows chilling extent of PC

We all know that the cancer of political correctness has rotted the brains -- not to mention the souls -- of pretty much everyone employed in Australia's Sanctimony-Victimhood Complex (otherwise known as Their ABC).

This asinine army of malignant mediocrities will of course never learn. Hell, they don't have to! They aren't at the whim of market forces, after all. So they can just keep on keeping on with their cringe-worthy virtue signalling, brazen lying and vile, cowardly bullying of those with the temerity to disagree with them.

That's sad, of course. But what I find more depressing is the fact that many fat cats of big business have also signed up to the Left's sinister cultural agenda.

This is clearly illustrated by the fact that merely because Sonia Kruger stated a heartfelt opinion about something that clearly deeply concerns everyone in this country, she may well lose one or more lucrative contracts with big brands such as Swisse, Target and Porsche.

As advertising guru (and ABC sleb) Dee Madigan explains:

“She’s absolutely a liability for them, in the short term at least,” Madigan said.

“Brands choose someone like Sonia Kruger because she doesn’t really stand for anything. She’s quite harmless, she’s nice and she’s non-offensive. But she’s gone totally out of safe territory.”

Says it all, dunnit? She actually stood for something! How dare she.

So ironic that the brand-meisters think Kruger is now commercially "unsafe" for them when her appalling thought crime was provoked by the undeniably growing literal danger of Islamist terrorism on our soil.

Sure, Kruger's opinions may be seen as a tad OTT. But they clearly came out of genuine concern for the safety of others, particularly her children. I have no doubt that as a result of expressing them Kruger went waaay up in the estimation of most Aussies. Rather than being a liability, she could actually be seen as a brand asset.

But that would require some spine as well as smarts. And that's sadly lacking in the marketing departments of big corporations. Prolly mostly as a result of indoctrination at uni, these guys now heed the shrieking of social justice warriors more than they do the opinions of average punters -- who are the ones who really keep their businesses in profit, let's face it.

So if they do "let go" of Kruger they will be pissing off countless customers. This may not result in a clear consumer backlash immediately, of course. These are immense, established corporations that have built up massive market share and customer loyalty over decades. Also, your average punter isn't like your typical hatchet-faced harpy of the Left who, triggered by some "misogynist" shampoo ad, will swiftly organize a "girlcott".

Still, punting Kruger will piss off more people than it placates, no doubt about that. And I suspect that slowly but surely this will have a deleterious effect on their bottom line.

As the mega-debacle of the right-on remake of Ghostbusters has shown, it's not a good business move to sneeringly condemn the concerns of your target market.


  1. And that's sadly lacking in the marketing departments of big corporations.

    Anyone who considers himself to be a conservative needs to learn the hard lesson that Big Business is not our friend or our ally. Big Business has zero morality and zero guts. They will embrace totalitarianism enthusiastically (as they did in certain other countries during the mid-20th century). And Big Business just loves Big Government - all those petty regulations are great for destroying any prospective competitors.

    1. Yeah. Creepy how this situation develops.

      Massive corporations get into this mutually beneficial relationship with government until they are perceived as "too big to fail". Very bad outcome for economy, democracy.

  2. I am so sick of this sort of thing. Really that leftie mentality has to be some sort of mental illness. I cannot get over what they will turn a blind eye to. Reading about that shocking scandal in the UK where young girls were groomed some as young as 13 and the police and media turned a blind eye. Their explanation, didn't want to give "fuel" to the far right. Those poor victims though, didn't anything occur to them that it had to be stopped, the victims were the ones who needed the help and dam the publicity and who benefits from it.They are totally self loathing.

    1. Mental illness is not too strong a word.

      I see political correctness as a kind of collective narcissism. Basically, a bunch of people who have power and influence keep repeating a world-view that has nothing to do with reality. It's like a fictional universe in which they are the good, virtuous ones and all who disagree are evil.

      Crazy stuff!

    2. Considering its persistence and its prevalence among homo sapiens, the broad mentality which inclines toward leftism must have served an evolutionary purpose. Today however it seems a downright dangerous adaptation.

  3. Americans showed massive support for Chick Fil A, and the SJWs took a big step back.
    I kind of doubt that Porsche has the broad appeal of Target or Swisse, but those two would certainly feel the sting of a reverse Chick Fil A, ie, if the customers spent their dollars elsewhere (and took a few minutes to inform Target and Swisse of their choice).
    The dollar is in the consumer's hand and that is the consumer's power. Corporations need to be reminded of that - on a regular basis, apparently.

    1. I think one of the reasons corporations ignore the concerns of their market so often is because average punters tend not to voice their complaints and opinions. They're too forgiving.

      So all that's heard is the shrieking of SJWs. Bosses think that this is the authentic public sentiment. Obviously, that interpretation is usually about as wrong as wrong can be.